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Email and Opt-In Process For Local, National, and International Email Marketing Programs.

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1 Email and Opt-In Process For Local, National, and International Email Marketing Programs

2 Site Guided Process User surfs the internet on a common website. The user is shown a promotion asking them to enter a contest.

3 Site Guided Process Continued The user is then directed to a form/survey to fill-in regarding preferences in travel, and other hobbies. The non-relevant information is sorted and stored for other promotions, but the most relevant information and leads are sorted and stored for our travel, vacation, sports relating to travel, and timeshares. The forms/surveys can be 10-35 questions and take about 2-5 minutes to complete. They are usually 1 page. The user will then receive a confirmation email to ensure that the opt-in is double-confirmed. Email confirmation

4 Email Promotions Following Opt-in Now that we have confirmed all of the details about the user(s), and they have been given the option to opt-out. We can begin to send our email promotions to the qualified recipients on our list. The lists are selected based on demographics, as well as personal information which includes, but is not limited to: Income Age Education Gender Net Worth Other Hobbies and Interests And more…

5 Email Creative Promotional Piece In order to convey the client’s message clearly we have to ensure that we craft an ad that is both visually pleasing, but is clear and concise regarding the verbiage that is used. Copy is written based on the client’s promotional idea or concept. Once the copy is approved we begin to work on the design aspect. This process can take as long as 1 week, but depending on the number of ads, and length of marketing strategy it can be several weeks to have an entire set of ads created for broadcast. Working closely with the client we will finally discuss a subject line or lines for the email, and pick a from line that will distinguish the client within our list, but still complying with CAN-SPAM.

6 Sample Email Promotions

7 Sample Email Promotions (cont.)




11 Email results and reporting Once the campaign has been completely sent out, the client is given a click, and open report to show. This will show them how effective the creative was at earning clicks and opens for the respective landing page(s) for the promotion. 15-30% open rates are not typical for 3 rd party campaigns, the DMA recommends that a successful campaign should be judged based on all components. Average industry rates for 3 rd party email broadcasts are usually between 5-10% open rates and 0.5-1% click rates.

12 Results are over-laid and analyzed Once we have tabulated all of the results for the email campaigns, we can recognize strengths and weaknesses within the strategy. We can then revise and rethink the promotions coming up for the client by modifying items such as: Subject lines Call-to-action Landing pages Type of list and/or demographics Size and type of promotion Timing of promotion From line Consistency with brand name

13 Restart and reboot Once all the angles are analyzed and the changes have been made, we can begin to plan another campaign for the client. This will usually start with a new list or not depending on whether or not it was considered a winning or failing factor in the last campaign/promotion. We then simply rinse and repeat this formula for the client to achieve a lasting success rate and ROI over the long term to accomplish the goals set out by the client initially.

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