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Unit 3 Hobbies.

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1 Unit 3 Hobbies


3 My hobbies I like drawing very much. My hobby is drawing. hot lovely

4 Do you have any hobbies? Yes, I like … My hobby is…
I like drawing. My hobby is drawing. (How abut you?) dancing singing making model...(s) playing(the)... drawing running swimming flying kites

5 ★ What’s his/her hobby? He (She) likes … His (Her) hobby is …
My hobbies What’s his/her hobby? He (She) likes … His (Her) hobby is …

6 What’s his/her hobby? He (She) likes … His (Her) hobby is …
taking photos (take photos) reading What’s his/her hobby? He (She) likes … His (Her) hobby is … growing flowers (grow flowers) cooking

7 grow flowers green show

8 ★ I like collecting(收集). I collect many super star(明星) photos.
My hobbies I like collecting(收集). egg doctor I collect many super star(明星) photos.


10 A: What’s Yao Ming’s hobby?
B: Yao Ming’s hobby is playing basketball. He plays basketball very well. A: Does he like playing football …? B: No, he doesn’t.



13 A: What …’s hobby? B: …’s hobby is … A: Does she/he like …? B:Yes,she/he does . No,she/he doesn’t.She/He likes…

14 I collect many stamps. at

15 Chinese stamps English stamps

16 a flower stamp a ship stamp it an animal stamp

17 Magic eyes

18 an animal stamp

19 a flower stamp

20 a Chinese stamp

21 ship stamps

22 animal stamps

23 English stamps

24 Listen and answer: What’s Mike’s hobby? He likes taking photos .
What’s Helen’s hobby? She likes cooking and g rowing flowers. She can cook nice food and grow beautiful flowers. What’s Yang Ling’s hobby ? She likes making clothes.

25 Read and answer: 1.Does Ben have many beautiful stamps? Yes, he does .
2.Why? Because Ben’s hobby is collecting stamps . 3.What is he doing now ? He’s showing his stamps to his classmates.

26 Read and answer: 1.What stamps does Ben like collecting ?
He likes collecting Chinese stamps . 2.What stamps does Mike like ? He likes the ship stamp. 3.What stamps does Yang Ling like ? She likes flower stamps . 4.What stamps does Ben’s brother like collecting ? He likes collecting animal stamps .

27 Their hobbies: Ben’s hoppy is c stamps. He has many
C s They’re b Yang Ling likes f stamps. But Mike likes a s stamp . Ben’s brother likes c s ,too. He likes collecting a stamps. Mike’s hoppy is t photos. Mike’s sister,Helen doesn’t like t p She likes c and g flowers. She can cook n food and grow b flowers . Yang Ling likes m c She can make p clothes. ollecting hinese tamps eautiful lower hip ollecting tamps nimal aking aking hotos ooking rowing ice eautiful aking lothes retty

28 Homework: 1.Read Part A after the tape three times.
2.Make a dialogue about hobbies after chass

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