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Hazardous Materials Team Position Requirements. Introductions Team Managers – Russ Barnes – Red Team – Todd Olague – White Team – Chris Chadwick – Blue.

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1 Hazardous Materials Team Position Requirements

2 Introductions Team Managers – Russ Barnes – Red Team – Todd Olague – White Team – Chris Chadwick – Blue Team Team Members Others 8/3/20102LATF3

3 Safety Follow all building safety plans Watch for trip hazards in the room Prepare for whiplash in the event of the acute onset of narcolepsy 8/3/20103LATF3

4 Objectives Readdress basic requirements for LATF3 personnel Discuss the position specific requirements for hazmat personnel Address training needs of team members and team List training opportunities available to team members Discuss training agenda for team and specific members 8/3/20104LATF3

5 USAR Basic Requirements Hazmat Ops level – refreshed annually CPR ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 700, ICS 800 FEMA orientation PAPR trained – Powered Air Purifying Respirator WMD/CBRNE enhanced operations 8/3/20105LATF3

6 USAR Basic Requirements (cont) Confined Space Awareness Swift Water Awareness Structural Systems Awareness CISD Awareness Blood-Borne Pathogens Awareness 8/3/20106LATF3

7 USAR Administrative Requirements Annual Fit Test Current Immunizations – MMR, Polio, Hep A & B, Influenza, Varicella (chicken Pox), PPD (TB skin test) Current Physical – every 2 years 8/3/20107LATF3

8 Hazmat Team Requirements Certified Hazmat Technician Technical Rescue Skill Set – Rope rescue – Confined space, etc WMD/CBRNE Hazmat GPS 1 8/3/20108LATF3

9 Hazmat Team Recommended Training WMD/CBRNE Rad/Nuc for Hazmat Techs at Nevada Test Site – PER-241 WMD/CBRNE Hazmat Tech training (HT) at CDP in Anniston, Al – PER-261 GPS 2 8/3/20109LATF3

10 Hazmat Manager Requirements Same as general team requirements with two additions – ICS 300 – Hazmat Incident Manger certification 8/3/201010LATF3

11 Training Assessments Individual training assessments Team training assessment as a group 8/3/201011LATF3

12 Local & State Training Departmental Training – Fire/Rescue/Hazmat with refreshers – EMS/CPR with refreshers – Classes can be coordinated between Academies LSU Training & Certifications – Fire/Rescue – Hazmat Caddo Bossier Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (CBOHSEP) – ICS – WMD Response 8/3/201012LATF3

13 Federal Training Department of Homeland Security/FEMA National Domestic Preparedness Consortium – Partnership of nationally recognized organizations – Prepares emergency responders to respond to WMD/CBRNE incidents – Expenses covered by DHS/FEMA FEMA – Independent Study – ICS – Professional develop – Awareness level classes 8/3/201013LATF3

14 Consortium Members The Center for Domestic Preparedness – Anniston, Al – US Army’s Fort McClellan – Federally chartered WMD training center – Training for all emergency venues with a concentration on chemical, biological, radiological, Nuclear, and explosive weapons (CBRNE) – PER-261 WMD/CBRNE HT class – 8/3/201014LATF3

15 Consortium Members (cont) Nevada Test Site’s Counter Terrorism Support Program (NTS/CTOS) Las Vegas – Camp Mercury/NTS – Historical area of US Nuclear testing beginning in early 1950’s – Training in response to and prevention of radiological/nuclear WMD/CBRNE incidents – PER-241 – 8/3/201015LATF3

16 Consortium Members (cont) The Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC) – Socorro, NM and Playas, NM – New Mexico Tech – Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings (IRTB) – Prevention of and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents (PRSBI) – 8/3/201016LATF3

17 Consortium Members (cont) National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT) – LSU – Non-resident training at local jurisdictions – Hazmat, WMD, and Counter Terrorism classes – PER-222 Public Safety Sampling – SFD & BCFD will coordinate – 8/3/201017LATF3

18 Consortium Members (cont) Transportation Technology Center, Inc (TTCI) – Security & Emergency Response Training Center (SERTC) – Pueblo, CO – Hazmat Specialist Training – 8/3/201018LATF3

19 DHS Training (other) Advanced Chemical & Biological Integrated Response Course (ACBIRC) – Salt Lake City and Dugway Proving Grounds, UT – Hands on training with live bio & chem agents – PER-222 is a pre-requisite – 8/3/201019LATF3

20 Training Coordination Team managers will assist with coordination of training applications and scheduling as needed All applications for local training will be through SFD and BCFD academies All applications for state training will be through CBOHSEP All applications for federal training will be through GOHSEP’s POC – Michael Southerly All email addresses, telephone numbers, and fax numbers are available on websites or request to team managers 8/3/201020LATF3

21 Training Agendas Personnel – Meet USAR requirements – Meet Hazmat Team requirements Team – Bring all personnel up to basic and team standards – Develop continuing team training agenda – Continue inter-team training for consistency 8/3/201021LATF3

22 Summary Basic USAR requirement training must be met and are accessible from SFD academy or online Hazmat team requirements can be met locally and at the state and federal levels Team members should assess their own training needs Teams should assess their training needs 8/3/201022LATF3

23 Summary (cont) Training opportunities are available at local, state, and federal levels Team managers will assist members with scheduling and applications for training Team managers will coordinate all training agendas between all teams and task force administrative staff 8/3/201023LATF3

24 Team Manager Contact Info Russ Barnes – – 318-525-2458 Todd Olague – – 318-751-6072 Chris Chadwick – – 318-464-4045 8/3/201024LATF3

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