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One symbol can hold so much meaning It can change someone..

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2 One symbol can hold so much meaning


4 It can change someone..


6 It could even kill millions of people


8 The Book Thief Written by: Markus Zusak

9 Liesel has already lost so much in her life, abandoned by her mother, the death of her brother

10 and mysterious disappearance of her father


12 She is sent to live with a foster family on Himmel Street, Germany during World War Two


14 She quickly becomes comfortable with her foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann

15 The “Gravediggers Handbook” is her last connection to her brother and becomes her goal to read

16 Hans helps her to learn how to read and write

17 Soon she becomes enchanted by words and feels empowered by them


19 During bombs raids procedures, Liesel reads to her neighborhood to calm them

20 Liesel befriends a boy abscessed with Jesse Owens named Rudy

21 She and Rudy are compelled to thievery by hunger, but Liesel wants to steal books instead


23 Liesel steals books from the library of mayor’s wife Illsa Hermann and forms an unlikely understanding with her


25 Latter there is a book burning, celebrating Hitler’s birthday Liesel listens to a Nazi spokesmen

26 Liesel listens to a Nazi spokesmen


28 He calls for death for communists and Jews

29 She realizes that Hitler is responsible for the disappearance of her father, her brother’s death, and her mother’s disappearance


31 Hitler becomes her sworn enemy


33 A promise Hans made a long time ago

34 Surfaces when the son of the man who saved his life

35 Asks him a favor, one that if anyone found out, Hans whole family could be killed


37 His name is Max, and he is a Jew who wants to be hidden

38 The Hubermanns took Max into hiding, deep in their basement

39 But their lives were put in more danger every day

40 Max and Liesel become friends connect through words

41 They connect through words and dreams of avenging Hitler

42 One day, Nazi knock on their door to check their house for hidden Jews


44 They come close to finding Max, too close to take anymore chances

45 Max has to leave, but before his does he gives Liesel a book he wrote for her


47 Soon Liesel and Rosa are all alone when Hans is drafted into the army


49 Every time there is a parade of Jews marching from Molching to Dachau,

50 Liesel looks for Max not knowing if she should be glad to see him or miserable because the Nazi found him

51 But she knew the chances that a Jew wouldn’t be caught traveling alone were unlikely

52 All she sees though are tired faces and skinny features that look the same

53 Liesel sees a Jew also looking into the crowd for someone


55 She enters the group of Jews and finds Max

56 Her reunion with him is cut short by Nazi guards that whip her

57 Rudy holds her back when she tries join the line

58 Soon after Hans comes home from the army, Liesel decides to stop stealing books

59 When she apologizes to Illsa for the stolen books and harsh judgement,

60 Illsa gives her a gift, a journal to write in


62 Liesel decides to write a story about her life and the power of words

63 Every night she spends writing her story of loss and hope


65 Words saved her life on night, but murdered hundreds of others

66 The warning sirens were too late


68 Death visited all except a girl in the basement


70 Himmel Street was bombed…

71 and almost everyone Liesel has ever known or loved was killed

72 She is pulled from the wreckage of her house and cries next her familie’s bodies


74 Illsa Hermann adopts her and she lives out the rest of her teenage years with her

75 She is reunited once again with Max after he survives the concentration camp


77 And she lives the rest of her life in tolerance of fate

78 Because surviving the worst of times will only make an individual stronger


80 Zoe Goldberg Per #7

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