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Geographical features of the UK

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1 Geographical features of the UK

2 Rivers of the UK The River Severn is the longest river. It is 354 km long and runs through England and Wales The Thames is the river that passes through London. It is 346 km long 2

3 River Severn and the Severn Bore

4 People surfing the Severn Bore
What is the Seven Bore? The Severn bore is a huge wave which is caused by water from the sea being pushed into a smaller river How many bores take place on the Severn each year? There are about 260 bores on the Severn each year It’s the largest bore in EUROPE Some people even surf the bore! People surfing the Severn Bore

5 Mountains in the UK 5

6 Highest Mountain in the UK
Ben Nevis, Scotland 1343 metres The mountain is high and steep

7 Cliffs The White Cliffs of Dover
They are a well known feature of the UK The cliffs are white because of CHALK You can see these cliffs from the north of France Rocky, high area. The land above is flat

8 Caves Dan Yr Ogof Caves Some of the largest in Europe Deep caves
It is damp underground where there is no sun

9 Island An island is a piece of land surrounded by water Isle Of Wight
A county of the UK separated by sea Ferries connect the island to mainland

10 Waterfalls Gaping Gill, Yorkshire The water falls 360 feet (100m)
It falls into a cave underground Britiain’s highest unbroken waterfall

11 The UK Coast The UK has a lot of coast because it is an island
The UK coastline is very long compared to other countries of the same size (17,820km) The coast line of Spain is 4,964km long About 3 million (out of 60 million) people live on the coast The coast in the UK is very different depending on where you are e.g. beaches or cliffs and is used for different reasons e.g. leisure, industry 11

12 Pretty beach in Cornwall
Scottish Coast Brighton Pier on the coast

13 Brecon Beacons Mountain range in South Wales
Its highest mountain is Pen Y Fan The area is a National Park, meaning that it is protected for its beautiful countryside

14 Other National Parks

15 Popular activities around the Brecon Beacons
Walking Cycling Golf Climbing Fishing Water sports

16 Other events in the area…
Brecon Jazz Festival Abergavenny Food Festival

17 Hay Festival A literary festival that has expanded around the world
There is now a Hay Festival in Segovia, Spain It started in Hay-On-Wye, also known as the ‘Town of Books’ for the amount of second hand book shops


19 Weather and Climate in the UK
London averages: temperature and rain

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