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Affirmative Tú Commands Part two

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1 Affirmative Tú Commands Part two
Giving directions and commands with irregular and reflexive pronouns

2 Regular Affirmative Tú commands
To tell a person to do something, use an affirmative command. Tú commands are used with friends or family. The regular affirmative tú command is the same as the él/ella form of the present tense.

3 Command Forms Infinitive Present Affirmative Tú command Caminar
(él, ella) camina ¡Camina! comer (él, ella) come ¡Come! abrir (él, ella) abre ¡Abre!

4 Commands with direct object pronouns and reflexive pronouns
If you use a command with a direct object pronoun or reflexive pronoun, attach the pronoun to the end of the command. Modelo- Cruza el parque→¡Crúzalo! ¡Levántate! If needed, add an accent when you attach a pronoun to retain the original stress.

5 Irregular Affirmative Commands
Some verbs have irregular affirmative tú commands. Remember when you use a pronoun with an affirmative command, the pronoun attaches to the command. Infinitive Command Decir Di Hacer Haz Ir Ve Poner Pon Salir Sal Ser Tener Ten Venir ven

6 Examples Haz la cama. Make the bed.
Ponte tu ropa. Put on your clothes. Dime la verdad. Tell me the truth.

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