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小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: 1 月 12 日考前串讲 甄凯 2014/1/7.

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2 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: 1 月 12 日考前串讲 甄凯 2014/1/7

3 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Q1.2 注意事项 选词和答题都要简单 Negotiate vs discuss; 旗袍 vs 牛仔 自然 流畅 有效(备考的目的)

4 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Agree or disagree that artists like musicians have played a very important role in our life?

5 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: What kind of volunteer work would you like to do?

6 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Some people like to spend their spare time with friends, some people like to spend it alone. Which one do you prefer?

7 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Should students start to plan their career before entering college, or should they do so until they have entered college and studied for a period of time?

8 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Describe an interesting style of clothing in your country.

9 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Outline: 1-2 答题思路 3-6 题注意事项和常见问题

10 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Q3. C-R-R O-R-R C-O-R-R

11 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Daily with Campus Activities The university will now send all students a daily containing information about campus events and activities. Rather than getting information about activities once a week in the campus newspaper; students will get the information every day; thus ensuring that it is always up-to- date. According to the university spokesperson who announced the plan, "For all of us now, is part of our daily lives. Students in particular have become used to relying on and the Internet for most communication, so this is a logical change that will benefit everyone."

12 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: T3


14 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Franchising Many popular and well-known business chains, such as fast food restaurants, use a practice known as franchising. In franchising, someone who wants to open a store or restaurant pays an established company for the right to use the company’s name and sell the company’s products. Selling an established, in-demand product that has immediate name recognition benefits the new business by reducing the risk that the business will fall. In exchange, the new business agrees to follow all of the standard practices of the company with the same it wants to use.

15 小马公开课 小马公开课网址:

16 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Q5. Problem Solution1+Reponse(+) R(-) R(-)+S R(+) Complete answer.

17 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Q6. Def-----extention Sub1----example Sub2----example

18 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Mathmatical capability;add; indirec eviden Expe Lower screen hiden seen known; place 2 behind the first one; secretly took away;expect two but only see one; suprised because the baby stares.

19 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: 考前两点建议 自己录 自己听(字数够不够?是不是很挫?) Do not burn through questions!

20 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: 祝好! 甄凯

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