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Kako z miško do uspeha? Conference of digital marketing.

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1 Kako z miško do uspeha? Conference of digital marketing

2 PROGRAM Online marketing strategies: Urban Korenjak Search engine marketing: Boštjan Hozjan Work placement in AIESEC: Aleks and Matija Business communication on Facebook: Matej Špehar Digital personality: Matjaž Šircelj

3 FACTS 23 rd of March EF @ Plava dvorana 288 registered participants Sponsors:

4 QUESTIONNAIRE 91 respondents 54 M 37 F Faculty EF – 44 % FDV – 12 % FOV Kranj FM Koper PF employed self-employed …

5 Liking of individual set of presentation 1. set 32 % - I like 2. set 43 % - I like 3. set 57 % - I like it a lot 4. set 20 % - I like 5. set 32 % - I like 6. set 39 % - I like

6 The conference met my expectations 54 % - I agree 16 % - I totally agree 13 % - neither nor

7 How would you evaluate the conference all in all? 47 % - very good (B) 21 % - excellent (A) 19 % - good (C)

8 Critics, praise, comments

9 Critics I expected more practical advice. Lack of depth in the topic, less statistics. To general, to little information, to long presentations. Next time be on time. I suggest 5 min breaks during presentations. I didn‘t find out anything new, didn‘t get useful information. It looked like representatives presented only their companies and not the topics they were supposed to talk about.

10 Praise It was great, keep up with the good work. Useful information. It‘s good to hear new stuff that you usually don‘t at the faculty. I suggest you organize more conferences like this. This kind of meetings should become regular feature. Great choice of guests. Congrats to the organisation team, great idea and execution of the event. Interestig guests, good organisation (juices, notebooks, ballpoints…)

11 Thank you!

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