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China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation CSIC (Chongqing) Haizhuang Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd.

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1 China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation CSIC (Chongqing) Haizhuang Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd.

2 ● A super large state-owned shipbuilding corporation in China ● Under direct control of the central government Introduction of CSIC

3 ● Public Company, stock code:601989 ● Ranked 462 in the World Top 500 Enterprises, total assets over USD 35 billion. ● 1499 domestic and global patents, 34 National Science and Technology Progress Award, 593 National Defense Science and Technology Award, and a large number of national scientific and technological achievements. ● 28 R&D institutes, 48 industrial enterprises, 15 shareholding companies, 6 regional corporations. ● Distributed in 20 provinces and cities in China. Introduction of CSIC

4 Builds and repairs a wide range of ships including chemical and product carriers, bulk carriers, containerships, Ro-Ro vessels, LPG, LNG and engineering vessels. The largest shipbuilding and ship repair facilities in China. CSIC's business ranges from marine industries to civil projects. It has developed and produced hundreds of non-marine products that are used in more than 20 industries and sectors such as aerospace, hydro- power, metallurgy, petrochemicals, oil exploitation platform, tobacco, railways, automotive and energy equipment. Like its ships and marine equipment, these non-marine products are also exported worldwide. Business Scope

5 Crude oil vessel (30t) Oil exploitation platform (40m) Seamless steel tube Oil tank Wind turbine Main Products

6 ● Established in Jan 2004 ● 17 shareholding companies ● USD160 million total capital ● 700 employees ● High-tech company for wind turbine design, manufacture and sales ● Invested by related enterprises in CSIC, Guodian Nanzi Co., Ltd. and CQ Energy Investment Group Overview of HZ Windpower

7 ● The only National offshore wind power engineering technology research center ● Chongqing wind power generation equipment engineering technology research center ● Chongqing wind power generation equipment technology major projects unit ● Chongqing "ten billion wind power industry enterprise cluster" implementation unit ● Shoulders 2 national research projects “National 5.0MW offshore wind turbine technology to support national development plan" and "5.0MW offshore wind turbine technology developed by key international scientific and technological cooperation program" Technological Strength

8 ISO9001 Quality Certificate Occupational Health and Safety Management System--Specification Environmental Management System Certificate Certificates

9 GL Certificate (2MW) Test Report (DEWI) Reports & Certificates

10 Blue Sky Award by UN

11 2004 Company establishment, technology sourcing 2006 Technology introduction 2007 Prototype manufacturing 2008 Commissioning and testing 2009 Serial production History

12 Length: 300m Width: 56m Production capacity: 320 units/year other 3 workshops in: Inner Mongolia Xinjiang Jiangsu total production capacity: 1500 units/year (1 shift) 1st workshop in Chongqing Manufacturing Facility

13 850kW H52H60H56H102H93H87H82 2000kW 2500kW H103 H151H127 5000kW Serial Products

14 ITEMUNITH52H56H60 Rotor Diameterm51.7556.360 Hub Heightm62/70 Power RegulationVariable Speed, Pitch Cut-in Wind Speedm/s433 Cut-out Wind Speedm/s25 Rated Wind Speedm/s121110.3 Maximum Survival Wind Speedm/s7052.5 Swept Area ㎡ 210324632807 Wind ClassIE TCIIA+ IE TC Ⅲ AIE TC Ⅲ A- Weight (nacelle + rotor + blades)t48.588848.70448.82 Datasheet of 850kW

15 ITEMUNITH82H87H93H102 Rotor Diameterm82.48792.8100 Hub Heightm70/80 70 Power RegulationVariable Speed, Pitch Cut-in Wind Speedm/s4333 Cut-out Wind Speedm/s25 Rated Wind Speedm/s1210.910.810.2 Maximum Survival Wind Speedm/s7059.552.5 Swept Area ㎡ 5330594567937854 Wind ClassTCIA/TCIIA+TCIIA / TCIIA+ TC Ⅲ A Weight (nacelle + rotor + blades)t145.97154.45157.483167.4 Datasheet of 2000kW

16 ITEMUNITH103 Rotor Diameterm51.75 Hub Heightm80 Power RegulationVariable Speed, Pitch Cut-in Wind Speedm/s3 Cut-out Wind Speedm/s25 Rated Wind Speedm/s10.5 Maximum Survival Wind Speedm/s52.5 Swept Area ㎡ 8332 Wind ClassIEC IIIA Weight (nacelle + rotor + blades)t192.4 Datasheet of 2500kW

17 ITEMUNITH127H151 Rotor Diameterm127151 Hub HeightmN/A Power RegulationVariable Speed, Pitch Cut-in Wind Speedm/s3.5 Cut-out Wind Speedm/s25 Rated Wind Speedm/s12.110.6 Maximum Survival Wind Speedm/s7057.5 Swept Area ㎡ 1273317908 Wind Class IECIA/ IEC Ⅲ B+ Weight (nacelle + rotor + blades)t375598 Datasheet of 5000kW

18 Power Curve 2MW- H102 (ρ=1.225 kg/m3 )

19 850kW 2000kW Design

20 ● High energy produced, high-quality electricity ● Suitable for cold climate, high-altitude, firm, icing, sandstorm, typhoon, salt fog, etc. ● Improved adaptability, power regulation, power prediction, LVRT ● Concentrated lubrication system ● Filtering and cooling system for gearbox oil ● Double bearing support for the drive train ● Advanced control system and protection system Technical Features of 2000KW

21 ● Adopting electrically excitative synchronous generator ● Pitch & variable speed, 30% higher in energy yield than wind turbine with fixed pitch & constant speed ● Power regulation, power prediction, LVRT, grid friendly ● Continuous working ability under rough conditions like hot/cold climate, high altitude, etc ● Cost- efficient and high reliability Technical Features of 850KW

22 turbine Blade Hydraulic system Converter Control system Bearing housing Frame Tower Hub Main shaft Gearbox Generator all in CSIC Component Supply Chain

23 850kW-technology transfer from Germany with IP right 2000kW-co-developed with aerodyn (Germany) with IP right Technologies Introduction

24 Dec 2009 | Project feasibility approved Apr 2010 | Concept study Jul-Aug 2010 | Visit to Europe for co-design Jun 2011 | Completion of design end of 2011 | Prototype assembly 5MW Offshore Development

25 Aerodynamics test for blade Wind simulation test Current analysisLoad analysis for tower and foundation Offshore Advantages

26 Partners


28 ● To develop turbines and components in parallel, with each being the driving force behind the other. ● To build up a complete wind power industry chain. ● To develop onshore & offshore wind turbines at the same time with domestic & international cooperation. Development Strategies

29 ● Co-design with famous foreign design companies ● Outsource components from abroad ● Joint-venture for wind turbine assembly and components manufacturing and sales ● Co-develop overseas wind farms International Cooperation

30 ● Design, optimization ● Manufacture, transportation ● Instruction for installation & commissioning ● After-sale services ● Micro-selection for wind farm ● Wind farm design ● Wind turbine selection ● Power generation estimate ● EPC management for wind farm What can we do for you?

31 ● WECS exportation (manufacture, delivery, guide for installation & commissioning, after-sale services) ● Invest overseas wind farms (wind turbines as investment) ● Build overseas wind farms in EPC, BT, BOT (install HZ wind turbines) ● Cooperate with local partner to co-invest in promising wind farm projects International Business

32 2008-2010: 842MW (66 units of 850kW, 393 units of 2MW) Installation Capacity

33 Wind Farms With HZ Turbines

34 850kW, 58 units Wind Farm in Wulong

35 2MW, 88 units Wind Farms in Inner Mongolia

36 2MW near-shore, 2 units of prototypes Wind Farm in Rudong

37 2MW, 125 units Wind Farms in Northeast China

38 2MW, 50 units Wind Farm in Lian Yungang

39 2MW, 49 units Wind Farms in Jin Bian, Shanxi






45 Dear sir, We are pleased to invite you and your colleagues to visit HZ windpower head office, R&D center and assembly workshop in Chongqing China. We are looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship between both parties and a win-win cooperation.

46 Contact HZ Windpower NA Inc. 101 W Big Beaver Rd. Suite 245 Tel : 641-414-5112 Email: Website:


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