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“The US should be a force for good in the world.” “America ought to be a kinder, gentler nation.”

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1 “The US should be a force for good in the world.” “America ought to be a kinder, gentler nation.”

2 George H. W. Bush Best Prepare President AMERICAN GOVERNMENT Mr. Simoneau & Mr. Reed March 2009

3 Early Years in the Bush’s Family June 12, 1924, Milton, Mass Lived in Washington, DC. Son of a US Senator, Prescott Bush, R-Connecticut. High School at Phillips Exeter Academy, Milton, MA. Elite private school Family mansion on Walker Point in Kennepunkport, Maine.

4 Decorated Pilot Enlisted in US Navy on his 18th birthday Youngest pilot ever to earn his wings. Served on the USS San Jacinto 58 combat missions vs Japanese Shot down, rescued by a US submarine Distinguished Flying Cross

5 Marriage & Family Life Barbara, Jan. ‘45 Started his family while at Yale 6 children, George W. the eldest son. Jeb Bush, R. Gov of Florida

6 College Education at Yale GI Bill of Rights after W II. 3 year graduate of Yale University, Hartford, CT Phi Beta Kappa Cpt, 1B, Baseball Team. College World Series, Omaha, Neb

7 College World Series With Babe Ruth at Omaha, Nebraska

8 1950’s: Texas Oilman & TX Congressman Invest in oil industry Hits a gusher. Self-made millionaire Moves to Houston, & runs for congress Midland, Texas

9 Congressman 1st Republican ever to be elected from the Houston, TX district Served 2 terms in the House Ran twice, unsuccessfully, for a US Senate seat from Texas.

10 Bush serves as a US Ambassador first to the United Nations, NYC latter to China, 1st US Ambassador there In the 1970’s Bush also served as National Chairman of the GOP (the Grand Old Party)

11 Bush serves as Reagan’s VP for 8 years De-regulation Anti-drug campaign Traveled widely around the world representing the US 1980’s

12 Election of 1988 Bush & Quayle vs Mike Dukakis (D)

13 Man of the Year. 1988 Two Themes: Continuing the Reagan Era Peace & Prosperity

14 Bush I Presidency Captures Panama dictator Manual Ortega. US Marines bust Drug cartel Iraq invades Kuwait. Oil prices explode! Father Bush & son Bush were both sworn in as president By the same Chief Justice, William Rehnquist. He recently passed away from brain cancer.

15 The Gulf War, 1991. US vs Iraq 550,000 US Troops, 125,000 Allies Gen. Stormin’ Norman Schwartkopf General Colin Powell Not attack Baghdad Let Huessein continue in power Not occupy Iraq. By Dick Cheney? Sec of Def.

16 The Persian Gulf War Iraq invades Kuwait Grand Coalition. US 425,000 World 118,000 3 weeks of bombing 100-hr invasion Iraq Army is destroyed

17 Looking back on the Gulf War Heroic return of US troops to DC Troubled US economy Read my lips, no new taxes. Growing deficit. GW signs new tax Bill signed

18 The 7 Sisters

19 Election of 1992 Incumbent President Bush runs for re-election Dem. Bill Clinton / Al Gore Ross Perot, Independence Party Win by a Plurality

20 Bush vs Clinton ‘92 Bush’s defeat & graceful exit.

21 Election of 2000

22 G W H Bush in pictures

23 The USS George H. W. Bush Most modern aircraft carrier in the US Navy 5,000 men 125 jets Twin nuclear reactors One of 13 aircraft carriers On patrol in the Mediterranean

24 Bush in his Retirement

25 Evaluating the G H W Bush’s Presidency

26 Bush 1’s Presidential Library

27 Bush Life in Review

28 Bush / Clinton Initiative Hurricane Katrina AIDS in Africa Fighting Malaria

29 Official White House Portrait Bush 1 Remembered?

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