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Class Discussion Notes MKT 390 - 401 April 3, 2001.

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1 Class Discussion Notes MKT 390 - 401 April 3, 2001

2 Leveraging Technology Web site design basics Web pages rely on HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) HTML uses tags to identify how words should be formatted The browser reads the tags IMG SRC is a reference to an image source file HREF is a Hypertext Reference which tells the browser where to go when the user clicks on a link Some design tools automatically write the HTML for you MS Office Front Page, Page Mill Once web page is designed, it must be transferred to a Web server FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the tool which publishes Web pages Many tools can design simple Web pages, however, special applications are needed to design e-commerce sites

3 Leveraging Technology Multimedia Requires high bandwidth or broadband Solutions Speed up home connection Compress content Real audio Real video MP3 Steaming Distribute content around the Web Database marketing Relational databases that can be mined Data can be gathered voluntarily from Web surveys Data can be gathered without users knowledge from clickthrough behavior

4 Leveraging Technology Computer viruses Four common types of viruses Macro Attach to data files such as Excel or Word and infect system when user opens the file Trojan horse Usually activated by a date or event Worm Spread rapidly Boot Reside on floppy disks and activate when system is booted Results Data files erased Hard drives destroyed Replicated and sent to unwitting recipients via e-mail

5 Leveraging Technology Computer viruses – contd Remedy – antivirus protection Norton McAfee Dr. Solomon Installed on mail servers Installed on desktop PCs Denial of service attacks Bogus requests by hackers which overwhelm a Web server Results in shutdown Remedy Distribute multiple copies of Web site

6 Leveraging Technology Shopping agents Parallel pull Multiple agents collecting data simultaneously and formatting it Vendors may not participate Forces competition on price Puts downward pressure on prices Represent buyer Do not charge fee for listing Earn revenue from advertising Represent seller Charge listing fee User may not know that all relevant sites are not being listed

7 Leveraging Technology Bandwidth Carrying capacity of information channel Higher bandwidth = faster speed Measured in bits per second Telephone modems Work at max of 56,000 bits per second Text transmits easily Full motion video requires more bandwidth than phone lines can carry Future Internet marketing opportunities Personal selling Phone calls Music CDs Movies Virtual reality

8 Leveraging Technology DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Transmit up to 8 Mbps over phone lines 9 versions ASDL (Asynchronous DSL) Downstream faster than upstream SDSL (Symmetric DSL) Same speed upstream or downstream RADSL (Rate Adaptive DSL) Speed changes with weather and other conditions Advantages More secure than cable modem Guaranteed bandwidth Disadvantages Infrastructure not in place everywhere Must be within 3 miles of a phone switching station

9 Leveraging Technology Cable modems Transmit Internet traffic over cable TV lines Speeds up to 2.5 Mbps Advantages Infrastructure already in place in most areas Early to market New value add offerings Video on demand CD quality audio Internet games Disadvantages More subscribers in neighborhood slows down transmissions

10 Leveraging Technology Cable modems – contd Two consortiums @ Home Network Road Runner Other broadband Satellite (not TV) Disadvantages More subscribers in neighborhood slows down transmissions Wireless Advantages PDAs and cell phones use this technology On demand Internet access Requires little infrastructure Speeds up to 2.4 Mbps

11 Leveraging Technology Content filtering Concerns with children on the Internet Education/legislation solutions Teach children Ban offensive material Require warnings on sites Require age verification Require ratings Technology solutions Filtering by the ISP AOL, Prodigy Filtering by proxy server Businesses Filtering on individual computer Content filtering software

12 Leveraging Technology Transaction security Typically more secure than offline Three places credit card could be stolen From the computer Highly unlikely In transit Encryption algorithms Industry standard RSA never broken outside a lab Information encrypted in both directions Information is decrypted using a key From merchant site Hackers penetrate Web servers Software programs, consultants can detect flaws Intrusion detection systems

13 Leveraging Technology Site rating services Is business legitimate? How good is the business? BizRate TRUSTe BBB online Proxy servers and cache Replicates Web sites and redistributes them Results in undercounting of visitors to a Web site (impressions) Lost of revenue for Internet advertisers

14 Leveraging Technology How search engines work Searching is done weeks in advance Spiders crawl the web compiling and counting keywords Data is stored in an indexed database Queries returned in order of relevance Spiders count appearance of keywords and their placement on the page Google ranks sites based on their number of links from other sites Direct Hit ranks sites based on the number of users who choose it Tools available to assist in improving search engine rankings

15 Leveraging Technology Privacy, log files and cookies Log files Data tables that record each visit to the site Disadvantages Does not track individual user behavior Cookies Files stored on the users computer every time they visit a Web site Double Click Uses cookies to generate targeted ads for other sites in its network Closed loop marketing

16 Leveraging Technology Cookies – contd Options for users who dont want to be tracked Disable cookies in their browser Delete cookies after every session Purchase software to block all requests from ad servers P3P Predetermined amount of information is given about user when they visit a site

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