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SIMATIC Microbox PC 427B – Developed in Accordance with Customer Requirements

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2 SIMATIC Microbox PC 427B – Developed in Accordance with Customer Requirements
Basic customer requirements Technical characteristics High compactness Dimensions/volume with functionality High ruggedness EMC EMC-tight full-metal enclosure Isolated power supply Temperature Large heat sink to the outside directly on processor Low-voltage CPU/chipset Shock/ vibration CompactFlash card Rugged enclosure High system availability 24-h continuous operation / 365 days Zero maintenance Without fans Without hard disks (option) Without CMOS battery (option) Ease of mounting Standard mounting rail Wall Access protection BIOS password XPe configuration Upgradeability Profibus DP 3 x PCI-104 4 x USB 2.0 State-of-the-art technology DDR2 RAM Gbit-LAN (via PCI-Express) DVI-I 32-bit buffered SRAM Requirements

3 SIMATIC Microbox PC 427B Technical Data
Subject to technical changes/improvements. Basic data Mounting / installation position Standard rail mounting Wall mounting Installation position: horizontal (preference) and vertikal Processor Intel Celeron M 900 MHz, 400 MHz FSB, SLC 0Kb, ULV Intel Celeron M 1 GHz, 400 MHz FSB, SLC 512Kb, ULV 373 Intel Pentium M 1.4 GHz, 400 MHz FSB, SLC 2Mb, LV 738 Chipset Intel Alviso 910GML Main memory 256 MByte DDR2-SDRAM or 512 MByte DDR2-SDRAM or 1 GByte DDR2-SDRAM or 2 GByte DDR2-SDRAM Free extension slots Up to 3 x PCI-104 (with extension frame) 3 W per slot Graphics Integrated Intel 2D/3D GMA900 graphics accelerator 8 to 128 MB shared graphics memory (dynamically managed) Resolution CRT: 640*480 pixels up to max. 1600* pixels / true color / 60 to 120 Hz Resolution DVI-D: 640*480 pixels up to max. 1600* pixels / true color Power supply 24 V DC; V DC Isolated Application conditions Without fan Technical Data

4 SIMATIC Microbox PC 427B Technical Data
Subject to technical changes/improvements. Drives SIMATIC PC CompactFlash Replaceable (accessible): 256 Mbyte, 512 Mbyte, 1 Gbyte or 2 Gbyte optional Internal (not accessible): 1 Gbyte or 2 Gbyte optional High-performance, industrial-grade CompactFlash Hard disk ≥ 60 Gbyte SATA optional Floppy /CD-ROM drive/ USB stick Connectable via USB interface Not included in scope of supply Interfaces Serial COM1 (RS232) Graphical DVI-I: DVI and VGA combined USB 4 x USB V 2.0 / high-speed (480 Mbit/sec) Additional strain relief option included in accessories kit Ethernet 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbit/sec (RJ 45) 2 independent Intel controllers 82573L (via PCI-Express) One controller with exclusive, non-shared interrupt Both interfaces are teaming-capable PROFIBUS DP/MPI 12 Mbit/sec (isolated, CP 5611-compatible), optional With exclusive, non-shared interrupt Other field buses upon request Keyboard, mouse Technical Data

5 SIMATIC Microbox PC 427B Technical Data
Subject to technical changes/improvements. Safety functions Watchdog Program sequence monitoring Monitoring time parameterizable via software Restart parameterizable for fault cases Evaluation of the application program‘s fault states (locally, via LAN) Temperature monitoring Processor and basic board (via SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor) Hour meter Via SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor LED display 4 LEDs for system state display 2 of which are freely programmable by the user (each two-colored: yellow/green and yellow/red) Short-time voltage interruption Up to 5 msec Then buffering for at least another 10 msec Network failure signaling through power fail signal Buffer memory 2 Mbyte battery-buffered SRAM 128 kbyte of which are writable within the buffer time Technical Data

6 SIMATIC Microbox PC 427B Technical Data
Subject to technical changes/improvements. Operating systems Orderable Without Windows® XP embedded® pre-installed, no activation required in connection with SIMATIC PC CompactFlash ≥ 512 Mbyte or hard disk Windows® XP Professional®, no activation required in connection with hard disk RMOS3 as independent product Project-specific Linux QNX® VxWorks® Others Technical Data

7 SIMATIC Microbox PC 427B Technical Data
Subject to technical changes/improvements. Ambient conditions General In accordance with SIMATIC SPH environment Degree of protection IP 20 in accordance with EN 60529 Vibration Device without hard disk: Requirements in accordance with: IEC Testing in accordance with: IEC , test Fc 5-9 Hz, 3.5 mm deflection, 10x /axis, 1 octave/min 9-150 Hz, 9.8 m/s2, 10x /axis, 1 octave/min Device with hard disk: wall mounting   10-58 Hz, mm deflection, 10x /axis, 1 octave/min Hz, 4.9 m/s2, 10x /axis, 1 octave/min Shock Testing in accordance with: IEC , test Ea Module/rack: 150 m/s2, acceleration, 11 msec shock duration Device with hard disk: wall mounting Devices with drives: 50 m/s2, acceleration, 30 msec shock duration Technical Data

8 SIMATIC Microbox PC 427B Technical Data
Subject to technical changes/improvements. Ambient conditions Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): Interference emission Interference resistance to transient disturbance variables Interference resistance to surge voltages Interference resistance to electrostatic discharge Interference resistance to high-frequency irradiation Interference resistance to high-frequency power supply on lines Interference resistance to magnetic fields EN class B ± 2 kV (IEC , burst) ± 1 kV (IEC , surge symmetrical) ± 2 kV (IEC , surge asymmetrical) ± 6 kV, contact discharge (IEC ) ± 8 kV, air discharge (IEC ) 10 V/m, 80% AM (1 kHz), 80 MHz to 1 GHz (IEC ) 10 V/m, 50% PM, 1.4 GHz to 2 GHz (IEC ) 10 V, 80% AM (1kHz), 10 kHz to 80 MHz (IEC ) 100 A/m effective value, 50/60 Hz (IEC ) Ambient temperature during operation (depending on installation position) 0 to 55 ºC with CompactFlash card (horizontal, with derating) 0 to 50 ºC with CompactFlash card (horizontal) 0 to 45 ºC with CompactFlash card (vertical) 5 to 40 ºC with hard disk (horizontal and vertical) Humid heat With CompactFlash card: 95% With hard disk: 80% Technical Data

9 SIMATIC Microbox PC 427B Technical Data
Subject to technical changes/improvements. Approvals Safety standards IEC IEC EN cULus approval in accordance with UL and UL 508 CE-conformity EC directive 89/336/EEC (EMC directive) Application in industrial environments: Interference emission: EN Interference resistance: EN Application in residential, business and commercial environments as well as small companies: Interference emission: EN Interference resistance: EN Dimensions and weights Installation dimensions Width x height: 262 x 134 mm Depth basic device: 47 mm Depth basic device from standard mounting rail: 50 mm Additional depth per extension (1-3): +17 mm each Weight Approx. 2 kg MLFB body 6ES7647-7A Technical Data

10 Further Features Microbox offers: Benefits: Reset button
Device reset during commissioning without disconnection of the supply voltage Little influence on the overall process No noise development Thanks to the abolishment of fans and hard disk, application also possible in acoustically sensitive areas Status LEDs Serve visual support during: commissioning / operation / servicing Easy and fast diagnostics without auxiliary tools Lower power consumption (approx. ≥ 15 W) than standard PCs Smaller dimensioning of the upstream 24 V power supply possible Compact design thanks to reduced heat development Cable clamp for USB plug Compliance with vibration/shock values also without cable clamp Further improved mechanical design thanks to the cable clamp included in the scope of supply Isolated power supply Prevention of potential transfers Improved system reliability Support of eased potential/grounding concepts Application without additional measures Power monitoring Query of the battery status for increased system availability Two-level execution of the monitoring function Headless operation Support of system configurations without monitor Start-up possible without monitor and keyboard Monitor can be subsequently connected for diagnostic purposes Features

11 PCI-104 General Information
Specifications in accordance with the PC/104 committee (also see: PC/104 = ISA bus (8 or 16 Bit) PC/104-Plus = ISA bus + PCI-Bus PCI104 = PCI bus (without PC/104) Microbox PC 427B is equipped with a PCI104 interface PCI104 and PC/104-Plus cards are consistently usable (use of PCI signals) Old PC104 cards (only ISA bus) are not usable Up to three PC/104 modules can be integrated With extension frame Numerous suppliers of basic and special functions No manufacturer offers a full-range portfolio The long-term availability of PC104 modules from the embedded market bears considerable customer benefits Typical 3 W power consumption per slot possible Two "non-shared interrupts" available for high-performance extensions Optimum EMC connection of interfaces through slot plates on the extension frames PC104

12 Extension Frame Extension frame Extension kit PC/104
Required for the integration of PC104 modules Extend the enclosure towards the front and create space for modules Can be modularly stacked Can be ordered separately as extension kit Extension kit PC/104 6AG4070-0BA00-0XA0 6 extension frames, including mounting material and slot plates 1 extension frame (17 mm) required per PC104 module The basic device's front cover also serves as front-side cover when using the extension frame. Any interfaces of the PC104 modules are routed to the extension frame‘s slot plates via short cables. PC104

13 I/O Cards Selection and Integration
A&D SE IPC provides support in the form of pre-sales services regarding the selection and integration of PC104 extension modules. Integration by customers or by the IPC Customization Center The following steps must be performed by customers: Routing the connection cable between the PC104 module and the slot plate these are partially included in the modules‘ scope of supply Placing cutouts in the slot plates for the interface plugs PC104 modules can be integrated in the Microbox PC by means of customizing, for which the above-mentioned steps have to be performed. The delivery conditions of the manufacturers apply PC104

14 Zero Maintenance The zero maintenance of the Microbox PC results from the complete abolishment of rotating parts, i.e.: Abolishment of fans and abolishment of a hard disk by focusing on CompactFlash operation – as far as permitted by the application. Moreover, a battery is not necessarily required, only if remanent data are to be stored in the SRAM due to: Remanent storage of setup data (settable in BIOS) Time synchronization possible via LAN (via DiagMonitor) The Microbox PC offers zero maintenance if the hard disk and battery can be done away with! Zero Maintenance

15 Operating Systems Windows® XP embedded
Why Windows XP embedded? The bulk memory requirement of Windows XP Professional is too large for a CompactFlash-based system The license costs of Windows XP embedded are considerably lower than those of Windows XP Windows XP embedded contains additional features for embedded applications, e.g.: Enhanced write filter: Activatable write protection for partitions to increase system stability Message box interception: Configurable output suppression of system and fault messages for unattended systems Windows® XPe

16 Operating Systems Windows® XP embedded
Windows XP embedded is pre-installed on the Microbox PC to allow for manifold applications Small size facilitates application on CF card 512 Mbyte or larger Standard drivers/functions included, e.g. CD-ROM, memory stick, print service, UPS support, etc. If required, drivers can be subsequently installed The pre-installed Windows XP embedded is system-tested Turn-key system Cost reductions in terms of system generation, tests and commissioning Can the customer subsequently install, e.g., Microsoft Word? Yes. For license reasons, the Microsoft Office packages must only be used application-specifically; no general use (e.g. letter preparation) permissible. Incl. Service Pack 2 Feature Pack 2007 Latest hot fixes and security patches for increased system reliability Booting of USB bulk memories, e.g. to boot USB flash drives in service cases Improved Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) allows, e.g., for the write protection for individual files instead of partitions only Windows® XPe

17 Windows® XP embedded Optimization
If required, XPe can be further optimized for special applications Adding of components not contained in the standard image Reduced demand for CF cards thanks to abolishment of unnecessary components A special tool chain (Target Designer) and respective know-how are required for these adjustments A&D SE IPC CC offers a project-specific generation of XP embedded Windows® XPe

18 Windows® XP embedded Basic Images
Two basic versions cover the basic requirements. 1. Basic image for applications in rough environments Application on Microbox with CF card ( 512 Mbyte) Restricted Windows functional scope Full interface support Enhanced Write Filter enabled Support of Win AC Basis 2. Basic image for universal applications Application on Microbox with hard disk Full functional scope of XP Professional Subsequent installation of any customer software Enhanced Write Filter possible but not enabled Windows® XPe

19 Windows® XP embedded Updates / Virus Scan / Firewall
XPe fillings contain a “Desktop Update” component for the subsequent installation of XP Professional hot fixes via USB devices (CD-ROM, USB stick ..) or via LAN Subsequent installation of complete service packages not possible Microsoft offers correspondingly updated components for XPe time-delayed to the respective service packs . These components are integrated in the XPe fillings as required. Virus scanner With its configurable Enhanced Write Filter (EWF), XPe offers a better protection against viruses than Windows XP Professional A virus scan can be installed, updates are carried out with the conventional mechanisms as with XP-Professional in consideration of the EWF (disabling with installations) Firewall The XPe fillings of the Microbox contain the “Internet Connection Firewall” It has to be configured by the end user Windows® XPe

20 Operating Systems Others
Thanks to the standard architecture, also other operating systems can be employed. Installation and switch-on test with Suse Linux Further operating systems (QNX, VxWorks ...) upon request Project-specific solutions are realized by the SIMATIC PC Customization Center. If required, a customer-provided software image can be pre-installed ex works. Realtime operating system SICOMP RMOS3 system-tested on Microbox PC 427B Other Operating Systems

21 Back-Up and Restoration
A restore DVD is included in the standard scope of supply. For data back-up and restoration, the standard IPC tools ("SIMATIC PC/PG Image & Partition Creator“) or comparable products can be used. With the CompactFlash version, the application of a PCMCIA adapter in the programming device is recommendable. For monitoring the Microbox PC, the "SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor" monitoring and remote signaling software can be employed. Data Back-Up

22 Restore DVD The restore DVD contains the as-delivered XPe image of the SIMATIC Microbox PC 427B for the respective filling Transfer of the image to the hard disk / CF card via Ghost (component DVD) Delivery of SIMATIC Microbox PC without restore DVD Customers can order the restore DVD from the Customer Support SIMATIC Microbox PC + Customer application SIMATIC Microbox PC + Customer application Data Back-Up Siemens CS Fuerth Customer SIMATIC Microbox PC + Customer application SIMATIC Microbox PC + Customer application Machine image Restore DVD + Customer application

23 Data Back-Up via Buffered SRAM
2 Mbyte SRAM for data back-up in case of network failures High-performance bus interface (32-bit PCI, memory-mapped) Data storage via integrated battery High-capacity battery (> 5-year service life) Remanence strategies Cyclic storage of important data Storage of all required data in case of network failure Initialization of data recovery via Powerfail and NMI Storage time after interrupt at least 10 msec, depending on HW configuration Currently application-specific implementation of data back-up Data Back-Up Storage time in full configuration 10 msec (with max. power demand) Network failure Computer power OFF 5msec min. 10 msec 1-3msec frequent normal voltage interruptions NMI, initialization of the interrupt service routine

24 Microbox PC Data Back-Up Customer Benefits
Important data can be rapidly stored in the battery-buffered SRAM even after switch-off Faster writing of small data volumes on SRAM than on CompactFlash or hard disk WinAC can store data blocks and continue operation with the saved data upon the next start-up SRAM on-board, i.e. no additional HW (memory board) required Data Back-Up

25 Microbox PC Data Back-Up Status Win XPe
Windows XPe works with the same mechanisms as Windows XP Professional Storage of remanent data in the SRAM via access to memory in the SRAM by employing an I/O driver (e.g. IMCEA driver) via WinAC and use of suitable remanence library Data back-up is carried out application-specifically by means of suitable cyclic storage measures Safe shutdown in case of voltage failures (incl. prior storage of open files) via UPS Data Back-Up

26 BIOS Boot devices Adjustment of Microbox PC-specific functions
CompactFlash disk Hard disk USB floppy disk USB optical disk (CD, DVD) USB memory stick LAN via PXE (preboot execution environment) Adjustment of Microbox PC-specific functions Watchdog Field bus interface IDE operating mode enhanced / legacy Setup values can be stored in EPROM. Legacy support for keyboard, mouse and drives USB2.0 legacy support USB drivers have to be available for realtime applications Unique number (stored via DMI) BIOS

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