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We write the time like this:

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1 And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Telling Time in French

2 We write the time like this:
… What do you think the “h” stands for?

3 Answer: the “h” stands for heure (hour) To say the time in French, use this format: The hour + “heure” + the minute. Example: 1:00 = une heure 2:00 = deux heures 5:15 = cinq heures quinze 9:20 = neuf heures vingt 11:05 = onze heures cinq The Basics:

4 Now you try! Formulate: 3:00 9:20 1:40 11:11 12:02

5 Demi = Half 3:30 = trois heures trente OR! 3:30 = trois heures et demi (used more often) 6:30 = six heures et demi 9:30 = neuf heures et demi … how would you say 7:30, using “demi”?

6 The 24-hour clock! In America, our clocks have only12 hours, even though there are 24 hours in a day. In Europe, as well as many parts of the world, people use the 24-hour clock, aka military time. What advantages are there in using a 24-hour clock?

7 24-hour clock, continued…
Time starts at midnight at 0:00 and continues just like our 12-hour clock. All of the “am” times are still the same, but at 1:00pm, instead of starting over at 1:00, we continue to 13:00. The 24 hour clock goes until 23:59 and then starts again at 0:00 (midnight). 13:00 = 1:00pm 18:20 = 6:20pm 21:45 = 9:45pm … you can just subtract 12 from the hour to figure it out.

8 Infer the time: 15:00 20:20 18:50 23:05 0:13

9 Now you try! Formulate to the 24 hour clock:
ex: 6:00pm = 18h00 4:00pm 2:40pm 9:02pm 11:30pm 8:20pm

10 Quelle heure est-il? “Quelle heure est-il?” (or “Il est quelle heure?”) means “What time is it?” “A quelle heure?” means “at what time?” Remember, you can also say “quand?” (“when?”)

11 Formulate… The time you wake up. Your favorite time of the day.
The time you usually go to bed.

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