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Welcome to Yaneng Wind’s rising super power. Appearance FD14-30KW.

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1 Welcome to Yaneng Wind’s rising super power

2 Appearance FD14-30KW

3 Inner structure Anemometer supply the information of wind speed wind direction to PLC PLC sends pitch / yawing signal Electric drive pusher for variable pitch Worm wheel for yawing

4 Hub for 30kw Variable pitch Wind Turbine hub

5 30KW Wind Turbine Nacelle Inner sturcture

6 30kw wind turbine technical parameters Generator : Type: Asynchronous, 22 poles (11 Pole pairs ) Rating : 30KW , 140 rpm , 500VDC Generator : Permanent magnet (Nd-Fe-B) 38SH Certificate : CE Superior grade bearings (NSK,SKF), long-term grease, run 30000 hours without maintenance Advantage: electric pitch control

7 3 bladed, upwind Diameter: 14.0m Swept Area: 154 ㎡ Technology : via foaming Material : Fiberglass reinforced polyester Resin : American Ashland Special paint for wind turbine blade Protective film Vacumme infusion without bubble, high strength, light weight FD14-30kw Blade

8 Operational Data &Protection Mode : Start-up wind speed: 2.5m/s Rated wind speed : 9m/s Cut-out wind speed: 35m/s Survival wind speed: 50m/s Yaw Dumpload Manual/Automatic Feathering propeller Electromagnetic Brake Blade position sensor Temperature sensor Double proximity switches

9 Active electric pitch control Controller SIEMENS PLC ADSL remote control RS485 Interface SIEMENS touch screen interface New function : The controller can drive the inverter by an analog frequency signal, it can match Power One TRIO inverter.

10 Free Stand Tower Material : Q235/Q345 Surface treatment : hot dipped galvanizing Professional drawings and Stress analysis

11 Package

12 FD14-30KW Output Curve FD14-30KW Wind Turbine Wind Speed ( m/s) RPM ( r/min )Output power (kw) 3360.84 4481.99 5603.889 6726.72 78410.672 89615.93 910822.682 1012030 1112030 1212030 1312030 1412030 1512030 1612030

13 Projects in Silicy Island


15 Projects in Livorno, Italy

16 Projects in Sicily, Italy


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