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Epson TM-T20 Release: 01.03.2009 EPSON Europe B.V.

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1 Epson TM-T20 Release: 01.03.2009 EPSON Europe B.V.

2 2 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Ease of use The drop–in concept follows the standards that Epson has set in the industry with TM-T PoS printers

3 3 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Easy installation Compact design with fixed USB or serial interface. AC adapter is built in (cannot be removed). DK USB AC Not possible to directly connect customer display to T20 External buzzer (available as option) can be connected to DK

4 4 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Flexible mounting Vertical and horizontal setting, with or w/o stand, built in or wall hanging Even if it is installed horizontally with its back directly against the wall, its cover can be opened, so no extra space is needed. By attaching the wall hanging bracket to the bottom, TM-T20 can be set with its front perpendicularly for installation to other devices.

5 5 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Wall mounting bracket included To ensure consistency of the installation the TM-T20 can be installed vertical as well. Adjustment of the near end sensor and sticking the included label to the panel is all which is needed to be done. For kitchens, an external buzzer is available

6 6 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 All-in-box concept All the necessities are packed in the box with TM-T20 incl. power supply: Printer driver / utility software / manuals / sample roll paper / 58mm spacer / AC cable / interface cable / wall hanging bracket / rubber feet /switch panel label for vertical installation / water-proof power switch cover

7 7 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 80 or 58 mm Paper The spacer to reduce the paper width from 80 to 58 mm is included in the box. This gives another option to reduce paper consumption and cost. Note: To change the paper width from 80 mm to 58 mm, be sure to set the paper width with the memory switch to adjust the print area. After changing the paper width from 80 mm to 58 mm and using the printer, do not change it back to 80 mm.

8 4. TM-T20 Internal Features

9 9 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Ecology: Best of breed energy efficiency Energy Star compliance has been achieved for TM-T20 as well as TM-T88V. (In 80mm/58mm thermal receipt printers with a market price of no more than 500USD. According to Seiko Epson survey as of October 2009) Stand-by consumption: 0.635W at 230V 50Hz, TM-T20 (Build in USB)

10 10 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Automatic speed adjustment function Thanks to high level synchronizing control of the interface communication speed and printing speed, Epson has realized smooth logo printing and pattern printing. This is especially effective in cases of serial connections with slow communication speeds. TM-T20 Uniform printing with no irregularity. Competitors Printing is irregular.

11 11 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Easy set-up Packed with DVD-ROM. Installer, tools and documents are provided in the DVD-ROM. Sample pictures

12 12 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Virtual port driver Serial and Parallel virtual port drivers are provided. Customer who want to use USB Interface can use virtual serial or parallel port without changing application. Virtual port driver Customers Application on Windows OS Virtual Serial port Virtual Parallel port Customers Application on Windows OS TM-T20 USB LPT COM

13 13 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 42 column mode Migrate path from competitor printers, which supports 180dpi print emulation.

14 14 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Print speed 150 mm/s 150mm/s125mm/s Epson TM-T20 Star TSP-100 Bixolon SRP-350 Sewoo WTP-150 EPSON internal

15 15 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Reliable Based on the highest level reliability in the industry, TCO are low. 2 years standard commercial warranty. Can be extended by TBD. Autocutter Printhead MCBF TM-T20 EPSON internal

16 16 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Paper jam handling Star TSP-700II Midstream receipt cutting Bixolon SRP-350plus Midstream receipt cutting In the event of unexpected paper jams, the internal structure is designed to prevent the abnormal cutting of receipts, etc. Note: Paper jam normally does not happen for less than 150mm receipts EPSON internal

17 5. TM-T20 Specs

18 18 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 Basic specs or serial IF

19 19 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 What‘s in the box TM-T20 ECW or EDGTM-T20 ECW or EDG Built-in AC adapterBuilt-in AC adapter AC cable (220V or 240V)AC cable (220V or 240V) Interface cable (USB cable (1.8m) or Serial cable (2m))Interface cable (USB cable (1.8m) or Serial cable (2m)) Wall hanging bracketWall hanging bracket Spacer (for 80mm -> 58mm)Spacer (for 80mm -> 58mm) Rubber feetRubber feet Switch panel for vertical installationSwitch panel for vertical installation Water-proof power switch coverWater-proof power switch cover Sample paper rollSample paper roll 2 years warranty document2 years warranty document DVD with driver, utilities and user manualDVD with driver, utilities and user manual Color (EDG/ECW)Color (EDG/ECW) IF (USB or Serial)IF (USB or Serial) StandardFactory Options External Buzzer (From August 2010)External Buzzer (From August 2010) Accessories/ Options

20 20 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 External buzzer Compatibility: – Only T20 and T88V Colour: – EDG only Availability – From August 2010 onwards Connection – Connect to DK connector of TM printer Set up – Attach to TM printer by using the packaged fastener tape Tone – 5 patterns + error pattern + paper-end pattern (7 patterns) Volume – Adjustable by knob Beep by command – Beep 7 patterns by exclusive command for TM Independent beep – Beep independently at the time of error/paper-end (Memory Switch setting) Combination beep – Combination with A/C command, DK command (Memory Switch setting) Remarks – Not available with DK (can not use 2 way connector) – Can not change the buzzer pattern (7 patterns only) – Available for TM-T88V and TM-T20 (standard model)

21 21 TM-T20 9-Sep-14 SKU codes INTERFACE CABLES INCLUDED IN THE BOX: Serial cable (2m) or USB cable (1.8m) AC adapter is in-built (Not possible to remove) DVD-ROM included in the box with Drivers, utilities and user manual

22 Thank you!

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