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Unit 10 The world around us Warming up & Speaking & Speaking Lecturer: Seaya Dong.

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1 Unit 10 The world around us Warming up & Speaking & Speaking Lecturer: Seaya Dong

2 the earth is our home!

3 Animals are our friends


5 tigermonkey parrot elephantfish

6 lion leopard panda Tibetan antelope butterfly koala

7 hippo kangaroo giraffe Wolf peacock

8 Some species are dying out! Asian Tigers Researchers think that there are between 5,000 and 7,500 wild tigers living in the world today. African elephants There are only about 500,000 African elephants living in the wild now. Tibetan antelope The number of the Tibetan antelope has decreased to 50,000 from 100,000 in only 10 years.

9 More species are in danger! Do you know of any other endangered animals? Why are they in danger? Free talk:

10 the gorilla the snow leopard the black rhino the red-crowned crane the blue whale

11 The causes:  Many wild animals are hunted by humans. hunted  There’s no place for the animals to live because the environment is being badly destroyed. environment

12 Shawl ( 披肩 )

13 tusk

14 Trees are cut down! Forests are burnt down! Rivers are polluted! The sour rains destroy the jungles

15 Group work Discussion: What can we do to help the endangered animals?

16 Useful sentence patterns : We think that …should … In our opinion, …. It is better to … What about /How about…? We suggest… Maybe we could…

17 Protect the environment 1. 2. 3.

18 Is it really good to keep the animals in the zoo to protect them?

19 “GREEN” ( a talking program on TV) giraffe panda wolf lion tiger monkey elephant hippo kangaroo koala Miss Parrot is the host (主持人) of this program. Today, she invites three animals of a zoo to be the guests of the “Green” to talk about their life now and before.

20 Choose one of your group to be Miss / Mr. Parrot, and other three members to act as the three guests. Try to make such a program. Miss Parrot : Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the “Green”. I’m the host Parrot. Today, we have three guests here… Miss Parrot: Mr. Panda, where did you live before you came to the zoo? Mr Panda: I used to live in the … Miss Parrot: What about you, Miss Giraffe? Miss Giraffe: I … Possible questions: (Try to ask more questions.) 1. How long have you been living in the zoo? 2. How is your life in the zoo? (Is it comfortable, hard, or lonely?) 3. Do you prefer living in the zoo or in the jungle/wild? 4. What do you think of the humans? If you could say something to them, what would you tell them? … e.g.

21 There's a place in your heart 在你心中有个地方, and I know that it is love 我知道那里 充满了爱。 And this place could be much brighter than tomorrow 这个地方会比明天更 灿烂。

22 Homework: 1.Write down the dialogue on the exercise book 2.Prepare the reading text on page66~67

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