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The Evolution of Non-Intrusive eXternal Line Inspection

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1 The Evolution of Non-Intrusive eXternal Line Inspection
Spectrum XLI The Evolution of Non-Intrusive eXternal Line Inspection Click on the underlined links to go to them, or elsewhere on the page to advance.

2 XLI FAMILY Spectrum XLI is a family of products designed for comprehensive Indirect Line Inspection. Whether for geodetic line mapping (GPS Centerline) or as part of External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) surveys, XLI has a solution.

3 XLI DATA GPS - GPS Centerline
ROW RECON – Right of Way Recon and Photography LEAK DETECTION – Hydrocarbon Leak Surveys DOC - Depth of Cover DOW – Depth of Water ACCA - AC Current Attenuation (coating condition) ACVG - AC Voltage Gradient (coating faults) DCVG – DC Voltage Gradient (corrosion potential) CP - Cathodic Protection Annual and Close Interval Survey (CIS) Laser Range Finder – Tie in off-ROW facilities & buildings

4 XLI OFFICE XLI OFFICE is a PC software product for the processing, correlation and analysis of indirect inspection survey data.

5 XLI FIELD XLI FIELD is a set of dedicated tools for the acquisition of indirect inspection data.

6 Survey Controller Survey Controller – A specialized device with integrated AC/DC RMS volt meter and serial RS 232 data hub for consolidation of line locator, GPS and Sonar or other NMEA 0183 compliant survey devices into single data stream for XLI data logger.

7 A System that Offers Flexibility, Affordability and Technical Advantage
Buy. Rent. Contract. An affordable technology that increases your budget options. Choose to employ the full system, or only the components you need. Training available. © 2008 Spectrum External Line Inspection Technologies Inc.

8 Contents of This Package
Beginning Advantages of One-Pass Spectrum Survey System La introducción básica a XLI en español Pictures & PDA Screen Shots (simple overview) Spectrum XLI 2007 Brochure, and Catalog. Field Mouse LITE – GIS Application Note. - Presentation. Benefits of Leasing Sample Reports Explanation of Selected Technologies NEW!

9 Sample Reports XLI Falcon Report Samples Sample Plan Views
Back Beginning XLI Falcon Report Samples Sample Plan Views Sample Water Crossing Report Sample Photo Report PC Program Screen Shot PDA Program Screen Shots View Data in Google Earth

10 Falcon (PC) Program Screen Shot
Back Beginning

11 Google Earth Satellite Photo View
Back Beginning

12 Field Mouse (PDA) Program Screen Shots
Back Beginning

13 Explanation of Selected Technologies - 1
Back Beginning Advanced Pipeline Locating Introduction to Corrosion & CP CIS Waveforms – Field – Office/QA Introduction of the ECDA Process Aboveground Tool Theory ECDA Inspection Procedure Flowchart

14 Explanation of Selected Technologies - 2
Back Beginning SeekTech Locator Brochures: Trans. Recvr. Getting an adequate ground with transmitters Differential GPS Accuracy explained. Hemisphere GPS Brochures: A100 R100/120 Dual Frequency decimetre (sub-foot) R220 system Use of a Laser Range Finder (map HCA classes)

15 Explanation of Selected Technologies - 3
Back Beginning Gas Detection as part of XLI – Paper – Application Note Water Crossing Surveys with SONAR. An overview of XLI Data Processing. Sample XLI Export Data (All data, or only Anomalous) PSION iKon and Workabout Pro G2 loggers PSION Competitive Comparison

16 The End - Thank You Questions? Gord Parker, C.E.T.
Back Beginning Questions? Gord Parker, C.E.T. Spectrum XLI (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

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