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Come and eat here ! Unit 2 Healthy Eating Alexis 许 云 宏许 云 宏.

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2 Come and eat here ! Unit 2 Healthy Eating Alexis 许 云 宏许 云 宏


4 staple food rice dumplings noodles hamburger cakes pizza

5 pea pepper bean cucumber eggplant vegetables mushroom

6 strawberry watermelon lemon cherry mango peach fruits

7 meat pork beef mutton kebab chicken duck bacon

8 seafood shrimp crab lobster squid fish shark’s fin

9 Functions of food Maintain life Keep healthy Prevent diseases Supply energy Satisfy hunger Why do we have to eat everyday?

10 milk, cheese, eggs, meat, fish, beans butter, oil, sweet fruits, vegetables bread, cereal, rice, noodles fat protein fibre, sugar vitamin Food Pyramid 纤维 维他命 蛋白质 脂肪

11 rice noodles spaghetti bread chocolate potatoes butter cream oils nuts meat eggs cheese milk tofu most vegetables (eg, beans, peas, cucumbers, eggplants, mushrooms) and fruit (eg, apples, peaches, oranges, lemons) body-building food (to grow bones and muscles) energy-giving food protective food (helps the body fight diseases) fast- energy food slow- energy food

12 A healthy diet = energy-giving food protective food ++ body-building food What is a healthy diet?

13 What will happen if you do not eat a healthy diet ?

14 Guessing Come and eat here!

15 Fast reading How many people are mentioned in the story? Who are they? Where did the story happen? Three. Wang Peng, Yong Hui and Li Chang. It happened in the two restaurants: Wang Peng ’ s restaurant and Yong Hui ’ s.

16 Fast reading Which sentence is the main idea of the text? A. The two restaurants supplied the healthy food. B. The reason why Yong Hui’s restaurant was so popular with customers. C. Wang Peng found out why he had lost his customers and decided to win them back.

17 Wang Peng was frustrated because his restaurant is not as full as usual. Wang Peng followed his friend to Yong Hui’s restaurant and found out the reason why it was popular. Wang Peng did some research at the library to win his customers back. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Fast reading

18 Paragraph I There was no customer in his restaurant that morning, which was unnatural. Careful Reading What happened in Wang Peng ’ s restaurant on that strange morning?

19 Paragraph II 1. What did Wang Peng see when he followed Li Chang? 2. What kind of food was served in this restaurant? He saw that a new restaurant was opened and there was a sign at the door. Only slimming food was served there.

20 Paragraph III 1.What amazed Wang Peng in Yong Hui’s restaurant? The menu and the price in Yong Hui’s restaurant amazed him very much. 2.What did Wang Peng decide to do after he left there? He decided to do some research to find out whether his restaurant’s food made people fat.

21 Paragraph IV 1. What did Wang Peng find out after reading at the library? 2. What did he do then ? He found out that his restaurant served too much fat and Yong Hui’s far too little. He wrote a sign to win his customers back!

22 RestaurantsWang Peng’sYong Hui’s mutton kebabs; roast pork; stir- fried vegetables; fried rice; beef; bacon raw vegetables; fruit cola; ice cream water Compare dishes drinks price lowerhigher

23 provide customers with enough energy-giving food cause customers to be fat Yong Hui ’ s make its customers thin customers become tired quickly Wang Peng ’ s strength & weakness Discussion

24 frustrated empty food friend curious amazed foodprice delighted a way The competition was on ! Change of Wang Peng ’ s Feelings

25 Retell the story Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very __________ because his customers did not ______ to his restaurant as they ______ did. He felt very strange. He ________ his friend to a newly opened restaurant _______offered to make people _______ in _____ weeks. usually followed which frustrated come thin two

26 The new restaurant was_____ of customers. Worried, he did some research and tried to ______ his customers ______, and the competition was ______! full winback on

27 Important phrases 减肥 扔下 免受惩罚 做研究 赢回 … 说谎 lose weight throw down get away with do research tell a lie / lies win … back

28 lose weight 采用健康的方式减肥是明智的做法。 It is _____ to _____ ______ in a healthy way. 要想减轻体重,这是一些注意事项。 If you want to _____ _______, here are some do ’ s and don ’ ts. to become less heavy wiselose weight

29 put on weight gain weight lose heart lose face lose interest lose patience lose confidence lose support 不感兴趣 灰心 失去支持 丢脸 不耐 烦 失去信心 【反义】 【联想】

30 get away with (doing sth) get away with sth : run away with sth The man got away with one million yuan. 那个人携带着一百万元潜逃了。

31 get away with doing sth: to do something wrong without being punished; to escape from punishment. e.g. 他们损坏了汽车却不用受罚。 They ____ _____ with having ________ the car. 他是怎样作弊却被放过的? How did he get away with ________? got awaydamaged cheating

32 Homework Hold an after-class discussion with your group members on the topic: what will happen in the end? Underline the sentences you deem difficult in this passage and think about them.

33 Discuss Who will win the competition at last?

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