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1 No Child Left Behind “Highly Qualified” September 2006 As of 9.28.06- Subject to Change.

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1 1 No Child Left Behind “Highly Qualified” September 2006 As of 9.28.06- Subject to Change

2 2 Agenda Refresher: What is Highly Qualified? How do you determine if a teacher is HQ? What options are available to help teachers become HQ? Where can I get more information?

3 3 Who is Highly Qualified (HQ)? Under NCLB, an HQ teacher satisfies the following requirements:  holds at least a bachelor's degree from a four-year institution AND  Is certified (NYC Board of Examiners included) and assigned to the area of their certification OR  If not certified in each core subject assignment area, demonstrates subject matter competency

4 4 Teachers of Core Subjects must be HQ English, reading, language arts Mathematics Sciences Social Studies (history, geography, economics, civics and government) Foreign Languages The arts: art, dance, music, theater (including public speaking), drama

5 5 How do you determine if a teacher is HQ? Annual BEDS Survey determines a teacher’s HQ status Principals receive real time reports on teachers’ HQ status This year’s BEDS Survey will be administered from mid- November to mid-December Principals will receive reports shortly thereafter

6 6 How can I read BEDS Reports to best help teachers? There are three types of teachers on BEDS reports:  HQ / Teaching in Cert  No further action  Not HQ / Teaching Out of Cert  Action Required  Teachers Required to Demonstrate Subject Matter Competency  Action Required

7 7 Options for Helping Teachers Become HQ Requires No Funding Reassign teachers to classes consistent with their certification subject area May Require Funding- 5% Title I Set Aside For only those needing to demonstrate subject matter competency, you can use HOUSSE, the appropriate Content Specialty Test, or a major in the subject Help teacher gain additional certification in the assignment area

8 8 Who must Demonstrate Subject Matter Competency? Teachers that must demonstrate subject matter competency include those who are:  Incidental Teaching- teaching one period a day outside of their certification area; or  Common Branch teachers at the Middle School; or  Teaching Students with Disabilities in Core Subjects

9 9 How can Teachers Demonstrate Subject Matter Competency? Being certified (NYC Board of Examiners included) in the subject they are teaching; OR Holding an undergraduate or graduate degree or its equivalent in the subject; OR Passing a Content Specialty Test (CST) in the subject or a NYC Board of Examiners test in the subject; OR For teachers hired before 8/31/06, using the HOUSSE (High Objective Uniform State Standard of Evaluation). HOUSSE is a rubric that enables teachers to demonstrate subject matter competency using education, credentials, teaching experience and professional development

10 10 Gaining Certification in Another Area At the principal’s discretion, a teacher can be recommended for a “Supplemental Certificate” Teachers are evaluated for the Supplemental Certificate by regional Human Resources Assistants (HRA) using a standard State form Based on the evaluation, the HRA and teacher determine a plan of action  Teachers who meet requirements for Supplemental (shortage v. non-shortage)  Teachers who do NOT meet requirements for the Supplemental Principals reimburse teachers according to the Title I Set Aside Guidelines

11 11 What If 5% Of Funds Is Not Needed For HQ? There are two circumstances in which a school may not be able to fully use the 5% setaside:  All teachers of core subjects are already highly qualified. The school must be able to use BEDS data to substantiate this claim.  All non-HQ staff have been identified and offered opportunities in good faith to become HQ. Either these opportunities have no cost to the school or individuals have declined to take advantage of the opportunities. The school must be able to document that it has identified, notified, and counseled these staff on options for becoming HQ. The school may set a deadline of two months for staff response. In these cases, and only these cases, the school may use the remaining funds to support high quality professional development, that is, add these funds to the Title I 10% professional development Set Aside required of each Title I school.

12 12 We Need Your Help BEDS is critical to getting accurate HQ results- Participation and Accuracy is important Help principals understand how to use 5% Set Aside

13 13 Let Us Know What Other Info You Need Let us know what other information would be useful for you With additional HQ questions, please contact:

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