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OLEDs at the Tipping Point Sebastian W. Suh Manager, Marketing & Sales OLED Light Division.

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1 OLEDs at the Tipping Point Sebastian W. Suh Manager, Marketing & Sales OLED Light Division

2 1 I. Introduction  Introduction of LG Group  Introduction of LG Chem

3 2 Chemicals Electronics LG Chem LG Household & Health care LG Life Science LG Hausys SEETEC LG Electronics LG Display LG Innotek LG Siltron Hiplaza Lusem LG U+ LG International LG CNS LG N-Sys LG Sports Serveone V-ENS Medialog HS Ad G2R L.Best Introduction of LG Group Telecom & Services Affiliated CompaniesOverview  2012 Total Sales : $145 Bil (1 USD=1,000 KRW)  Total Employees : 213,000  Foundation: January  HQ Address LG Twin Towers, 20 Yeouido-Dong, Yeongdeungpo-Gu, Seoul , Korea ChemicalsElectronicsTelecom & SVC

4 3 Introduction of LG Chem LG Chem Sales IT & E Materials Sales Bil. USD (1 USD=1,000 KRW) LG Chem Organization LG Chem Battery Company Petrochemicals Company IT & Electronics Company Optical Materials Electronic Materials OLED Light LCD Glass Substrate IT Film Bil. USD (1 USD=1,000 KRW)

5 4 II. OLED Light  OLED as a Human-Friendly Light  Proposed Cases  Applied Cases Enlightening the Future…Today

6 5 LEDOLED intensity (%) wavelength(nm) OLED as a ‘Human-Friendly’ Light OLED’s Human-Friendly light quality has minimal health issues caused by artificial light  Side-effects of Artificial Light → Blue Light Hazard → Melatonin suppression → Negative influence on sleeping & health  Natural and Human-Friendly Light Qualities → Spectral Distribution and Color Wavelengths that possess positive characteristics from both a Psychological and Physiological perspective → The only high-efficiency / environment friendly light source to possess such characteristics intensity (%) wavelength(nm)

7 6 Proposed Cases Rest AreaMeeting Room Office Using OLED Light means lesser fatigue during meetings and real rest during breaks

8 7 Reception/InformationVIP Lounge VIP area OLED can provide a comfortable and ‘premium’ atmosphere for distinguished guests Proposed Cases

9 8 As Office Lighting Actual Applications being considered for Office Areas (Meeting Rooms) Applied Cases

10 9 As Decorative Sculptures Actual Lighting Sculpture using OLEDs (June 2013) 23m UN office Atrium Chandelier Applied Cases

11 10 Applied Cases US Embassy, Finland (Acuity Brands) Trilia, designed by Acuity Brands and equipped with LG Chem OLED Panels

12 11 III. OLED Characteristics & Advantages  Light Quality Advantages - Natural Light with No Glare - High CRI at Higher Color Temperatures - Uniformity  Structural Advantages - Thin - Lightweight - Low Heat

13 12 Light Quality LED with Glare IssueOLED without Glare RedGreenBlue RedGreenBlue Strong & Directional Light with Glare Soft & Diffusive Light without Glare Decorative Lighting Desk Stand Make-Up Room Sleeping RoomDining Room OLED’s spectral characteristics provide natural and pleasant light with no glare retina optic nerve fovea iris lens pupil Natural Light with No Glare

14 13 Light Quality High CRI at 4000K 3000K CCT Potential Applications Fashion ShopGallery Fruit/Vegetable ShopMake-Up(Hair) Salon OLED is the only light source that can naturally achieve CRI >4000K~3000K 5000K4000K OLED LED CRI CRI High CRI at Higher Color Temperatures

15 14 Luminance UniformityColor change with angle Light Quality LG Chem OLED provides even luminance level and color uniformity Max. Min. 100 mm Δuv nit Uniform Light Distribution

16 15 OLED LED OLEDs open the opportunity for unprecedented design with minimal loss of efficiency Structure Simple Structure OLEDLED Flat Lighting Comparison Shape Size Efficiency Loss Thickness Weight 300x300mm 25~30% 0% 6~20mm ~2mm 2~3kg~0.5kg Panel Light Source Efficiency Loss LED Package LED Module Frame Lighting Guide Diffuser -10~15% -5% Thin, Lightweight

17 16 OLEDLED StructureHeat Generation of OLED panel OLED panels generate very little heat and do not require heat sinks Simple Structure No Heat Sink needed Heat Sink LED Module Module Frame nit Watt lm/w ℃ 28 ℃ ~40 ℃ Low Heat Generation

18 17 III. LG Chem OLED Light  Product Roadmap / Performance  Current Product Line-up  New Product: Flexible (Bendable) OLED Panels  Product Portfolio Overview  Detailed Specifications  Optimal Cost Structure Development Status

19 18 Efficacy / Lifetime Product Roadmap EfficacyLifetime lm/W Year KHr Year 30

20 19 Luminance / Shapes LuminanceSize ,000 4,000 5,000 cd/m 2 Year , mm Year 100x100 53x55 140x x50 Flexible 200x50 300x300 Product Roadmap

21 20 LG Chem OLED - Product Line-up 100x100 Flexible (200x50) 50x200 55x53

22 21 LG Chem - Flexible (Bendable) OLED Panels PhotoSpecification  Size : 200mm x 50mm  Thickness : 0.20 mm  CCT : 4,000K  Efficacy : 45 lm/W  Flux : 73 lm  Uniformity : >85  CRI : >90  Voltage : 6.0  DC current : 250mA  LT 70 : Min. 15,000 Hrs  Bending Radius : 65mm * Above specifications are subject to change. Mass production to begin from 3Q 2013

23 22 Product Examples LG Chem Flexible OLED Panels

24 23 TypeRigidFlexible Shape Size (mm) 100x x x50 53x55 200x50 Model N6SA40 N6SA30 N8SA30 N6SC40 N6BA40 N6BA30 N6SB40 F4BA40 CCT (K) 4,0003,000 4,000 3,0004,000 Thickness (mm) Efficacy (lm/W) CRI>90 >80>90 Flux (lm) LT70 (Hrs) 15,00018,00020,000TBD15,00018,00015,00018,000 Product Portfolio

25 24 TypeRigidFlexible Size(mm) (active area) 100x100 (90x90) 140x140 (129x129) 200x50 (190x40) 53x55 (46x46) 53x55 (46x46) Model N6SA40 N6SA30 N8SA30 N6SC40 N6BA40 N6BA30 N6SB40 F4BA40 Thickness (mm) CCT (K) 4,0003,000 4,000 3,0004,000 Efficacy (lm/W) Flux (lm) Uniformity (%) >85 CRI>90 >80>90 Voltage (V) DC Current (mA) LT70 (Hrs) 15,00018,00020,000TBD15,00018,00015,00018,000 Detailed Specifications

26 25 Optimal Cost Structure LG Chem OLED Light OLED Materials LG Chem Electronic Materials Glass Substrate LG Chem LCD Glass Substrates Light Extraction Films LG Chem IT Film Investment Plans  All key components are produced by LG Chem.  Korea is the No.1 country for OLED displays, surrounded by best OLED infrastructure.  LG Chem has begun mass production in Gen.2 line.  Finalized initial development of Gen.5 line through government funded project LG Chem’s Gen. 2 in-line system Gen. 5 Equipment Development - Government Funded Project (2010.6~2012.8)

27 26 [ Appendix ]  OLED Lighting Applications  Co-Marketing / Exhibitions  Additional Application Ideas  LG Chem’s OLED Panel Photos

28 27 OLED Lighting Applications Acuity Brands Lighting Acuity Brands Lighting launched new OLED lightings using LG Chem OLED panels

29 28 Acuity Brands Lighting ABL’s OLED Lightings equipped with LG Chem OLED Panels, introduced at LFI 2013 OLED Lighting Applications

30 29 WAC Lighting WAC’s OLED lightings equipped with LG Chem OLED panels OLED Lighting Applications

31 30 Manta Rhei by SELUX Selux’s OLED lighting equipped with LG Chem Panels, introduced at Light + Building 2012 OLED Lighting Applications

32 31 Italian Designer Project Italian designers’ OLED Lightings using LG Chem OLED Panels, introduced at Euroluce 2013 OLED Lighting Applications

33 32 Co-Exhibition Light+Building 2012Euroluce 2013 LG Chem’s exhibition booths displaying partners’ OLED products Strategic Collaboration Proposal

34 33 Glass Table (Transparent) Display Showcase (High CRI, Design Freedom) Premium Shops (High CRI, Design Freedom) Additional Application Ideas Shop

35 34 Study Room Additional Application Ideas

36 35 Children’s Hospital Additional Application Ideas

37 36 Elderly Hospital Assisted Living(Silver Town) Elderly HospitalAssisted Living(Silver Town) Additional Application Ideas

38 37

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