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The Understanding of Our Universe.. The AtomThe Galaxy Both are much the same in that they have a core that is impenetrable to the fabric of the universe,

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1 The Understanding of Our Universe.

2 The AtomThe Galaxy Both are much the same in that they have a core that is impenetrable to the fabric of the universe, “Aether Energy” this fabric of the universe tries to fill through the core but it is forced to condense its 3 dimensions and time around both the atom’s and the galaxy’s core since it cannot pass through. The rings shown around the core of each above are the different densities “pressures” of space and time that will set up around the core of each. All spheres of material within the “overall field” reach a “Balancing” point at their outer limits which they exist in within, so the larger surrounding sphere of “pressurized space time” always makes the smaller systems seems “weightless” in the vast pressure system they exists and balance within. So our universe’s field balances around our entire galaxy’s field at its outer limits, and each star does the same within its own galaxy‘s field and each planet within its stars field of pressure making them all seem weightless in the grand view. Although the star and the planetary system work much in the same way as the atom and the galaxy, the big difference is that even in the largest star system we know of this fabric of space will always pass through all of the atoms that make up the star and push through to the opposite side of the star pushing light and radiation back out to the surrounding universe from its surface. There are several actions at work and *and one action which is exclusive to only the atom and the galaxy. 1)The inward push of the universal fabric of space and time to the core of each. But you must remember that as it pushes to the center of our galaxy it is also at the same pushing independently to each atom’s core as well. 2)*The total resistance by this core which stops the pass through of the Aether Energy. This also allows for the spin of the Aether Energy around the core. The nucleus or the black star itself is hold the entire universe and all of its Energy in place around it. 3)The condensing and backing up of the fabric of space itself around the core. A model for this action is visible to us with simple water observations which we currently and Incorrectly attribute to the science of surface tension. In the case of the Atom a frequency shell is set up around the perimeter of the atom this is due to the intense pressure we incorrectly call the strong force this folding action of space and time at such a small and powerful scale is what builds the atom and gives it its strength. Both The galaxy and the atom can and will expand and contract but thankfully we have never directly experienced this with our galaxy and solar system yet. They are Two of a kind The white background Represents the fabric of Space and it is always pushing In and folding around every point of matter Space with its 3 dimensions and time Fold and condense around the nucleus of the atom and around a Black Star. These two Locations are what our universe is built around. Without these two “Plugs” the “Energy” would be Allowed to drain from the universe.

3 Examples that work this way are: 1)All Sizes of Star Systems 2)Planetary systems 3)Moons 4)Asteroids 5)All Compounds of pure atomic matter and all mixtures there of… The difference between these examples above and the atom and the galaxy is the “push through” and a reduction of the speed and strength of the fabric of “Aether Energy” as it exits through the core and surface of the mass which allows the Aether Energy to seep back out to the universe and maintain balance and separation of time and space throughout the universe. This is the base understanding that is missing in fractals, crystallization, surface tension and Gravity. Many Systems of “matter” in the universe act like the Atom and the Galaxy, but the difference is that the “Aether Energy” will back up around the mass somewhat but it will eventually push through all of these masses and push back out to the universe in a prefect 360 degree fashion. So we have an in and out flow.

4 The ElectronThe Hurricane A Hurricane and an Electron both work in the same way, in that they are both only made of pressure systems which are made from the universal field of Aether Energy. This High pressure which surrounds a low pressure system then acts Like molecules of highly pressurized water in the arterial highways made of “Aether Energy” This pressure System is then held together by the pressure exerted upon it and through it, and also by the pressure difference that is maintained and contained within its core. At the atomic level these pressures are extreme and we experience the release of these massive pressure systems as electricity. This is The reason electricity is described as a flow because the electron acts like a small supercharged water molecule which is forced through a pressurizes river bed of conductive material. The electron flow can and will stay in perpetual motion we must learn the tricks. *High and Low pressure must be redefined and positive and negative must be removed from our understanding to clearly see the workings of the universe. The actions of the universe all can be seen in experiments within fluid mechanics. Systems made of the Aether Energy that act like the Hurricane and the Electron are” 1)Tornado and all weather systems. 2)All Quarks They are Two of a kind

5 The Photon A photon is a fragment of frequency vibrating the Aether Energy around it, this frequency is then targeted and maintained by and within the perfect inward and exiting flow of the Aether Energy. This frequency fragment then creates a small concentric wave around Itself and in doing so it mimics a particle and gives it both properties of a particle and a wave. The photon travels as radiation does throughout the universe and it is pushed through the universe on the perfect flow of Aether Energy which is always targeting and reacting with all matter in its path. This happens naturally when an atom is destroyed as its frequency wall is fractured and its parts of frequency are immediately surrounded by Aether Energy and pushed through the universe and reveled only to the interactions with matter in its path. All Radiation works in this way! The photon is created at the near zero point and the natural flow of the Aether Energy then pushes the photon out to the universe from that point of generation. This flow does the same for all radiation. There is no such thing as reflection. Light is always push to the observer by the natural flow of the universal Aether Energy. Light is always pushed to You as long as you are there to receive it.

6 Radiation All radiation is a frequency which is made of, generated within and transmitted by the ocean of Aether Energy which “Everything” is created from and which we exist within. Aether Energy is the universal Fabric which all is constructed from, and this Aether Energy fills each atom, constructs each part of the atom and fills all of the parts to their core. Our sun is the only substantial generator of radiation near to us which is critical for life as we know it to exist on Earth. Radiation transmits light and heat in the same way and the only difference is the frequency and interaction with the matter upon its delivery, so all laws that apply to light will also apply to heat and all other radiation as well. Heat radiation generates “no heat” on its own. Just as light cannot interact with matter that is not in its path as it travels through empty space, heat cannot spontaneously generate from the radiation alone. Heat radiation must first strike matter and then the heat is produced, but the heat is not produced from the radiation, the radiation is “the cause”, the heat is created by the reaction within the atoms which then releases the heat “the effect” Radiation only stimulates the atom with its frequency then the atoms reaction produces the heat. As heat radiation travels away from our sun it diminishes in its strength as it passes through the ten spheres of pressure we know of around our sun. Only where this radiation interacts with the atoms within the 3 rd Pressure sphere around our sun does it do so in a fashion to perfectly conduct a symphony of life through the heating and cooling of the atoms. This allows this radiation to perfectly cause the atom to generate heat which does not destroy the atom or allow it to cool too much. At all other locations in our solar system this heat radiation is either too strong or too weak to stimulate the atom properly and destroys the atom or cannot stimulate the atom at all. All of our current understanding of thermal dynamics must be rewritten. This understanding perfectly explains Why the corona of the sun is much hotter then Its surface…

7 RadiationThe Atom The radiation is generated from a single source and then the natural Flow of the Aether Energy allows this radiation to ride upon its natural flow. Just like concentric rings on a pond are made of the water, this flow is made of the Aether Energy itself. When this radiation comes in contact with and flows to the core of the atom it then causes the defined bans of pressurized aether energy to blur its boundaries and as a result of the intrusion of radiation this action generates heat due to the oscillation between the pressurized bands of Aether Energy within the atom. Only the atom with its impenetrable core allows for this action due to the reverberation that occurs once the radiation strikes the core of the atom. This action is also difficult to achieve in the Hydrogen and Helium atom due to their few bands of pressure within them. In the case of the other types of pressure systems I have described such as the electron, the flow of radiation Is allowed to flow through without causing any reverberation so no heat is generated. This also goes along the lines that electricity itself is not hot, Only when it comes in contact with atoms which do not allow for its flow to pass does it interact with the atom and cause the atoms to release heat. Electricity cannot burn you But your atoms can! Cause enough heat within the atom and collectively they break and release their plasma back to the universe. Reactions of Radiation and Heat

8 What is a flame? What is plasma? This is the release of the pressure systems within The atom. As this unfolding of space and time occur Over a relatively slow and uniformed release. This is just one Of the many ways the atom releases its pressure of space and time back to the universe. This flame can then transfer its Heat Energy to the surrounding atoms as we already understand.

9 Within the mass of any solar or planetary body, space and time are also folding in upon itself inside the mass of the body, so just as described the folding taking place outside the surface is also at work all the way to its core. Just like at the event horizon of a black star where time and space at its surface is seemingly collapsing into its core at the cores of massive stars time and Space are condensed. This folding and pressurizing of space and time which I am describing is what causes the outside observer viewing something falling into a black hole to take thousands of years or more from the outside observers perspective. And this is also why we observe the atoms fusing at the suns core to take 150,000 years to reach the sun’s surface. I estimate that the sun as a whole is pressurizing 10 or 20 times It’s solar Energy field of “space and time“ around it Which we consider empty Space. And this “Space “is folded And pressurized within the Sun itself. This same understanding will Hold true for each Atom, moon and Planet as well but in direct Relation to its size. This must be true if everything Is made of the fabric of space. This will be the model for the Atom and the galaxy as well But with the Black star and the nucleus of the atom the Densities of space and time Reach their max at their surface. Our sun contain about 8,118,372,800,000,000 concentric miles of folded “Space and Time” within it.

10 Mercury Venus Earth Jupiter Mars Saturn Uranus Neptune of pressurized space out from the sun Allows space and time to un-fold The Earth sits in the perfect location between these densities of space. Each ring Each pressure ring maintains its relative Pressure due to the Perfect 360 push to the core of Each atom and part of the Atom.

11 Understanding Extreme densities of Aether Energy at the cores of giant stars and what really happens when a star goes super nova is not correctly described by our current science.

12 There are stars in our universe which are 2,100 times larger then our sun. If it take the fusion reaction and the photons from that reaction 150,000 years to reach our solar surface then it stands to reason that it will take this reaction 2,100 times longer to reach the surface of a truly massive star. That would work out to take 315 million years, traveling at the speed of Light, to only travel 700 times the diameter of our sun. In my estimation that would mean that this massive star would have to contain 1,850,495,582,880,000,000,000 concentric miles of folded “Aether Energy” “Space itself” within just the diameter of this giant star. And our sun would contain about 8,118,372,800,000,000 concentric miles Of folded “Space and Time” within it. Massive Star Our Sun The difference between a planet and star and the “black star” is that No pressure rings exist inside the Black Star, they only backup around it. So around the Black Star we experience the densities of space and time around The Black star. This is also how the atoms nucleolus works.

13 The Black Star is formed when a massive star reaches critical mass. The action is simple and perfect. When the atoms which compose the star near its core allow the collective nucleuses to be ripped from their surrounding Aether Energy, a massive collection of this solid and impenetrable matter collect to Form a Black Star. In this process the pressurized “Space and Time” around each of the atoms returns to the universe In a massive explosion and it leaves behind the Black Star.

14 Man is born and dies in the pressure System around the surface of our Planet. We cannot simply jump Into the next higher system of pressure above us Until we learn the Secrets to remove And balance the Pressures between us. Deep ocean Pressures are Subject to the next inward Internal Pressure sphere and it is not Simply the weight of the Water itself is at work.

15 The Atom works just the same as a black star and the rings of pressurized Space and time within the atom and around the nucleus along with the atoms wall Is what gives solid form to our world. This pressurized space and time is what causes things to seem solid to us. We are so far removed from the pressure systems which are condensed within the atom which we are built upon, we cannot comprehend these vast layers of extreme pressures both above us and within us. We experience life at a balance between all the pressures of Aether Energy which exists. We can balance the loose pressures between the layers without destroying the atoms structure. With this understanding we can travel faster then light and move massive objects such as 100 Ton stones.

16 There are entire galactic and solar systems which work Completely opposite “Low” pressure flow basis. We can see this action in a “Dead plants such as Mars… As well as in our moon. We have discovered this recently with the findings of uncountable Brown dwarf stars as well. In these systems the direction of flow does not allow for the planet or star to fuse matter at its core due to the fact that its flow is to its surface.

17 Once any matter is in The field of Aether Energy The reaction is uniform. Aether Energy pushes into, fills and connects all matter and energy such as plasma within the universe and it pushes into and through every point of matter filling in and around perfectly. This action connects All matter to the Aether Energy which it is made of to the Entire universe.

18 How the inner and outer universe work “E” Fills “all” spaces in the universe The Center of our Galaxy Black “Hole” Stars Earth/Life Weak Force Molecules The Strong force Atomic Nucleus Molecules Quarks… The atom…

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