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The Best-in-Class Printer… Just Got Better! Ram Kumar Online Distribution.

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1 The Best-in-Class Printer… Just Got Better! Ram Kumar Online Distribution

2 Introducing – ZM400 and ZM600

3 Price-Performance Leadership Build on the Best and make it Better! –Better Connected to your needs –Better Connected to your applications –Better Connected to your network A drop-in replacement Refresh = Best-In-Class Mid-Range Printer

4 Better Connected to your Needs Large Graphical LCD Display 16 Translated Menu’s Easily Visible Operator Cues Soft Operator Keys 240 x 128 Graphical LCD

5 Better Connected to your Needs Ribbon Spindle Ink In/Out Option Supports Coated Side out and Side in ribbons Factory and Field installable Allows simpler transition from competitive printers Combine with APL-I and APL-D

6 Better Connected to your Needs Easy Change Platen Step-1Step-2 Step-3 Align Notch when sliding in

7 Better Connected to your Needs Easy Change Printhead Step-1 Step-2 Step-3 Compare this printhead with the old. Look at the knob that aligns with the top.

8 ZebraNet Wireless Plus Secure 802.11 b/g Serial ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server USB 2.0 IEEE 1284 Bi-directional parallel interface Works simultaneously with Ethernet Port Better Connected to your Networks Improved Connectivity

9 Better Connected to you Applications 600dpi Resolution – True 4” width Field upgradeable print head (200, 300 & 600 dpi) –Printer detects correct settings (plug-n-play) –Application flexibility Detailed printing of International Characters, Graphics, and Logo’s –Combine with Unicode for a world-wide printing solution

10 Better Connected to you Applications 600dpi Resolution 600dpi High Resolution Example 203 dpi 300 dpi 600 dpi

11 Better Connected to your Applications Designed RFID Ready Printer built RFID Ready –Investment Protection Customer Benefit –By design, ZM400 and ZM600 are ready for conversion into RFID Smart Labeling Encoder –Field upgradeable kits for installation when application requirements change New in EMEA!

12 Better Connected A Drop In Replacement 10ips RTC 203dpi, 300dpi White Platen Roller EPL, APL-I, APL-D, XML Smart Printheads Collapsible Take-Up Spindle Large Media/Ribbon Window Rewind, Peel & Present, Cutter

13 ZMx00 Positioning Differentiating from XilllPlus and S4M XilllPlusZM400S4M ImageMax. Productivity – Geared towards Mission Critical Applications in Harsh Environments Price-Performance Leadership – Grow with Application Needs Affordable – Geared towards budget minded consumers Feature SetLoaded with Standard Features: Connectivity All Options: Best-in-Class Printer Limited Options: No Cutter, Liner Take-up, Rewind RFIDRFID Version AvailableRFID ReadyNone Application Flexibility Printing for All ApplicationsPrinting for Most ApplicationsPrinting for Many Applications

14 ZMx00 Positioning 110Xi Positioning vs. ZM400 (600dpi) 110XiIIIPlus can print on a smaller label, both length and width 110XiIIIPlus has better registration when printing at higher speeds with slick media All the other 110XiIIIPlus benefits –Reliability, Performance, Investment Protection, Choice, Print Quality

15 ZMx00 Positioning High Level Differentiating Factors Large LCD Screen USB Ribbon Ink-In or Ink Out acceptability 802.11 b/g support EPL, XML Capability 16MB RAM, 8MB Flash Fast Throughput White Platen Roller Field interchangeable dpi printhead Built RFID

16 The Best-in-Class Printer Just Got Better! Zebra Solution to the Need Graphic LCD Display – Asian menus Modern Connectivity  USB 2.0  Improved 10/100 Ethernet  Secure 802.11b/g Wireless  Faster 300 dpi ► Reinforce Z-Series’ Price-Performance Leadership advantage True 4” 600 dpi option ► Increased Application Spaces Easy change Platen/Printhead Enclosed Power Supply ► Ease of Use and Support Ribbon Coated in/out ► Ease Migration RFID Ready “Designed with RFID in mind” ► Investment Protection

17 contact us +44 (0)1494 472872 EMEA HQ +44 (0)177 279 7555 Supplies +31 35 646 26 72Benelux +971 (0)4 8818187 Dubai +33 (0)1 552 093 93 France +49 (0)2159 6768 0 Germany +39 02 575 541 Italy +46 (0)8 753 59 50 Nordics +48 22 575 7070 Poland +34 (0)93 409 22 44 Spain

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