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Academy Status: 2 nd HVC Open Meeting May 4 th 2011.

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1 Academy Status: 2 nd HVC Open Meeting May 4 th 2011

2 Agenda Chair of Governors introduction Update on matters since March 1 st meeting o Financial Position o Academy status: progress made with research and application o Governance – favoured option Next steps Discussion

3 Our current position and basis for assessing options 1.College aims Ambitious for students and staff Offering outstanding care and guidance Respecting individuality Wide range of activities in and beyond the classroom Active partners in a wider learning community Recognise all students and staff as potential leaders Preparing students and staff to apply their learning in a changing world

4 Our current position and basis for assessing options 2. Key trends Strong and improving academic record Growth in vocational provision Considering post-16 options Currently 615 pupils, numbers increasing fast from outside Hope Valley attracted by the HVC record and ethos Growing international links: Denmark, Kenya etc

5 Our current position and basis for assessing options 3. Basis for assessing options: do they: Help us to better fulfil our aims? Fit with our ethos? Strengthen our financial viability and capacity to continue to deliver an outstanding service

6 Financial Position Update 1. Projected overspend for 2010/11 avoided due to emergency austerity measures 2. 2011/12 budget plans indicate a balanced budget is theoretically possible by committing all discretionary expenditure, e.g. Specialism monies, to staffing. Highly unlikely this dedicated funding stream will be maintained. Current Government consultation proposals to move to a pupil number allocation of funding are unlikely to benefit HVC 3. Additional funding for Academies in 2011/12 now known to be £330 per student i.e. + £211,000 4. Initial calculation of the cost of additional services required: approximately £50K 5. Liabilities re matters such as pension deficit for non-teachers still to be determined by LA and any agreement will need to satisfy current Governing Body concerns

7 Application Progress Register interest with DfE Working/project group met on a regular basis Formal decision to apply Consultation with key stakeholders Legal advice – appointment this Friday Start TUPE process for staff – LA request made

8 Governance: Formalities The Governing Body of the maintained school makes the decision to apply to convert Articles of Association Academy Trust (company limited by guarantee) set up and signs Funding Agreement with Secretary of State The current Governing Body of the maintained school will cease to exist on conversion Academy Trust delegates functions to the new Governing Body Trust could be just HVC or a wider group/federation

9 Governance: GB Proposal Governors provisionally favour the following model: An arrangement whereby the Trust comprises just the Chair, Deputy Chair and Chairs of Committees, plus Principal. This would give GB control of the Trust via election of Chairs etc. Re GB membership, Governors decided that ideally we should have a membership of 18 (plus scope for additional Associate Governors), as at present, made up of: –2 Teaching Staff (maximum) –2 Non-teaching staff (maximum) –6 Parents (minimum) –5 Community Governors (minimum) –1 Principal –1 LA appointed

10 Next Steps: Key issues to explore further (1) Collaborations: we will continue to work with the Peak 11 Learning Federation but there is no current interest in hard collaboration. We are negotiating with the 'National Tuxford Oaks Learning Community' a formal partnership or collaboration of three secondary schools in Nottinghamshire. The prime focus of the negotiation is on school improvement and shared CPD. Each school will continue to exist in its own right, maintaining its own unique characteristics and individual identity Staff terms and conditions: discussions have focused upon the use of the TUC Model Agreement for Academies with both teaching and non-teaching staff

11 Next Steps: Key issues to explore further (2) Provision of services: we have visited a large number of schools which have, or are soon to, become academies. We are clearer which services we need to buy in and from where. Some services, e.g. payroll, will continue to be sourced from the LA, others will be sourced from elsewhere Length of terms, school days: we wish to keep this under review. In reality changes are likely to be incremental after full consultation with key stakeholders Curriculum: Changes to be made as a result of becoming an Academy- we remain committed to developing further the curriculum model best suited to our students’ needs. This change will enhance our ability to do so Uniforms: determine future policy (any change to coincide with change of status)??

12 Next Steps: Outline Process (1) Initial Open Meeting for parents and main stakeholders Consultation begun with other main stakeholders: staff, local businesses, partner secondary schools, post-16 partners, feeder primary schools, local authority, Community Education, etc., ending 20 th May Further research re outstanding key issues: ongoing Start TUPE process (via DCC) Obtain legal advice (with £25k funding) on governance arrangements, transfer etc Review position and decide whether to proceed further – FGB meets to review progress on 23 May

13 Next Steps: Outline Process (2) SoS approval of proposal Finalise Governance model Prepare and submit Funding Agreement for approval SoS approval of Funding Agreement (N.B. We can decide to abandon the proposal at any time up to this point) Commence operation as an Academy (target is on or before 1 September 2011)

14 Conclusion A pragmatic decision to enable us to better achieve our existing aims Academy status appears to offer more secure funding, greater autonomy and control No threat to our existing collaborative approach or to other aspects of HVC ethos, including community links We are committed to full and open consultation with key stakeholders about the proposal as we move through the process If further research raises serious difficulties/ obstacles, we can withdraw our application or postpone it at any stage up to the signing by both parties of the Funding Agreement

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