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Words from The Wench.  About Marketing in General  Education Based Marketing; An Overview  Available tools  What next?  Supplemental material on.

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1 Words from The Wench

2  About Marketing in General  Education Based Marketing; An Overview  Available tools  What next?  Supplemental material on individual marketing pieces

3  To be effective, it takes 5-10% of your time on a consistent basis  YOU own and control it  YOU guide it in a direction ◦ An area of the business you want to grow? ◦ Upgrading your clientele? ◦ Increase referrals? ◦ Make yourself more visible? ◦ Provide even better service?  Payoff is very SLOW; be patient

4  Position yourself as a dignified, low-keyed consultant – not a salesperson  Provide free, useful information  Create targeted, meaningful & effective communications designed to: ◦ Increase name recognition & awareness ◦ Generate new business ◦ Better serve potential and existing clients

5  It is NOT about creating ‘things’  It’s about developing trust and furthering relationships with clients or referral sources  Every ‘marketing piece’ is an opening gesture; giving something useful for free  In a subtle way, each ‘says’: ◦ We know what we’re doing ◦ You can trust us to help

6  The Phone  Traditional Advertising – Yellow Pages, etc.  The Website  Tiny Topical Videos  Handouts and (E-) Mailings  Other Downloadable materials (checklists)  Targeted ‘Talks’ or Seminars  Articles in Publications  Social Networking - Facebook  EACH ‘PIECE’ POINTS TO AND WORKS WITH THE OTHERS

7  Reduce fear of dealing with the issue and with lawyers  Offer useful info and food for thought  Demystify how the system works and what to expect  Save time and money by helping them prepare for the consultation

8 Keep ‘Talking’ to potential clients while they consider coming in Remind clients what you said or didn’t get a chance to say May reduce the number of personal interactions needed to schedule consultation Bring clients into the office better educated and better prepared

9  A discussion of individual marketing pieces follows  Click to fast forward

10  Clients ‘surf’ to find services as often as they look at the Yellow Pages  The website provides: ◦ A shop window to peek in without being seen ◦ A way to start a dialog before the client comes in ◦ A source of help and information that’s open 24/7

11  Let potential clients know who you are  Establish credibility and encourage trust  Contents genuinely useful to clients  Help the staff in daily phone work  Deliver a unified message: Quality personal legal services delivered by caring professionals at a reasonable price

12  Sits on the website and contains: ◦ Unusual cases and stories from your practice  i.e. Third party takes custody from Unfit Grandfather  General interest – child goes from unfit parent > grandfather > third party; microcosm of social problems  Story for other lawyers on how you prepared for this? ◦ Stories about your extracurricular activities  Promise and other worthwhile things at church  Your adventures as a missionary construction worker ◦ Articles that can be used as handouts cited earlier

13  Cover topics in printed pieces or in downloadable files, i.e.:  7 Ways to Reduce Pain and Expense in a Divorce/Dissolution  How Probate Works  Common misconceptions about ‘X’ (Mediation, Restraint Orders)  Checklist for Estate Planning; for Probate; for Wills, etc.  Offer on phone & (e)mail; identify places to distribute them (i.e. ‘Guardianship’ at Care Facilities)  Each references other materials and offers more, including a list of other handouts and the option to have you send copies to others

14  Establish yourself as a ‘local expert’ on hot topic (elders, new business start up?)  Encourage ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising  Develop local contacts (other professionals; groups)  Provide CHEAP marketing/advertisement Venue may be free, at a reduced cost or split with other speakers Newspaper and radio publicity for community service announcements is free At the event, distribute contact information & Bio In talk, offer to send other info (handouts, links to website, etc) On attendee sign-in sheet, collect email/postal addresses from people who would like info

15  Identify a publication or website potential clients are likely to read  Offer editor to write a ‘How-to” or ‘How it works’ or ‘what it means’ article or info on a popular topic  Get a by-line & a short blurb about your practice  In article, offer to send more information if they call or write  Reprint the article with publication reference and convert to ‘handouts’

16  Groups & Professional Associations ◦ Use your contacts to distribute info, provide an audience or a free hall for a talk  Social Media - Facebook ◦ As friends ‘like’ the Practice’s Page, FB will cascade your material to friends of friends ◦ Use as if it were a Newsletter to:  Link to articles on other websites or mention written publications and books  Post news about the practice or community service activities, etc.  Highlight items of interest on your website and provide a link

17 Using The Pieces Together Can be via f acebook Did you see our checklist? Or article? Can I send you a link?

18 Creating a Continual Improvement Loop f How did you hear about us? Did you find that information useful?

19  THINK TO LINK ◦ Find a ‘piece’ to show every client: a specific part of the website, a checklist, a handout ◦ Ask for addresses – Can I send you a link? Can I mail a copy of this to anyone else for you?  KEEP IT UP ◦ Remain a visible and valuable resource by adding new pieces whenever possible  KNOW WHAT WORKS ◦ Pay attention to how people heard about you ◦ Ask if things are useful

20  Get to know what is in the website ◦ Navigation  Side links go to subsections of the current page  Links at page bottom go to major subsections of web  Areas of Practice lists legal topics  Sitemap lists everything  Help identify “WHAT’S MISSING?” ◦ Why is your firm the better choice in certain types of cases? Where should we mention it? ◦ What additional material would be useful for clients with a particular concern? How can we provide it?

21  Complete website pages ‘under construction’ ◦ Business section ◦ FAQ page ◦ Grandparents’ rights ◦ Contempt of court  Review or create checklists/questionnaires ◦ Make them useful or throw them away ◦ See list of potential checklists and Questionnaires under “Areas of Practice” ◦ Questionnaires can be food for thought to help determine if reader is ready for a lawyer (See ‘Domestic Violence”)  Write an article or create a handout

22  Find out where you get the most bang for your marketing buck  Track: ◦ How callers find you ◦ How many appointments come from each source ◦ How many actual clients from each source (How many Yellow book callers actually became clients?)

23  THINK and talk together about how to incorporate ‘pieces’ into your daily phone work  Provide updates and feedback to The Wench

24  Lovely materials are meaningless if you don’t THINK TO USE THEM  (e)Mailing lists and Facebook Friends lists will help keep the conversation going with prospective clients to encourage them to come in  Make the ‘pieces’ high quality and you offer something of value that clients will be glad to get

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