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“Per La Gloria d’adorarvi”

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1 “Per La Gloria d’adorarvi”
Composed by Giovanni Bononcini By: Claire Schauf

2 Song information Composer is Giovanni Bononcini
This piece was composed in 1701 It is part of an opera called “Griselda” The text in this piece comes from an Iranian libretto by Apostolo Zeno

3 Giovanni Bononcini information
Bononcini lived from He was born into a musical family in Modena, Italy where both his father and brother were also composers. From , Bononcini composed many works including 17 operas and 4 cantatas with “Xerse” and “Griselda” being his most famous pieces.

4 The “Griselda” Opera The opera’s plot: King Gualtiero marries a peasant woman named Griselda. To prove that Griselda is worthy of being there next queen, King Gualtiero testes Griselda’s virtues until she unknowingly proves herself worthy. “Griselda” premiered in London at the King’s Theatre on February 22, 1722 At one point in the opera, the king proposes to marry Almirena, who is in love with Ernesto. At the thought of loosing Almirena, Ernesto sings “Per La Gloria d’adorarvi”.

5 Text and Translation of “Per La Gloria”
Per la gloria d’adorarvi Per la Gloria d’adorarvi Voglio amarvi, o luci care: Amando penerò Ma sempre v’amerò, Sì, sì, nel mio penare: Care, care. Senza speme di diletto Vano affetto e sospirare, Ma i vostri dolci rai, Chi vagheggiar può mai, E non v’amare?? For the glory of adoring you I want to love you, o dear eyes. Loving you, I will suffer, but always I will love you, Yes, yes, in my suffering, Dear, dear eyes. Without hope of delight vain affection it is to sigh, but your sweet glances, who could ever gaze upon and not love you?

6 Musical Analysis “Per La Gloria d’adorarvi” is from the opera “Griselda” “Per La Gloria d’adorarvi” is sung in G major scale. This piece is a love song. The composer expresses this by extending the notes and making the tone smooth and meaningful. While listening, the song has expression as the notes move around its range without making the piece choppy. This song is very repetitive. Unique parts of the song are sung in forte, with repeating sections sung in pianissimo- almost as an echo.

7 Why I like this piece After researching this piece;
I love the story behind the opera this song was performed in. I would love to go see the opera “Griselda” to hear where this piece fits in. “Per La Gloria” is fun to listen to because you can hear the longing and love throughout the song. I think it is very interesting that in the opera “Griselda” a man sang this piece but today, may women sing it as well.

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