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HP Institute: Developing tomorrow’s IT workforce today

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1 HP Institute: Developing tomorrow’s IT workforce today
Craig Bewley CEO, Prodigy Learning Andrew Flood COO, Prodigy Learning Eldon Lechtenberg HP Business Manager, Certiport Brian Beneda Manager, HP Global Academic Programs Tuuli Sornikivi HP Institute Global Business Development Manager

2 Discussion topics HP Institute program overview
Best Practices with HP Institute: Prodigy Learning Update on HP Institute Development update Educator readiness plan Q&A

3 The HP Institute Program

4 IT capability gap Data, transactions, and customer interactions are increasing exponentially GAP IT capability to leverage technology for business differentiation IT capability to leverage technology for business differentiation 2005 Mankind created 150 exabytes of digital data1 2010 Created 8x more data1 2013 Mobile apps download > 21B2 2014 130M Enterprise users in mobile cloud3 2020 2T devices connect to the Internet4 1. “The data deluge: Businesses, governments and society are only starting to tap its vast potential,” The Economist, Feb. 25, 2. “Dataquest Insight: Application Stores; The Revenue Opportunity Beyond the Hype,” Stephanie Baghdassarian, Carolina Milanesi; 16 December 2009. 3. Juniper Research. 4. “The Difference Engine: Chattering Objects,” The Economist, Aug. 13, All of this is driving a major shift in IT. In most organizations, IT is seen as an inhibitor to the rate of change and not as a catalyst. The biggest challenge CIOs face is the need to react much faster to business demands in order to use IT as a competitive differentiator. However, extensive HP research shows the typical IT department spends 70 percent of its budget on maintaining its existing infrastructure and only 30 percent on innovation to generate a competitive advantage for the business. As a result, CIOs are looking for new approaches that enable them to apply more resources toward proactively addressing their business needs. Through the use of cloud services, converged infrastructure, and strategic outsourcing, they can significantly reduce the time required to provision new services—from months to hours—while lowering the capital, deployment, and management costs to reallocate resources toward what truly differentiates.

5 IT expertise gap—the new skill profile
Business context awareness Translate business objectives into technology strategies that increase business ROI End-to-end technology expertise Develop integrated cross-platform, multi-technology solutions Hands-on experience Direct experience with cutting-edge technologies that create business differentiation Let’s take a closer look at the IT expertise gap. Most IT organizations include staff who hold multiple product certifications. In general, IT vendor certifications provide good product-specific experience but they in no way develop the expertise to optimize a business’s customer service portal in the cloud. In addition, as the certification industry has focused on increasing volumes, many programs have become more “knowledge based” and compromised the hands-on experiential elements. New technology expertise paradigm: injecting business value into IT skill development At an industry level, we need to provide new ways to develop and source this expertise. With the accelerating pace of change in both business and technology, we need a framework to provide concise, relevant, end-to-end experiences that help IT professionals stay current on the volume of change in a simple and consumable way. This applies both to the existing IT professionals as well as developing new ones with the expertise to create business value. Different expertise: (from previous page) There are two key expertise attributes that Business and IT leaders require. Multivendor, end-to-end, cross-platform, solution experience, and a demonstrated understanding of the business and how to leverage technology to achieve business outcomes. Those certifications that remain in demand are providing experience with cutting-edge technologies that create meaningful business differentiation.

6 IT expertise gap—demographics of expertise
Experts Tech professionals Pursuing careers in technology Technology enthusiasts; considering careers in tech Digital literacy A few thousand IT professionals with 10–20 years of experience Career professionals Thousands of IT professional with 2–10 years of experience Many thousands of students in technology fields and adult reskilling Total addressable population Depth of expertise Academic students Millions of hobbyists, information workers, and students Billions of people new to technology Demographics of expertise As you move up the pyramid, you have fewer people with significant industry experience. As you move down the pyramid, you have a magnitude of people with more basic skills. Until now, the ExpertOne program has been designed for current IT professionals. Working with education allows HP to broaden the talent pool of experts and meet HP customer and partner needs for hiring, outsourcing, and acquiring expertise through service providers.

7 HP Institute offerings
For students and professionals who want to excel in their careers IT career path Cloud Cloud essentials Choosing between onsite, hosted, and cloud services Cross-technology virtualization Cross-technology integration Business acumen for IT leaders HP ATA Certification Connected devices Designing and deploying multidevice solutions (PC, laptop, mobile device, and virtual clients) Client security, management Consuming hosted , cloud applications Networks Designing and deploying wired and wireless networking solutions Virtual networking Network security and management Servers & storage Designing and deploying server and storage solutions Optimizing applications Security and management HP Institute: coming soon to a classroom near you Under the banner of the HP Institute, HP will provide four learning solution packages tuned for the academic environment at the high school, technical school, or university level. Opportunities include both a technology track and a business track in development. Technology track: This two-year degree program aims to provide the practical experience that will enable a graduate to set up a complete, end-to-end IT solution for a small or medium business (SMB) sized company. This includes both working with the technology and the ability to apply that technology to achieve defined strategic business objectives. Graduating with the skills to be immediately relevant in a business context will increase the career and economic opportunities for these students. Based on industry standards, powered by HP

8 HP Institute complete learning solution
All educational elements available through Certiport Books Bridge curriculum Semester courseware HP Remote Labs Practice tests Certification exam Certiport will provide all pieces of the learning program Learning solution includes licenses and voucher opportunities for universities and schools Not targeted to commercial centers but they are not excluded from the offering Localizations of materials will be expected and based upon business case HP is partnering with Certiport to develop a complete set of academic solution components including HP Official Courseware textbooks, e-Learning, Remote Lab Facilities, Practice Tests, and Certification Exams. All of these are designed for use by educators within the classroom environment.

9 HP Institute Value proposition Students/professionals
Higher job and earning potential through industry-recognized certification and practical experience with state-of-the-art HP and industry-standard technologies Academic institutions and educators Easy to build, deliver, and differentiate technology education offerings through a simple and affordable suite of technology learning products that provide relevant and practical skills that employers are looking for HP Sales (&HP channel sales): A door opener to new education sector customers Competitive advantage and a value add to proposals HP enhancing the core business of the education establishment Creation of a long term, strategic partnerships whilst blocking the entry from the competition Business and industry (HP customers and partners) Continuous availability of talent that has precisely the skill and expertise that IT and business leaders need to achieve their business objectives

10 hp institute Go to market best practise
4/6/2017 1:54 PM hp institute Go to market best practise Andrew Flood Craig Bewley Prodigy Learning ©2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

11 UK launch with picture(s) to be added here

12 Key Benefits - Customer
4/6/2017 1:54 PM Key Benefits - Customer Meets IT Skills Shortage Only Cloud Computing Qualification Revenue Generator Remote Labs / Practice Experience Easy to Set Up & Deliver ©2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

13 Key Benefits - HP Sales Team
4/6/2017 1:54 PM Key Benefits - HP Sales Team Competitive Advantage v Cisco Door Opener to New Customers Value Add to Tenders / Proposals Enables Long-Term Strategic Partnerships ©2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

14 Program Update

15 HP Institute Development Roadmap
Exams, practice tests and bridge curriculum for all 4 certifications available now Semester courseware available for Connected Devices and Networks available now Remote lab for Networks available in July (does not apply for Connected Devices) All remaining elements for Servers & Storage and Cloud available prior to spring semester Exams, practice tests for Connected Devices and Networking available in Dutch (all remaining products to remain in English) WW English (ENG) Exam Study Guide Practice Test Bridge Courseware completed Available to Order from ePac Connected Devices 15-Feb-12 1-Aug-12 Networking 20-Jul-12 Servers & Storage Est. 11/20/2012 Est Nov 23 Cloud Est. 12/18/2012 Est Dec 21 IT for Business 15-Oct-12 15-Dec-12 n/a 28-Dec-12 3-Jan-13 Latin American Spanish (ESM) Exam Translation Study Guide Translation Practice Test Translation Bridge Translation Courseware Translation 23-Mar-12 TBD 10-Jul-12 N/A Est. end of Nov Est. end of Oct Est. end of Jan Est. end of Mar Simplified Chinese (CHS) 18-Jun-12 10-Jul 25-Jun-12 2-Jul-12

16 HP Certified Educator (HPCE) Program
Delivery Beginning in August HP Certified Educator (HPCE) Program Professional development for academic educators, professors, instructors Requirements: No application fee HP ATA certified for each course they will deliver Valid teacher’s credential or instructor certification Complete “Train the Trainer” requirements Includes content review and virtual lab delivery instruction Virtual TTTs will be provided by Certiport and HP (live and recorded) Face-to-face TTTs will be provided by Certiport partners at a cost Instructional quality Student pass rates and quality feedback Benefits: Certification/Certificate Access to HP Educator Portal Instructor materials Forums staffed by HP Institute team and SMEs Access to optional or extra instructional material for use in their classroom

17 HP Institute sales methodology
6 April 2017 HP Institute sales methodology 1 2 3 4 5 6 Demand Generation Build relationships Drive awareness Proposal Identify customer needs Propose solution Identify risks or concerns Consideration Content evaluation Exam experience Lab experience Resolve concerns Close Size license Negotiate pricing Implemen- tation Instructor certification & onboarding Test center setup Lab scheduling Evaluation Student volume Instructor experience Student experience Pass rates Phase HP & Certiport Confidential HP Confidential

18 Call to Action HP Institute 30/30 Promo 30 HP ATA Exams
4/6/2017 1:54 PM Call to Action A clear “Win-Win “when both Certiport’s channel partners and HP sales/partners refer each other to the educational establishments HP Institute 30/30 Promo Prioritized market segments: IT Vocational/Technical Schools (public/profit) 30 HP ATA Exams Community colleges (FE College) with IT tracks (public/profit) 30 HP ATA Practice Exams Adult education, apprenticeship, and retraining sector (workforce development) (public) Free Sample Courseware 30 Days Trial Universities (public/profit) Advanced Secondary Education (CTE) (public) Low Hanging Fruit: Current testing center customers that host IT programs More information, please visit: HP strategic university relationships Cisco academies Instructor networks ©2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

19 Q&A Any questions?

20 HP ATA Program customizable learning program
Customizable program to meet academic objectives Program Option 1 Option 2 Instructional content A la Carte Individual exam vouchers: SRP $89 USD (Academic Price: $69.50 ) Courseware eBooks: $40 USD Practice tests: $39.95 USD Site license Annual site license: $7,000 USD (Higher Ed) Access to all HP ATA exams Bridge and official curriculum eBooks Practice exams and self assessments Hands on experience Onsite lab Equipment configurations provided Cost varies per lab, classroom use discount Requires faculty with technical expertise HP Remote lab $1,500 USD per course Designed for 16 students, 8 1-hour lab sessions per semester/quarter Optional additional elements eBook: $40 USD Textbooks: $60 USD Additional Remote lab time: $TBD USD Per hour Pricing may vary by region and solution configuration. US Higher Ed pricing shown.

21 Academic certification program positioning
IT Pro IT SMB Level Employability IT Apprentice Internship Ready Information Worker Client Storage Servers Networking Solution (Cloud) CCENT CCNA HP ATA Employer Expectations A+ Storage+ Server+ Network+ Cloud+ Technology Domain

22 HP Institute FAQs Q. Is the content specific to HP hardware and software or is it skills development focused? The program objective is to provide career skills that graduates can leverage regardless of equipment brand. Practical experience and examples are provided via HP solutions so some HP specifics are unavoidable. The content is balanced between HP specific and broad applicability to maximize value to the students. Q. How can I train my faculty to offer HP Institute’s courses A. HP and Certiport will develop a strategy with you using the HPCE program to certify your professors. Q. How much does it cost to establish an HP Institute in my University? A. It depends on region, lab facilities location (on-site or virtual), number of courses offered per semester and other variables. Q. Is there a minimum/maximum number of courses that we have to commit to offer every semester? A. No. Q. How much do I charge for HP Institute courses/certifications? A. The University decides. Q. Will there be other HP Institutes in my country, region? A. This is not an exclusive program. However, HP is looking for lead institutions to partner with and there will be strategic benefits to coming on board first.

23 Who should certify? HP ATA prepares students for employment in these important IT job roles: Cloud specialists IT administrators Network administrators PC client architects Systems engineers Server administrators Solution architects Storage architects Support technicians

24 HP ATA—Connected Devices
Designing and deploying connected device solutions Given customer business requirements, design a multidevice, connected client solution incorporating PCs, tablets, and/or mobile internet clients in a small and medium business environment Install and configure connected client solutions Administer and troubleshoot connected client solutions Prerequisite for HP ATA – Cloud certification

25 Designing and deploying network solutions
HP ATA—Networks Designing and deploying network solutions Given customer business requirements, design a wired and wireless network solution in a small and medium business environment Install and configure wired and wireless network solutions Perform administrative, operational, and network management tasks Prerequisite for HP ATA – Cloud certification

26 HP ATA—Servers and Storage
Designing and deploying servers and storage solutions Given customer business requirements, design a server and storage solution in a small and medium business environment Plan and design HP and industry-standard server and storage solutions Install and configure HP and industry-standard server and storage solutions, including server OS and management software Prerequisite for HP ATA – Cloud certification

27 Designing and deploying cloud solutions
HP ATA—Cloud Designing and deploying cloud solutions Given customer business requirements, design end-to-end IT solutions that include onsite, hosted, and cloud based solutions in a small and medium business environment Identify and describe industry-standard cloud and virtualization technologies and their implications for customer needs Install and configure end-to-end IT solutions Administer and manage end-to-end IT solutions

28 HP ATA Program Country Business Plan
6 April 2017 HP ATA Program Country Business Plan Investigate and document overall market opportunity Identify and prioritize key target customers Establish sales commitments Identify investment requirements Identify courseware localization partner (Certiport partner or 3rd party agency) Marketing plan Work with Eldon to develop Opportunity Assessment (OA) Perform ROI analysis HP Confidential

29 “HP Institute” launch steps
Discovery Identify sponsors (e.g. from education sector ) within HP, aim at executive sponsorship Establish a relationship with Certiport's local VAR, understanding of their business model Build a linkage between Certiports VAR and HP functions (sales, marketing and PR) Plan Run a launch workshop to list the key (country specific) supporting messages, initiatives Together with Certiport’s partner, identify local supporting bodies, seek government sponsorship Determine launch goals, target audiences identify budget requirements, obtain approval Launch prepara-tions Secure the key speakers (which determines the launch date), location, catering, collaterals Manage the invitation process, facilitate reg calls with team, brief the speakers about the event Secure 1-3 local institute quotes, prepare the press release and gain an approval Go live Manage on-site launch activities, send out the press release Capture leads, set up follow up meetings Press interviews Post Launch Run a post mortem call of the launch (final coverage, budget..) Set up a "rolling thunder" process to capture joint PR opportunities with first HP Institutes coming onboard Evaluate convergence rate, (ROI) Phase 1 "discovery" (Aug-Nov) Identifying the right contacts, sponsors in the organisation Set up conference calls, presentations internally, gather feedback and input Meet Certiport's VAR, understand their operational/go to market model Build a linkage with HP Strategic Partnering Universities initiative, team Follow up conference calls, introduce Certiports VAR internally Introduce the new programme for University of West London (as a replacement) Begin to recruit "HP Institute" pilot prospects Test the model with HP Education Services Presentation to the MD, executive sponsorship Phase 2 "planning" (Nov-Dec) Set up UK&I HP Institute “Go to Market” model together with Certiport’s UK&I VAR Identify the launch team, Run a marketing & launch workshop Indentify (and limit) the key (country specific) messages (accessible, employability, SME's) Determine launch goals, target audiences Identify budget requirements, Obtain approval Practise, soft launch at London BETT show while collecting leads to be invited to the main event Meet DMU and other HP Institute prospects Phase 3 "initiation" (Jan-Feb) Secure the launch date, approve the location Facilitate weekly calls with the extended launch team Secure 1-3 customer story candidates Organise a student workshop at DMU, film & edit the launch video Ongoingly seek government sponsorship, presence at the event Prepare the invitation, manage the invitation process (prospects from both HP and Certiports VAR) Secure 1-2 customer quotes for press/collateral Prepare the pressrelease, align messaging between all parties, gain approval Secure the key speakers at the event and provide them a brief Hire catering, prepare the delegate/press packs, develop presentation content, send an invite reminder Phase 4 "go alive date" (Feb) Manage on-site launch activities Send out the pressrelease, post the launch video on youtube Phase 5 "post launch" (March onwards) Run a post mortem call of the launch (final coverage, budget..) for replication/leverage purposes Set up a "rolling thunder" approach/process to capture the HP Institutes coming onboard Prepare for further significant announcements (awarding bodies certifying the ATA, IT for Business...) Replication in selected countries globally

30 Thank you

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