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Archetype A pattern, model, or image that recurs consistently enough in life and literature to be considered universal.

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1 Archetype A pattern, model, or image that recurs consistently enough in life and literature to be considered universal.

2 The Innocent Spontaneous Trusting A bit dependant Optimistic

3 Regular Guy/Gal Unpretentious Expects very little from life Teaches reader empathy, realism, street smarts

4 8 types of The heroes Heroic qualities: Saves the day Tough Courageous Sets and achieves goals Overcomes obstacles Persists in difficult times Sees “enemies” he must conquer

5 1. The Chief Quintessential alpha hero Born to lead Tough Decisive Goal-oriented May be overbearing and inflexible

6 2. The Bad Boy Rebel from the wrong side of the tracks Bitter & volatile Crushed idealist Charismatic & street savvy Hates authority Prevalent in western historicals the perfect outlaw James Dean in everything

7 3. The Best Friend Beta hero Kind, responsible, decent, Mr. Nice Guy Non- confrontational, doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings Tom Hanks Bill Pullman in While you were Sleeping Jimmy Stewart in It’s a wonderful life Even villains don’t really want to harm them

8 4. The Charmer Fun, irresistible, smooth operator Not too responsible or dependable Doesn’t commit to women Ferris Mueller Cary Grant

9 5. The Lost Soul Tortured secretive, brooding, unforgiving Vulnerable, loner, wanderer or outcast Hamlet Heathcliffe in Wuthering Heights Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck

10 6. The Professor Logical Introverted Inflexible Honest Faithful

11 7. The Swashbuckler Action, action, action!!! Physical and daring Fearless Daredevil Explorer

12 8.The Warrior Reluctant rescuer or knight in shining armor Noble, tenacious, relentless Sticks up for the underdog Most superheroes

13 Female Heroines

14 1.The Boss “Take charge” female Accepts nothing but respect Reaching her goal in life is paramount

15 2. The Survivor Mysterious and manipulative Cynicism guides her every action Tough sense of survival

16 3. The Spunky Kid Favorite of many writers Has moxi Not looking to be at the top, but to carve her only little niche Team player Ready to lend a hand Lots of friends

17 4. The Free Spirit Playful and fun loving Original, acts on whims and follows her heart, Might be on the ditzy side Well intentioned, but may leave a trail of victims from her good deeds

18 5. The Waif Original damsel in distress Star of most Disney movies Requires rescue Child-like innocence

19 6. The Librarian Prim & proper on the outside, passionate on the inside Leads with her brain- not her body Thinks she has all the answers, Can be a bit stubborn

20 7. The Crusader Thoroughly modern On a mission-if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem

21 8. The Nurturer Takes care of everyone Wonderful listener, serene, capable, optimistic Mary Poppins-like

22 More archetypes

23 The Caregiver/ Altruist Moved by compassion, generosity, Selfless Prone to martyrdom & enabling behaviors

24 The Explorer/Seeker/Wanderer Seeks to discover the unknown Often oppositional Helps readers to discover our uniqueness, perspectives, & oucallings

25 The Outlaw/Destroyer Has repressed rage against society or codes/rules that no longer serve Ruthless Helps readers “weed the garden” for more growth

26 The Ruler Inspires readers to take responsibilities for their own lives

27 The Magician Searches out the fundamental laws of science and/or metaphysics to understand how to: transform situations influence people Turn visions into realities Must overcome temptation to use power manipulatively

28 The Sage Seeks the truths that will set us free Must overcome temptation of dogma Helps readers to see the world and ourselves objectively

29 The Jester Enjoys life Prone to laziness Shows reader how to turn our work & interactions into fun

30 The Trickster Prevalent in most mythologies! coyote Puck

31 The Lover Different types of love: Parental Platonic Spiritual Romantic Helps reader to experience pleasure, achieve intimacy, make commitments and follow their bliss.

32 Common Female Archetypes Earth mother Symbolic of spiritual and emotional nourishment Usually wearing earth colors Usually is full figured (represents fertility)

33 The Temptress Sensuous in beauty Brings about downfallof hero

34 The Platonic Ideal Inspiring woman for whom the protagonist has an intellectual rather than a physical attraction

35 A few other archetypes Wicked step mother Drunk guy/gal Rich, spoiled girl/guy The hick Girl next door The buffoon Rags to riches Bratty kid Frumpy housewife Party girl Typical ( insert: race, age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, career, sport, hobbyist here)

36 Archetypes Psychoanalyst Carl Jung theorized that: specific ideas, actions, & images arose out of early experiences of the human race And were passed along through the collective unconscious of mankind. And therefore, are present in the subconscious of every individual. Archetypes emerge in the imagery of dreams, myths, and literature. Some archetypes are used so frequently in literary genres that they become conventions.

37 Don’t confuse archetypes with stereotypes. Stereotypes are: Clichéd/predictable Allows no character growth/development

38 “Any archetype can do anything – the question will always be why.”

39 The End

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