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Lockheed Martin: Changing the Composition of the Workplace Presented by: Brooke Thomas.

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1 Lockheed Martin: Changing the Composition of the Workplace Presented by: Brooke Thomas

2 Overview History Leadership Connecting the Changing Workforce LM People LM HealthWorks Alternative Work Schedules Take Away

3 History Lockheed Corporation & Martin Marietta Corporation merged in March 1995 Estimated revenue of $47 billion 74% from military sales Leading defense contractor

4 Leadership Full Spectrum Model Five qualities – Shape the future – Build effective relationships – Energize the team – Deliver results – Model personal excellence integrity and accountability Measured, promoted and evaluated based on 360 degree performance assessment

5 Connecting the Workforce Implement corporate wide programs Foster Leaders – College graduates – Veterans – Experienced Professionals – Retirement Eligible Professionals

6 College Graduates Top 20 percent of class Leadership Development Program On-the-job training Online learning Special job assignments Participation on special task forces Less concerned with salary, more concerned with work-life balance

7 Veterans Military Relations Managers – Offers careers aligned with positions and skills sets sampled from military – Training Assistance Programs Training courses Internal networking Research career interests Apply

8 Experienced Professionals Brown bag lunches Mentoring and coaching Internal and external educational opportunities Formal career building Institute for Leadership Excellence

9 Retirement Ready Employees 60 percent of workforce Knowledge management Retirement planning

10 LM People Integrated system Standardizes career planning & professional training – Leadership training – Performance Management – Mentoring – Educational Opportunities

11 LM HealthWorks Wellness & Prevention Health Plan Mission Take Action

12 Work Alternative Schedules Flex Schedule Telecommuting Longer weekends

13 Take Away Connect the workforce Spend the money Align goals of talent management principles – Integration – Segmentation – Agility

14 Questions?

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