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The 6420 Triple Quad LC/MS System Routine, Robust and Reliable Quantitation.

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1 The 6420 Triple Quad LC/MS System Routine, Robust and Reliable Quantitation

2 Agilent has the Newest Fleet of LC Triple Quads A New Agilent LC Triple Quad Launched Every Yr For last 4 yrs 6460 Triple Quad 6430 Triple Quad 6420 Triple Quad 6490 Triple Quad 6460 Triple Quad Performance

3 6420 Enhancements over Earlier 6410 New Capillary front end: faster polarity switching better ion transmission New electronics, faster MRMs New Agilent rough pump Upgradeable to a 6460 with Agilent Jet Stream Technology 6420 Triple Quad LC/MS

4 The Agilent 6420 Triple Quad features fast and rugged electronics; Making it a workhorse for high throughput labs Fast MRMs, dwell time of: 1 msec Fast polarity switching :30 msec Fast Triggered MRM (for ten ion transitions): 50 msec 6420: Fast Electronics for High Sample Throughput

5 Future Proof Your LC Triple Quad Investment Infinity LC 6420 Routine Analysis Ultra-Trace Analysis 6430 Performance Trace Analysis Step 1 Step

6 Triple Quad 6430 Triple Quad 8X 2X 1X S/N Spec 6420 Triple Quad Product Upgrade Options Installed in your Lab 6430 to 6460 Agilent Jet Stream & High Mass Quads Yes 6420 to 6430 Second Turbo Yes 6420 Upgrade Possibilities

7 New 6420 LC Triple Quad Supports: Agilent Upgrade Kits to 6430 and 6460 LC Triple Quads Agilent Dynamic MRM Agilent Fast Track Kits and Data Bases Agilent Triggered MRM

8 The 6420 is preconfigured to accept a second turbo pump for enhanced sensitivity. Higher vacuum in Q3 reduces noise and allows greater ion conductance in the collision cell. Upgradeable by Design – 6400 Upgrades 6420 to 6430 Upgrade Improves Signal-to-Noise up to two-fold for some compounds

9 6430 to 6460 Add: Agilent Jet Stream Technology thermal confinement of ESI spray cone 25 0 C C after 8 min 6430 to 6460 Upgrade Sensitivity Spec: 4X higher

10 The 6460 mass range is 3,000 m/z: Pegylated peptides Acylated peptides Lipopolysaccharides Glycans Natural Products 6430 to 6460 Upgrade: High Mass Quads – 3K

11 Dynamic MRM creates powerful quantitative methods by grouping MRMs in retention time windows instead of time segments. Dynamic MRM methods are created by importing compound specific MRMs and retention times from a Fast Track Data Base or worksheet Dynamic MRM supports up to 4,000 MRMS for all 6400 Series Triple Quads Dynamic MRM also supports polarity switching Dynamic MRM groups MRMs in Retention Windows

12 Retention Time Windows with overlapping MRMs Dynamic MRM for the new 6420 Triple Quad

13 Agilent Fast Track Kit for Forensics Includes a Dynamic MRM method, 200 compound data base with optimal settings and RTs FORENSIC/TOXICOLOGY TEST MIX – 24 compounds Compound Name Precursor Ion Product Ion Collision Energy Ret Time Hydrocodone methamphetamine MDMA Strychnine MDEA ……

14 Acquisition Time (min) Amphetamine Metham- phetamine Trazodone PCP Norver- apamil Verapamil Methadone Proadifen Benzoyl- ecgonine Cocaine Forensics Test Mixture on the new pg of each on-column

15 m/z triggered MRM Spectra Triggered MRM (tMRM) – a Data Dependent Scan Data dependent execution of additional, confirmatory MRMs 2-Ethylanthraquinone

16 Triggered MRM in MassHunter Acquisition Threshold Additional MRMs used for compound confirmation Primary cycle (below threshold) Triggered cycle (above threshold)

17 tMRM Product Ion Spectrum on any 6400 Triple A Re-Constructed Product Ion Spectrum that is Library Searchable x tMRM Product Ion Spectrum Tebufenpyrad x x x x x x x x x > > > > > > > > > 171

18 Benefits of triggered MRM More than ten times more sensitive than full scan MS/MS data Searchable with NIST MS/MS 2.0 Library Searchable with Agilent Accurate Mass MS/MS Library Compatible with custom, user created libraries MassHunter automatically creates custom triggered MRM library from standards

19 Acquisition Time (min) Amphetamine Metham- phetamine Trazodone PCP Norver- apamil Verapamil Methadone Proadifen Benzoyl- ecgonine Cocaine Forensics Mixture with 6420 and tMRM Method Triggered MRM actuated on red peak

20 @ 5ppb level: RSD=4.9% (N=3) Triggered MRM for Compound Confirmation 6420 tMRM: Benzoylecgonine, 25 pg on column Mass-to-Charge (m/z) Ref. Library Match Score = 95.1 Peak Product Ion Spectra Library Reference Product Ion Spectra

21 DENVER (American Society for Mass Spectrometry conference), June 6, 2011 The new Agilent 6420 Triple Quad LC/MS System is a workhorse triple quad designed to be readily upgradable to the higher-performance 6430 and 6460 instruments. The new 6420 is more productive than the previous 6410 model with faster electronics and new software features. Our popular dynamic MRM solution for grouping ion transitions by retention time has been enhanced with the addition of triggered MRM for simultaneous compound confirmation. The Agilent 6420 is well suited for both routine and complex analyses such as toxicology and drugs of abuse testing. It is designed for round-the-clock operation to support labs running a large number of samples. The 6420 replaces Agilent's popular Model 6410 triple quad. The 6420 maintains method and data compatibility with existing 6410 methods. The 6420 can be easily incorporated into high-productivity laboratories with multiple 6410 systems Summary


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