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MID 701 | User Manual English Version | Version 0.1

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1 MID 701 | User Manual English Version | Version 0.1
Last revision date : 7 March 2011


3 Dear Customer, Thank you for your support to purchased our MID Series Product. Your support is our motivate to released the next best of breed product. Best Regards by ZY Magic IT Company

4 First time… For first times use, please make sure fully charge the battery of MID device. Just simply plug in the charger/adaptor into the DC socket to enter the charging state. Make sure the charging time to be about 10 hours for the first two times to use, and be about 5 hours in future use. [Notes]: - An inner setting lithium polymer battery is applied in this device. Please select a specialized charger to charge the device. Battery icon will scroll while charging. For the first two times to use, we suggest to charge the device after the power is used up, so as to extend the service life. Please make sure to turn off the power switch when not using the device. If do not use for a long time, please make sure to charge and discharge the battery for once within one month to avoid damage caused by overuse of battery. When the device is shut down due to low power, the device will indicate that the power is critically low and it is charging now. Please wait for a while at this moment. It will enter the main interface automatically when the device get enough power. Please make sure to charge the inner setting lithium polymer battery regularly. Damage caused by overuse of lithium polymer battery is not covered by player warranty range. Problems caused by using an unspecialized charger is also not covered by player warranty range.

5 System Details Operating System Android 2.1 HD Video Supported Decoding Format H.263, MPEG-1/2 MP/HP up to 1080 (40 Mbps at 30 fps) MPEG 4 – ASP up to 1080P (35 Mbps at 30 fps) VC-1, Real Video 8/9/10 up to 1080P (30 Mbps at 30 fps) H.264 (AVC) HP up to 1080P (25 Mbps at 30 fps) Format RM/RMVB,DAT,MPG,VOB,MP4,AVI/MK,TS,FLV,WMV,MOV Music Playback MP3/AAC/AAC+/EAAC+/WMA/WMA PRO/RA/AC3 sound decode Picture Supported JPG,GIF,BMP,PNG Files Format E-book Supported Txt Files Format. Coming with reading feature. Games Games can be download at android marketplace by Google. Browser Chrome lite (came with the devices) Apps Extensibility Supported many kind of apps, tools that are supported android 2.1. ( All the apps can be free download at android marketplace. System settings Screen Brightness/Language/Times & dates/Volume/Battery/System information Supported Language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English and total of 21 languages.

6 Hardware Processor TCC 8902: ARM MHz + Graphic and 3D Accelerator Internal Memory 4GB (included installed system, occupy ~0.8 GB) RAM DDR2 256M Micro SD Slot T-Flash/Micro SD Card (Maximum 32GB) Screen 7inch , 16:9, 800x480 LCD + Resistive Touch Screen Screen Mode Touch lens Video line out Built-in mini HDMI 1.3 interface, line out up to 1080p HD Video. Wi-Fi 802.11b/g module G-Sensor Hardware supported, needed software co-operation. USB Interface High Speed USB2.0 OTG, Maximum Speed 480Mbps Music Stereo speakers (8ohm 1.5w) / 3.5mm Stereo earphone interface Battery Built-in 1600 mAH/7.4V, Rechargeable Battery Physical Button Power, Menu, Home, Back, volume plus / minus, Reset button Camera Cam Front Camera.

7 Physical Button & Cable Interface
Front Button Side Button Front Camera Physical Button & Cable Interface DC Back Button Reset Button Earphone / sound line out HDMI Interface Mini USB Interface Touch Screen Micro SD Slot Top Side Button TV-line out Volume down Main Menu Button Volume up Home Button

8 Physical Button & Cable Interface
Front Button Touch Screen 7” resistance touch screen to support click and drag in the touch region. Front Camera 1.3 megapixel camera for taking photos or online video chatting, etc.. Back Button Press and hold on to turn on/off the MID device. Starting up: with power switch ON, press key to enter the main menu interface. Shutdown: press key and hold on for 5 seconds in the main interface. The system will point out MID selection: Quiet Mode and Shutdown. MID will shut down normally after click Shutdown. Enter Power Saving Mode - Power saving standby: press to enter the state of power saving standby. [notes]: System will shut down automatically under the status of low battery. System will scan and repair disc automatically when restarted after illegal shutdown, and the interface will stay in the image of progress bar for a while. Side Button DC DC socket: connect power supply to charge the device. [Notes]: Definition of press keys Short press: press time is less than 1.2 seconds. Long press: press time is more than 3 seconds. Unless otherwise stated, all press operations in this manual are short press. Reset Button Use for reset the device while it was hanging. Directly cut off the power. Earphone/Sound line out 3.5mm standard ear -jack . HDMI Interface Use for line out with synchronize with your device that are having HDMI socket. Mini USB Interface Mini USB: connect with computer and transmit data or connect with mouse or other external hardware Micro SD Slot Use for insert Micro SD memory card (maximum 32GB) TV-line out Use for synchronize with your TV Top Site Button Volume up Increase the volume level Volume down Decrease the volume level Main Menu Button Use for call out the hidden button or more function of an apps. Home Button Use for exit to the Home Page Physical Button & Cable Interface

9 How to: Open your file Go to Applications Page Find “My Computer” Click the Icon “Home” Now you will see there have three storage. Nand – the internal memory of MID Scsi – the external usb drive. Sdcard – the micro sd slot drive. Go to the right storage to find your file. After found, taps it and choose one of the apps that capable to open your file. Any kind of file like music file, word file, power point, excel file, installer (apk) and video file. All highly dependent the capability of your installed apps. By default, quick office will fixed your need to open word file, power point, excel file, and also .pdf file. Other utilities tools like music should be able to help you play the music. Gallery for display the list of images from your memory of your MID.

10 How to: Surf a website Pre-condition: Ensure that you are connect to the internet. Go to Applications Page or Home Page Find the “browser” and taps it After that, please taps on the text field. You support to see a pop up keyboard. Type the keyword that you want. G-sensor is believed to supported your browser. You can try rotate your MID 701 to change the orientation of your screen. Any degree of the position that fixed your handy need. Please try it and enjoy to surf a website in a different feels.

11 How to: Change your wallpaper
Go to “Home Page” Short press the “Main Menu Button”. It will appears some button, and now please taps the wallpaper button. There will have 3 options for you Gallery – For choose the image file from your gallery utilities tools. Live wallpapers – For choose an image that is dynamic look. Wallpapers – For choose an image that is static look. After that once you selected your desired image, please click the button set wallpaper. Now, you should able to see the changed of your wallpaper in the “home page”.

12 How to: Play music files
Go to “Applications Page” Find “Music” And then wait for the system to retrieve the music files from your drive. Play the song by under the category of Artist Albums Songs Playlists Notices: If you can’t hear any sound, please check your volume status by simply click volume up button.

13 How to: Play Video Go to “Applications Page” Find “Gallery” And then wait for the system to retrieve the Video files from your drive. Simply click the file that under the category of Video. Now, choose one of the desired video for playing and enjoy it. How to: Play your picture Go to “Applications Page” Find “Gallery” And then wait for the system to retrieve the image files from your drive. Simply click the file that under the category of Camera. Now, choose one of the desired picture for view it. You can do some slideshow just click the play button for your images.

14 Go to “Applications Page” Find “Camera”
How to: Use the camera Go to “Applications Page” Find “Camera” Now you should able to see your face on the screen. Capture your face just tap the button on the bottom right side of the screen. How to: Use the camcorder Go to “Applications Page” Find “Camcorder” Now you should able to see your face on the screen. Record a video just tap the red button on the bottom right side of the screen Notices: You can change these mode just simply drag the button and point to the camera icon or the camcorder icon.

15 Go to Applications Page Find Settings
How to: Use Wi-Fi Go to Applications Page Find Settings Make sure Wi-Fi is switch on / tick (green color indicated) Go to Wi-Fi Settings and now the system should be scanning the network Choose one of the network with the SSID that you are searching. Taps Connect button and Input the encryption key if your Wi-Fi is secured with the key. Finally, the system will be trying to remembered your settings and obtaining an address of the network. And on your top right side will have an icon indicated you are connected with your Wi-Fi network. Please notices that the internet speed is depend with your signed internet plan with your ISP(internet service provider). Wi-Fi

16 How to: Use External 3G Broadband Modem
Pre-condition: if your external 3G broadband modem light is switch on without blinking, and you got 3G logo on your top-right screen. You can directly go for internet without using this process. If false, Please Go to Applications Page Find HiAPN and open it. Make sure your external 3G broadband modem is connected with your USB cable and insert with your MID 701. Now, Please ensure that Under the Rotator. Both button should be turn on. And Scroll down to the end, there have a button called DNS Check (For WAP). Next, go to the end of the page and ensure you are turn on the radio and the toggle dns check is allowed. Now, scroll to the start of the page. If you saw the current network have show the network of yours signed plan network. Now switch back to the HiAPN front page. Re-do the step v. Please remember that once you saw your broadband light is not blinking you should not go any settings again . 3G

17 Recommended the model of 3G Broadband Modem
For Signal Capability of EVDO Huawei EC122, Huawei EC169C For Signal Capability of WCDMA Huawei E1750 Huawei E1752 Huawei E1556 Huawei K3765 3G

18 How to: Download an app from android marketplace
Go to “Applications Page” Look up the “Market” For first time user, please login with your Gmail account. If you don’t have an account at Gmail. Please go for this link and choose create an account. Why? The answer is because this is a platform that provided by google who build this marketplace network. One of the reason is Google can widely their product used at the mobile device market. Please support it. ^^ After registered, please sign in and re-do the step ii. If you have already registered Gmail account please directly sign in. Search some keyword with the desired software that you want by tap the search icon and then key in some keyword in the text field and search it. Explore it and feel the power of the free apps in android market. Once you choose your desired apps please tap “yes” “ok” “install” for download and automatically install the app in your MID. Once you downloaded, please check your “applications page” to use the app.

19 How to: Check your capacity of your storage
Go to “Applications Page” Look up the Settings tools and taps it. Now find “SD card & MID Storage” All the information of the current status of your storage is showed. How to: Use reset button when your MID “hang” What if your system hang, and you can’t do anything by simply click any button on your MID 701? Don’t worry, there have a button on the side of the MID 701 which called “reset button” Please use a needle to click it to cut off your power of your MID. So, now you be able to re-open your MID701.

20 How to: Change your system language
Go to “Applications Page” Look up the Settings tools and taps it. Next, choose “language & keyboard” Taps the “Select locale” Select one of your desired language and then taps it. Now you should able to see the changed of the system language.

21 How to: Remove your installed app
Go to “Applications Page” Look up the “Settings” Next, choose “Applications” Taps the “Select locale” Taps “Manage Applications” Wait a while for scanning the whole apps in your MID 701. Click the App that you want to uninstall. Now you should able to see the details of your app. At here you can clear your cache (or sometimes we said your record of a specific app). Stop the process of the app when you opened it. Set the defaults app to open your specific format of files. And of course there have a uninstall for you to remove your app.

22 Please ensure that your power of MID 701 is switched off.
How to: Factory reset Please ensure that your power of MID 701 is switched off. Now, use your finger on the back button and Home button and press it. After holding it ~10seconds since the splash screen, it will bring you to the page included some options. Now, choose the wipe data/ factory reset. And then select it by home button. Then, index to the option wipe user data and choose it. Now, wait for a while to let your system to fixed it. Caution, all your app and your record will be wipe out. Please do a backup of your file before you do this. Notices: Please charged your MID 701 before you process this guide. We will not covered your accidently of the factory reset.

23 Kits that came with MID 701 Charger USB Cable -1 USB Cable -2
Touch Screen Pen Use for charging MID Use for link with your hardware. Example : laptop Use for input your USB drive hardware. Example: external hard disk, pen drive, and 3G broadband modem. Use for point your touch screen

24 Contact Details Phone number Website Product details If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you

25 The End Author: xeraee

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