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Unit 5 Moral Values. Text A 1. Teaching Aims and Requirements 2. Teaching Focus 3.Cultual Background 4. Text organization4. Text organization 5. Abstract.

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1 Unit 5 Moral Values

2 Text A 1. Teaching Aims and Requirements 2. Teaching Focus 3.Cultual Background 4. Text organization4. Text organization 5. Abstract of the Text 6. Text A study 7. Summary of Text A

3 1. Teaching Aims and Requirements A. Grasp the main idea and structure of the text. B. Master the key language points and grammatical structure in the text. C. Conduct a series of reading, listening, speaking and writing activities related to the theme if the unit.

4 2. Teaching Focus

5 The woman is my mother. She is speaking at the meeting. The woman that/who is speaking at the meeting is my mother.

6 3. Cultural Background Benjamin Franklin


8 4. Text organization PartsParagra phs Main Ideas 11-5The bank president s failing was one of character The author insists that what really matters for success is one s character rather than one s personality One can build character at any age with the inside-out approach and by admitting mistakes. One s family provides a critical measure of one s character and the opportunity to nurture it The bank president was forgiven by his wife and his employees after he admitted his mistake. He then began to find his own path to character.

9 5. Abstract of the Text The author who was invited to a bank for consultancy found that the true reason why this bank's profits were down: the bank executive's failing was one of character, which values most in achieving success. People, however, can build character at any age through insideout approach. Family is also essential for character building. At last, the bank excecutive won forgiveness from his wife and stuff and found his own path to character.


11 6. Text A study Lead-in paragragh: –Many tend to believe that the only things we need for success are talent, energy and personality. Yet the story of the young and competent executive in the following text demonstrates that such values as integrity, honesty, and loyalty are even more essential for our success and happinesstalent personality

12 talent: n. a natural ability to do sth. well –e.g.:Her talent for music showed at an early age. – talent talented

13 CF: genius, talent, gift & ability –genius: –talent: genius –gift: –ability:

14 1. We found him work more suited to his ______ 2. Bill possesses a remarkable ______for music. 3. He is hard-working and able, but no______. 4. He has many outstanding_______. 5. Her ______ are well known. 6. He has the ________ to do the work. 7. She has always been able to learn languages easily; its a ______. abilities talent genius gifts talents ability gift

15 personality: n. sb.s character, especially the way they behave towards other people –e.g.: He is well qualified for the job, but he does lack personality.

16 figure: n. –1. sb. who is important or famous in some way e.g.: Several leading figures resigned from the party. –2. sb. with a particular type of appearance or character, especially when they are far away or difficult to see e.g: I saw a figure approaching in the darkness.

17 Words and expressions: 1. v. ask for information or advice from sb. because it is their job to know sth. e.g.:Im not quite sure how to get there Id better consult a map. 2. v. discuss sth. with sb. so that you can make a decision together e.g.: Why didnt you consult me about this?

18 morale: n. the level of confidence and positive feelings that people have, especially people who work together, who belong to the same team, etc. e.g.: A couple of victories would improve the teams morale enormously. A long period of unemployment weakened his morale.

19 rise through the ranks: make progress from a low position to a high position e.g.: On our ships, the officers rose through the ranks and every young sailor boy had his chances. She had joined the company as a secretary and risen through the ranks.

20 stump: v. if you are stumped by a question or problem, you are unable to find an answer to it e.g.: Im completely stumped. Im stumped: I just dont know what to do.,

21 emerge: v. –1. appear or come out from somewhere e.g.: She emerged from the sea, blue with cold. The sun emerged from behind a cloud. –2. if facts emerge, they become known after being hidden or secret e.g.: Differences on the issues have emerged. After thorough investigation there emerged an overall picture.

22 affair: n. –1. a secret sexual relationship between two people, when at least one of them is married to sb. else e.g.: Shes having an affair with a married man. He had an affair with his boss that lasted six years.

23 –2. things connected with your personal life, your financial situation, etc. e.g.: She organizes her financial affairs very efficiently. Leave me alone; mind your own affairs.

24 CF: affair, business & matter –affair: –business: –matter:

25 1. The minister deals with important _______ 2. Will you phone me back its a _______ of some importance. 3. Our firm does a lot of ________ with overseas customers. 4. Currently, there are fewer firms in _______ in the area than ever before. 5. Talking about the worlds problems is one thing, but solving them is another ________ altogether. 6. What I do in my spare time is my _______ 7. Mary denied any knowledge of the _________ 8. Eventually they found a consultant they felt they could do _________ with. affair matter business affair matter

26 obvious: adj. easy to notice or understand e.g.: They have a small child so for obvious reasons they need money. It was obvious that I knew very little about it.

27 conduct: 1. n. the way sb. behaves, especially in public, in their job, etc. e.g.: The club has a strict code of conduct. 2. v. carry out a particular activity or process, especially in order to get information or prove facts e.g.: We are conducting a survey to find out what our customers think of their local bus service.

28 consequence: n. sth. that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions e.g.: Well, if you insist on eating so much, youll have to suffer the consequences! This decision will bring long-lasting consequences.

29 constitute: v. if several people or things constitute sth., they are the parts that form it e.g.:Women constitute about 10% of the parliament. The under-18s constitute nearly 25% of the towns population.

30 CF: constitute, compose & consist –constitute – compose – consist of

31 1. Seven days a week. 2. The house of six rooms. 3. Such action a felony ( ). 4. Water is of hydrogen and oxygen. 5. That areas future weather pattern might of long dry periods. constitute consist compose consist

32 trait: n. (formal) a particular quality in sbs character e.g. His sense of humor is one of his good traits. One of his less attractive traits is criticizing his child in public.

33 generosity: n. a generous attitude, or generous behaviour e.g. Her friends take advantage of her generosity. He is known for his generosity. N.B. generosity generous mean

34 inner: adj. –1. inner thoughts or feelings are the ones that you feel strongly but do not always show to other people e.g.:Sarah seemed to have a profound sense of inner peace. –2. on the inside or close to the centre of sth. e.g.:Few people ever managed to penetrate the stars inner sanctum.

35 dilemma: n. a situation in which it is very difficult to decide what to do, because all the choices seem equally good or equally bad e.g. The president is clearly in a dilemma about / over how to tackle the crisis.

36 figure: n. –1. sb. who is important or famous in some way e.g. Several leading figures resigned from the party. –2. sb. with a particular type of appearance or character, especially when they are far away or difficult to see e.g. I saw a figure approaching in the darkness.

37 guideline: n. rules or instructions about the best way to do sth. e.g.: The EU has issued guidelines on appropriate levels of pay for part-time manual workers. Today the moral guidelines are less obvious than before.

38 shift: v. – 1. if sb.s opinions, beliefs, etc. shift, they change e.g.:Public opinion was beginning to shift to the right. He refused to shift his ground. –2. make sb. else responsible for sth., especially for sth. bad that has happened e.g.: Dont try to shift the responsibility onto others: you must do the job yourself.

39 –3. move from one place or position to another, or make sth. do this e.g. Joe listened, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to another.

40 motto: n. a short sentence or phrase giving a rule on how to behave, which expresses the aims or beliefs of a person, school, or institution e.g. Her motto is Work hard, play hard.

41 deceptive: adj. sth. that is deceptive seems to be one thing but is in fact very different e.g.: Its deceptive from the outside, the building looks small, but inside, its quite big.

42 guarantee: v. –1. make a formal written promise to repair or replace a product if it breaks within a specific period of time e.g. The fridge is guaranteed for two years. –2. promise to do sth. or to promise that sth. will happen e.g.: I cant guarantee to work for more than a year.

43 strength: n. the quality of being brave or determined in dealing with difficult or unpleasant situations e.g. He showed great strength of character when he refused to accept the bribes.

44 generate: v. –1. produce or cause sth. e.g.: Her latest film has generated a lot of interest. –2. produce heat, electricity, or another form of energy e.g.: Wind turbines generate electricity for the local community.

45 ingredient: n. –1. a quality you need to achieve sth. e.g.: Mental illness and detachment from society are the ingredients of suicide. –2. one of the foods that you use to make a particular food or dish e.g.: The list of ingredients included 250g of almonds.

46 get away with: not be caught or punished when you have done sth. wrong e.g.: If I thought I could get away with it, I wouldnt pay any tax at all. How did he get away with cheating?

47 confide: v. tell sb. you trust about personal things that you do not want other people to know e.g.: He confided his innermost secrets to her.

48 7. Summary of text A He was thinking only of his own pleasure and satisfaction disregarding long-term consequences. Whats the grammatical function of disregarding long-term consequences? – –More examples: –She went out, slamming the door. –I fell, striking my head against the door and cutting it.

49 During the nations first century and a half, almost everything in the literature of success and self-help focused on what could be called the character ethic. 1. Paraphrase this sentence. –During the first 150 years of our country, almost everything written about success and self-help centered on the importance of good character for success. 150

50 How often have we heard of someone who is an excellent employee but treats his or her spouse like a piece of furniture? 1. What rhetorical device is used in the sentence? Simile. 2. Translate the sentence into Chinese.

51 This is why our families provide a critical measure of our character and the opportunity, again and again, to nurture it. 1. Whats the meaning of the sentence? This is the reason why our families are important as places where our character is constantly tested and gradually improved. 2. Translation:


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