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Rancho San Antonio County Park (1/26/13) TRASH PICKING HAVE LOVE FLOW TO ALL NATIONS.

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1 Rancho San Antonio County Park (1/26/13) TRASH PICKING HAVE LOVE FLOW TO ALL NATIONS

2 Location/Time LOCATION Rancho San Antonio County Park 22500 Cristo Rey Drive Cupertino, CA 95014 TIME 1/26/2013 | 1:30pm - 4pm

3 We perform trash picking at the County Park with love because human pollutions filled many public places with garbage, degrading scenic beauty while damaging natural habitats. We take this opportunity to serve our community, and hope that our action motivated by our love for the community could motivate local residents into performing environmental stewardship with their own hands. Trash Picking With Love

4 Preparation! To make sure this trash picking environmental stewardship event is a success, we tried our best to prepare. We wore our vests and gloves, grabbed trash pickers and garbage bags. Only good preparation result in success, and showing people in the community that we are serious in our efforts! “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” - Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of telephone

5 Trash Picking Details Do Our Job Right! Where are the trash? How to pick trash up? What we can pick? What we cannot pick? Can we take trash home? Trash can be recycled?

6 Trash Picking Begins Love + Action = Energy to Influence Community To motivate local residents with our love into performing environmental stewardship themselves, we made our best efforts to take actions in picking up trash. Only love for the community plus actions can we produce positive energy to influence the community!

7 During the event many people graciously thanked us while inquired us on which organization we belong to. Park staffs greatly appreciated our efforts, said they do hope we can continue our environmental stewardship efforts to help the environment! Many children In the park curiously asked their parents on what we are doing, and the parents often answered to them that we out of our love for the environment are picking up trash unintentionally left by people. This proves that our love and actions have impacted people around us while planting seeds of love among children’s hearts! During Trash Picking Event

8 Environmental Action With Kids Allowing our children to participate in environmental actions with us can pass down our love and passion for environmental protection to the next generation, so they are willing to learn how they can protect and improve the environment they live in, since a healthy environment equals to a healthy next generation! We are doing this for we love our next and future generations!

9 Environmental Action is Fun

10 Our Trash Picking Result

11 Unite In Love And Impact Lives!

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