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ZENGER FOLKMAN Strengths-based leadership development.

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1 ZENGER FOLKMAN Strengths-based leadership development

2 © 2009 Zenger Folkman What Do We Already Know about Korn/Ferry Lominger? Focus on 360’s Development Plans Competency Model Competency Library Our Time Together

3 © 2009 Zenger Folkman Zenger Folkman Proven Ability to predict variety of outcomes such as turnover, engagement, CSAT, Profitability Benchmarked against Global Norms Easy to Read Priced as part of the EL solution Korn/Ferry (powered by Lominger) A la Carte Pricing –$995 to activate –Volume based discounting based in range from $199-$295 –Coaching done in 90 min sessions @ $1500 –Benchmarked against subjective data 360 Assessment

4 © 2009 Zenger Folkman Zenger Folkman Strengths Based −You don’t have to be great at everything Non Linear Approach (CCDG) Collaborative Considers competence, passion, organizational needs Fatal Flaw Korn/Ferry (powered by Lominger) FYI –10 Step Process –Hard to Implement –Inwardly Focused 4 Conditions −Average in a skill that needs to be higher −Weak in important area −Unskilled in important area −Overuse or overdo a strength Development Plans

5 © 2009 Zenger Folkman Zenger Folkman 16 ZF Leadership Competencies benchmarked to global norms at top 10% All researched and validated with non – linear support options ( CCDG) Clear path to develop your strengths Can map to other models Korn/Ferry (powered by Lominger) FYI –67 competencies –365 Behavioral Aspects Models created for each organization in a time consuming, costly manner No clear distinction between managers and leaders Competency Library

6 © 2009 Zenger Folkman Zenger Folkman Simple −16 Competencies −5 Tent Poles 16 Differentiating Competencies Researched, validated and easily customized to existing LCM Korn/Ferry (powered by Lominger) Complex −8 Factors −16 Clusters −67 Competencies −365 Behavioral Aspects Models are created for each organization with extensive interview process −Time consuming −Costly −Confusing Leadership Competency Models (LCM) Leadership Competency Models (LCM)


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