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TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton How to access funding streams TLC College and Black Country ICT Gateway Experience.

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1 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton How to access funding streams TLC College and Black Country ICT Gateway Experience

2 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Mahmood Khan - TLC College, Wolverhampton Marilyn Burrill - Digital Inclusion Manager The Black Country Consortium and Microsoft are just completing a 3 year project : The Black Country ICT Gateway. p. 2

3 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Achievements What has The Black Country ICT Gateway achieved ? We have established a Voluntary Sector Consortium – arranged on a Hub & Spoke model - which can deliver digital inclusion programmes across the region and much more: p. 3

4 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Hubs and Spokes Wolverhampton Walsall Sandwell Dudley Hub Spoke Centres

5 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Research The Black Country ICT Gateway has carried out extensive research into digital inclusion and produced reports on : The Delivery of Effective Digital Inclusion Programmes in the Black Country An in depth study of the barriers which prevent people from using ICT and how they can be overcome. Promoting Digital Inclusion in the Black Country looking into ways of engaging the digitally excluded – the people who dont normally participate in training. p. 5

6 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Community Involvement The Black Country ICT Gateway worked with 171 voluntary organisations across the region. 4 Hub organisations – who managed the project in their local authority area 16 Spoke organisations – who were directly involved in the research and piloting the Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum 151 ICT Centre - Voluntary and community sector organisations and groups who were involved in widening digital inclusion and received training and support p. 6

7 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Software & Volunteers 53 organisations that are taking up the Microsoft Software Donations Offer We have set up a 4 Microsoft Academies - one in each Hub area Workshops where Microsoft Volunteers provided advice on using latest packages most effectively with practical help to organisations. We are developing a Website to act as the Black Country ICT Gateway communications Channel and resource Bank. p. 7

8 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Communication The Black Country ICT Gateway has networked and promoted our work locally in each Hub area and regionally Used the Microsoft name to attract attention and also visited their other projects. Used our contacts through the Black Country Consortium. Made 24 presentations on the project and research findings to the sub-groups of the Local Strategic Partnership in each area. Took part in the National Consultations on Digital Inclusion. Met our regional ICT Champion. Worked with the local Digital Inclusion Task Force representative. p. 8

9 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton TLC College Wolverhampton Hub

10 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton TLC College Wolverhampton Hub TLC has worked with its spokes and ICT Centres and were possible make joint funding application TLC has representation on Wolverhampton Learning partnership TLC has representation on Wolverhampton Economic partnership TLC is one of the Hubs in the Learning Platform in Wolverhampton TLC work with the local Learning Brokers and had success in getting some funding for basic first step ICT provision - both as community learning and alongside employability programmes

11 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton The Black Country ICT Gateway Future We have made a bid to Advantage West Midlands for ERDF funding for a project which will upgrade hardware and provide technical support to Centres We have applied for an Eco-innovation EU grant to develop a social enterprise for e-Waste management and computer recycling We have 4 Microsoft Academies who can generate income We have made a number of applications to other funders But the most important long-term step is the Partnerships that we have made which have put us on the strategic map and local developments! p. 11

12 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Funding How can we get enough money ? There is NO SIMPLE SOLUTION BUT - one source of funding is dangerous ! Unfortunately we need to have a strategy to make sure we are in the game with what is happening in the area, and are making use of all potential sources of funding p. 12

13 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Where do we go ? Statutory agencies : get engaged with the tendering & commissioning processes Develop your capacity for online tendering Grants from charities Donations & Sponsorship Social enterprise – income generating activities which can subsidise our unfunded charitable work p. 13

14 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Fundraising Strategy Get known locally & regionally for what you can do !!! Use contacts shamelessly to get to the right meetings Identify your products / services and be able to describe them effectively Be explicit in explaining the NEED and the IMPACT you can have – link to the potential funders targets Be very clear on pricing – full cost recovery Know the Added Value that you offer Form Consortia & Partnerships THE RIGHT ONES p. 14

15 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton 360 degree Organisation Review You are the supplier – who are your customers ? The clients ? The funder ? Are you giving them what they want ? Who else is involved ? The staff, Manager, Board /Trustees Are you giving them what they want / need ? p. 15

16 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Stakeholders Ideally bring together a small group including representatives from all the stakeholders : Client Board Staff & Manager Funder – If not a critical Partner or Local Network/service Managers p. 16

17 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton 360 degree Organisation Review The whole group considers, from the perspective of each stakeholder in turn What do I want from this organisation ? Will I get it ? p. 17

18 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton The 360 degrees Clients Board & Trustees Staff & Managers Funders & Income YOUR SERVICE

19 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton What have you got to offer ? From the review you should have clear idea of what your clients want how it affects staff and Manager what the Board wants what a Funder will be looking to pay for Use this information to consider the range of services and products that you can offer and produce Fact Sheets for potential funding applications p. 19

20 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Your Fact Sheets Name of product / service : to distinguish it clearly from other things you do e.g. Membership of the WISH Team A clear description of what it is : no jargon, who it is for (specify needs of target group and area you can cover ), what it does, what added value does your organisation bring. How much it will cost to deliver per client – with a breakdown of how cost has been calculated – including % management & full service costs Volume that you can deal with – consider partnership & consortium working Outputs you can achieve ( back up with evidence of track record) IMPACT that your work will have ( back up with Evaluation reports, case studies ) Value for Money – why your organisation provides best value Use this information as the basis for your funding applications p. 20

21 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton Focus Focus Focus Final thoughts : Control Mission Drift Local and specialist is best Partnerships and consortia are all the rage Make sure your prices include a contribution to Core Costs Make sure that the work you take on raises your organisations profile and reputation Dont spread yourselves too thin p. 21

22 TLC COLLEGE Wolverhampton THANK YOU Contact Information Mahmood Khan Marilyn Burrill p. 22

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