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Welcome to Yaneng Wind’s rising super power. Appearance FD14-30KW.

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1 Welcome to Yaneng Wind’s rising super power

2 Appearance FD14-30KW

3 Inner structure Anemometer supply the information of wind speed wind direction to PLC PLC sends pitch / yawing signal Electric drive pusher for variable pitch Worm wheel for yawing

4 Hub for 30kw Variable pitch Wind Turbine hub

5 30KW Wind Turbine Nacelle Inner sturcture

6 30kw wind turbine technical parameters Generator : Type: Asynchronous, 22 poles (11 Pole pairs ) Rating : 30KW , 140 rpm , 500VDC Generator : Permanent magnet (Nd-Fe-B) 38SH Certificate : CE Superior grade bearings (NSK,SKF), long-term grease, run hours without maintenance Advantage: electric pitch control

7 3 bladed, upwind Diameter: 14.0m Swept Area: 154 ㎡ Technology : via foaming Material : Fiberglass reinforced polyester Resin : American Ashland Special paint for wind turbine blade Protective film Vacumme infusion without bubble, high strength, light weight FD14-30kw Blade

8 Operational Data &Protection Mode : Start-up wind speed: 2.5m/s Rated wind speed : 9m/s Cut-out wind speed: 35m/s Survival wind speed: 50m/s Yaw Dumpload Manual/Automatic Feathering propeller Electromagnetic Brake Blade position sensor Temperature sensor Double proximity switches

9 Active electric pitch control Controller SIEMENS PLC ADSL remote control RS485 Interface SIEMENS touch screen interface New function : The controller can drive the inverter by an analog frequency signal, it can match Power One TRIO inverter.

10 Free Stand Tower Material : Q235/Q345 Surface treatment : hot dipped galvanizing Professional drawings and Stress analysis

11 Package

12 FD14-30KW Output Curve FD14-30KW Wind Turbine Wind Speed ( m/s) RPM ( r/min )Output power (kw)

13 Projects in Silicy Island


15 Projects in Livorno, Italy

16 Projects in Sicily, Italy


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