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1 ADDAM Advanced Document Distribution Access Management HG197 Inc. (647) 724-7129 or

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1 1 ADDAM Advanced Document Distribution Access Management HG197 Inc. (647) 724-7129 or

2 2 Agenda 1. What is ADDAM? 2. Why ADDAM? 3. How can ADDAM help? 4. What are ADDAM’s complementary products? 5. Who are ADDAM’s customers? 6. What our customers are saying about ADDAM? 7. What is our company? 8. Questions & Answers

3 3 What is ADDAM? Input from anywhere! Output to anywhere! Run anywhere!

4 4 What is ADDAM? RAD - Rapid Application Development Built on Java using an in-place Framework Providing: Fast Prototyping Rapid Customizing Deployment Quickly into Production

5 5 Why ADDAM? Low Cost Fast Easy to Use Flexible Scalable Portable

6 6 How can ADDAM help? Why send many envelopes to the same customer household?

7 7 How can ADDAM help? Let documents headed for the same destination travel together! with ADDAM Integrator

8 8 How can ADDAM help? How do you get Bank Statements from one application and Cheque Images from another

9 9 How can ADDAM Help? into a waiting envelope With ADDAM!

10 10 How can ADDAM help? Split print streams Merge print streams OMR, Bar Codes, Text replacement, Filtering Archive print streams Convert print streams CD/DVD Distribution Email Distribution Web Access to Documents Production Control and Audit

11 11 ADDAM-eXtended Total Control (XTC) for Infoprint Manager To improve reprint of data queued to Infoprint Manager servers ADDAM Xref To split the print streams and add pagination and bar codes ADDAM Integrator Express For print streams conditioning (for envelope insertions) & merging ADDAM Web To provide Internet access to statements and documents What are ADDAM ’ s other components?

12 12 ADDAM Direct Parse To convert AFP print streams to individual PDF documents ADDAM Extract To bundle Reports and Distribute Emails ADDAM Archive To provide long term storage management ADDAM Portable Document Distributor To create CD/DVDs for distribution What are ADDAM ’ s other components?

13 13 Who are ADDAM Customers? Banking Government Manufacturing Utilities Financial Services Distribution Telephone Companies Our customers span all sectors

14 14 What are our customers saying about ADDAM? Bombardier Aerospace “ Bombardier Aerospace has done two projects with HG197. Our experience has been very positive. They have a high level of technical expertise. They can quickly get to the root of the problem and propose effective solutions. They are very professional and always available for support and questions when we need them. ” Telus Enterprise Solutions “ Hg197 Inc consulting services have been invaluable to our reporting services bureau. Our installation of the ADDAM server has made it possible to improve our print production, plus allowed us to better address our customers ’ needs. ” Doculink International “ We selected ADDAM after a reasonably extensive search for and analysis of competitive products. We selected ADDAM for a number of reasons: processing speed, output file size, output fidelity, ease of use. A large measure of the ease of use we experienced was as a result of a great willingness from the ADDAM product support team to help us along. ”

15 15 The Name Hg197 – meaning? Hg197 Hg197 is an isotope of Mercury that in 65 Hours turns to Gold. ADDAM, from Hg197 turns your print stream into Gold.

16 16 Question & Answers

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