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Title lX Kaitlyn Louise DeVos & Richelle Lynn Kallhoff.

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1 Title lX Kaitlyn Louise DeVos & Richelle Lynn Kallhoff

2 What is Title IX? "Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance" according to US Department of Education

3 Sources For: Constitution o First amendment Website Scholarships Against: Constitution o First Amendment Websites

4 Reasons For: Gives girls the chance to get scholarships for college. More women than men are attending college today. Women make up 54% of college students Against: 41% athletes. 400 men's teams eliminated. Caps on men's rosters. o Demand is higher.

5 Advantages vs. Disadvantages Advantages: Title IX covers educational funds for approximately 16,000 local school districts and 32,000 colleges and universities. confidence and self esteem of women increased. Disadvantages Colleges must provide as many scholarships for women as men. Sports=less homework time=bad grades Financial Restictions

6 Web Sources ndex.php/2011/03/true- gender-equality-will- bring-many-benefits-to- our-economy-to-women- and-to-their-families- minister-for-disability- equality-and-mental- health-ms-kathleen-lynch- t-d-commits-to-foster- true-gen/ q/are-their-any- disadvantages-to-title- ix.html enandsports/020619title9. html

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