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Pumping Solution  Karachi Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Registration. #: 75800  Pakistan Engineering Council Registration No. 36819  G.S.T Registration.

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2 Pumping Solution

3  Karachi Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Registration. #: 75800  Pakistan Engineering Council Registration No. 36819  G.S.T Registration #: 17-12-8413-008-46  N.T.N #: 3062724-9

4  UNIVERSAL DRILLING & SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS For Drilling & Pumping Projects  UNIVERSAL ENGINEERING & CREATION For Engineering Services & Products  UNIVERSAL AQUA ENGINEERING For Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plants


6 Zarahh Group is the Professional Private Engineering firm in Pakistan since 1986, The aim of the company, is to supply & deal with efficient and reliable Pumps that can stand even the worst application, The balance between innovating and traditional principles together with the use of trustworthy components makes our Pumps appreciated in the most different areas and market, Exclusive Dealer of German based Turkish Firm IMPO PUMPS (Franklin German Owned)in PAKISTAN.

7  Industry  Construction /Building services  Agricultural  General water supply  Mines

8 is to make significant contribution to the life quality enhancement by producing innovative work with improved performance while ensuring a high degree of reliability.

9 We will follow fair business practices & develop intimate customer relationship. will strive to improve whatever is done & how it is done. Will continue to earn & be worthy of our customers' trust

10 Behind this legendary growth lies the untiring,innovative, enthusiastic & dedicated team work. The name Zarahh Group itself encapsulates the company’s ethos “ Commitment, Reliability,Innovation”


12  Deep well Submersible Pumps & Motors  Open well Submersible Pumps  Vertical Multistage Pumps  Centrifugal Pumps

13  Tube well Design & Construction  Rehabilitation of Tube well  Tube well services through chemical  Resistivity Survey & Geo-Physical Logging  Construction De-watering  De-silting, De-ballasting Ships  Pumping Test  Pump maintenance & servicing

14 After sales department undertakes all types or repair/maintenance & preventive maintenance for the complete range products marketed by our company, we have a well equipped centralized work shop & service centre,with a dedicated team of high skilled technicians & experts(120 employees),


16  Exploration Drilling International (E.D.I.), Germany For Coca Cola Beverages Company.  Smith Shipping Company Singapore c/o Mehran Engineering  Lodigeni Construction Company, Italy c/o Fish Harbor  Soggia Construction Company, France c/o Karachi Airport  Indian Cargo Ship de Blasting, India c/o Karachi Port  Staffa Construction Company, Turkey c/o Karachi Port  Hilton Pharma, Korangi Industrial Area  ELLI Ship De Ballasting  LOADY JENNY Italian  SBK  Nespak (Ecl)  United States Consulate Karachi.

17  Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (Under Preventive maintenance contract 2002-2012)  City District Government Karachi 30 Tube wells at SITE area  Paragon Constructors.  Friend Syndicate Construction Company  KEPZ  National refinery limited  TRIPACK Pvt Ltd  Maxco  Feroz Textile  Feroz 1888  Al abid textile  Yunus Textile  Abbas steel Group  Artistic Group  Gatron Industries (Unit 1 and 2),  Engro Asia, Port Qasim  Lucky Textile (SITE AREA SECTION)  Lucky Textile (LANDHI SECTION)

18  Liberty Mills Ltd  Meko Tex  Nazeer dyeing & bleaching  Healthtek Pvt Ltd  Rajby Textile  Zaman textile  Maksons  Shadan enterprises  Adamjee Enterprises  Al abid Textile mill  International Textile mill  Pakistan Air Force(PAF)  National Development Complex  Geo-Studies  Pakola  Pakistan Beverages(Pepsi)  Jang Group  Makro

19  KFC  Dawn News  Pakistan Army  KWSB  Berger  Pakistan Refinery Limited  Habib Oil Mills  Orient Textile Mills  Aqua Gen  House of Habib  Macter  Shan  Youngs Food  Dalal Industries  DRD  ZAFA  Sindh Industrial Tarding Estates  Oil Man

20  KN Academy  Geo Engineering  Sanaullah Group  Mon Salwa  DOW University  OJHA University  Arbian Textile  Principal Builder  SIUT  Nakshbandi Textile Mills  Homecare Textile  Din Group  Towellers  Proline  Kingfood  DSI  Afroze Textile Mills  Soorty Group

21  Isra Islamic  Lucky energy  Fazal Textile  AAA Engineering & Consultant  Lakhani Builders Further refer with the following link.


23  Designed and Supervision of Wastewater Treatment Plant for M/s J&M Creation, KEPZ, Karachi.  Designed and Supplied Wastewater Treatment Plant for M/s Ali Mehdi Group, Ethopia.  Designed and Supervised Wastewater Treatment Plant for M/s Casual Sportswear, KEPZ, Karachi.  Designed and Presented Sewage Treatment Plant for M/s Pak Arab Refinery, Korangi, Karachi. Sewage Treatment Plant was designed to meet the NEQS limits.  Designed & Supervision of Sewerage and Storm Water piping and pumping system at PARCO PS1  Supervision of Water Resources in Interior of Sindh for M/s Coca Cola Beverages Company.  Supervision in Association with M/s Exploration Drilling International Germany for water resources in Kathore.

24 Pumps account for 10% of the world's electricity consumption - too much is wasted


26  Pumps are involved in nearly every aspect of modern living. They are used to move fluids such as liquids, slurries.  In businesses, buildings, households and industries, pumps exist - in some form or another. They are key components in maintaining comfort levels in buildings. They deliver and distribute clean drinking water from water treatment plants throughout cities, while at the same time removing wastewater. And, they are highly present within a wide range of industries. The world depends on them, but many pumps are also serious energy wasters, leaving behind a significant carbon footprint. This is because today's pumps account for no less than10% of the world's electricity consumption  Pumps and the world's electricity consumption

27 Today pumps account for no less than 10% of the world's electricity consumption. Two third of all pumps use up to 60% too much energy If every business switched to a high efficiency pump system there could be global savings of 4% of the total electricity consumption-


29  Our Service guarantees access to not only product and application knowledge and trained technicians, but also availability 24/7.  As a customer, you enjoy prompt and reliable service wherever you are. You get emergency access to service personnel as well –

30  Service will maintain and repair your pumps and our service professionals can advise you on efficiency issues, offering suggestions for saving money in the long term.  you can always call us for repair and maintenance of pumps you have purchased from us. We can repair your pumps to the same specifications as new pumps, but it is important to remember that an upgrade or even a replacement pump can be cheaper than repair in the long term.




34  On request-



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