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تهیه کننده : آرش قمبری Ver:1.2 EXCHANGE 2010 SP2 HIGH AVAILABILITY.

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1 تهیه کننده : آرش قمبری Ver:1.2 EXCHANGE 2010 SP2 HIGH AVAILABILITY

2 Overview of Exchange Clustering: 1. Exchange 2003 (backend Role) 2. Exchange 2007 (Mailbox Role) * continuous replication (CR)

3 3. Exchange 2010 (Mailbox Role) * Continuous Replication (( Block mode(SP1) VS File mode(RTM))) * Data Availability Group(DAG) * Database Mobility * Incremental Deployment * lagged Mailbox database copy * Mailbox database Copy * Mailbox Resiliency & Site Resiliency * Shadow Redundancy (On Transport Roles) * Switchover & Failover * DB Size Limit to 2TB

4 Other changes related to Exchange 2010 HA: * Transport Dumpster keep MSG until replicate to all DAG nodes * Transport Dumpster on Mailbox * Online Move Mailbox * Shadow Redundancy * Third Party Replication API *Active Manager - runs on all DAG & manage switchover or failover - Primary Active Manager (PAM) manage switchover or failover and Best Copy Selection - Secondary Active Manager (SAM) provide information to cas & hub

5 Exchange 2010 Clustering Quorum Models: * Even Nodes -> File share Majority * Odd Nodes -> Node Majority

6 DAG Cluster For two nodes 1.Configure NICs on mailbox servers 2.Configure Firewall 3.Setup exchange trusted subsystem group 4.Install Failover Cluster 5.Restart servers 6.Create Witness Folder 7.Create DAG 8.Configure DAG IP Address 9.Add Servers to DAG 10. Create DB on DAG Members

7 Configuring CAS HA on two nodes 1.Install NLB On server 2.Configure DNS 3.Configure NLB & Add one node 4.65005-65535 UDP&TCP 5.80 TCP – 443 TCP – 135 TCP 6. Add another node -name "" -FQDN -Site 8.set-mailboxdatabase -identity "" –rpcclientaccessserver 9.Restart CAS Server

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