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Offshore Wind Floating Foundations the competitive technology

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1 Offshore Wind Floating Foundations the competitive technology
Offshore Wind Energy Seminar Stavanger April 17, 2013 Blue H Engineering Nico C.F. Bolleman 1

2 Blue H Engineering Blue H Engineering BV, fully owned by Business Creation Wind Energy AG, is the technology developer and design engineer for TLP based floating foundations. Having an expert team with capacities in: hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, marine contracting, offshore structural design & engineering and related certification works and procurement and project management. Active and available for floating foundation design and engineering applications, such as: offshore wind offshore power transformer stations offshore oil and gas rigs hydrogen generation and storage at sea

3 Blue H floating wind deep-water foundation
Since 2004 has the previous Blue H group been active in the development of the TLP concept for floating wind, as well as in the development of offshore floating wind farms, originally started for deployment in the Mediterranean Sea. Blue H Engineering has been driving its product design process to secure a market acceptable return on investment, in specific for low wind sites at sea as well as for harsh North Sea and Ocean environments for wind turbine capacities over 5MW. The for series manufacturing designed offshore wind TLP is the most stable (for turbine with large rotor diameters), robust and economical attractive foundation model for deep-water (>50m) applications . 3

4 Blue H design concepts and product development

5 TLP based Floating Foundation System for 5-7 MW WT
Commercially available WT 5-7 MW Tower Access platform Hull Arms Fists Dynamic Power Cable Submergible gravity anchors or Suction anchor Tethers (synthetic rope)

6 TLP based Floating Foundation System for 5-7 MW WT
Masses (Weights in metric tons) * WT T (NREL - 5 MW) Tower T Platform 750 T (hull 435 T, arm 85 T, fists 65 T, auxiliary equipment 165 T) Displacement 3600 Tons Hub height 90 m * Hull ø16m x 12m* Fists ø4.6x7.5m* (PCD m)* Depth 50 – > 300 m * depending on final selected wind turbine and the local site metocean conditions

7 Blue H Engineering TLP foundation benefits for Offshore Wind
Functional Maximum stability for floating wind turbine and so max energy yield generated from wind, transferred to the rotor Secured limiting the tilting angle and the accelerations of the turbine nacelle Proven oil & gas exploration technology (deep water TLP’s) Designed for cost efficient series manufacturing No seabed preparation Anchor design tailored to the seabed (solid sand, mud, rock) Tsunami resistant No transition piece (as on fixed mono-pile foundations) Simple and robust system Small foot print (fishery)

8 Blue H Engineering TLP foundation Benefits for Offshore Wind
Assembly at yard Including the turbine installation, pre-commissioning, connecting the tethers and anchors Draught at yard harbor < 10m Transport and installation No use of expensive installation vessels; towing out by tug-boat only Large weather window: transportation (Hs 3m) and installation (Hs 2m) max 1 installation day needed Small crew needed as all components pre-assembled at yard Use of detachable stabilizers (ø10x15m)* during transportation and installation only No use of divers No hammering or piling

9 Blue H Engineering TLP foundation benefits for Offshore Wind
Maintenance Inspective and preventive maintenance within the wind turbine sequence Return shipment for major repair Decommissioning Complete decommissioning as a reversed installation and transportation process, this includes removal of anchors.

10 Offshore wind farm CAPEX comparison Blue H Engineering TLP to Jackets
Results Analysis and Review GL GH for 5MW units 10

11 Cost of Energy from offshore wind farm with Blue H Engineering TLP foundations
Includes: Price inflation Power delivered onshore Decommissioning not included Based on 500 MW wind farm with commercial available 5MW offshore wind turbines, at 100m sea depth, at 120 km off shore and an average wind speed of 10 m/s.

12 Offshore Floating Wind
Market potential According Garrad Hassan 6,000GW floating wind is technically, marketwise and economically feasible End of 2011 offshore 3.8GW installed, 5.2GW under construction and 18GW for offshore wind projects has been consented (source: EWEA Offshore wind industry key report 2011) Further off shore and moving to deeper waters (>50m) is recognized as the next growth industry in wind requiring floating solutions (source: EWEA Offshore wind industry key report 2011)

13 Offshore Floating Wind
Next steps for Blue H Engineering Complete the Generic 5 MW Model (2013 – 2014): Proof of the innovation “self installing TLP” and its qualification (QTR). Document wave tank scale testing, and design verification Design and engineer, manufacture, install and test the full scale 5 MW Demonstrator (2014 and 2015) Commercial business ( 2016 onwards)

14 Offshore Floating Wind
Opportunity delivering low cost of sustainable energy, green jobs, large export business, environmental friendly Excellent IRR for investors horizon 3 – 4 years Construction of 350 MW offshore wind farm before the year 2020 and more to come.

15 Offshore Floating Wind
Feel free to join the development Have an strong position when the commercial business starts. Perform product industrialization with strategic partner. Take a part in the supply chain for part of the GW potential for deep-water offshore wind. Co-operations with Research and Technology Institutes and Industrial Partners Thanks for the attention Nico C.F. Bolleman Cell phone

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