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GM Mike Barkume Manager, Dealer and Consumer Mobile Solutions.

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1 Mobile @ GM Mike Barkume Manager, Dealer and Consumer Mobile Solutions

2 The Mission Mission – Create strategic flexibility to execute multiple options – Business process innovation by creating mobile options – Drive change through entrepreneurial culture

3 The Team Co-located in GM World Headquarters Multi-vendor environment “Team room” concept – Android & iPhone Developers – Business Analyst – QA – Art Directors

4 The Apps Create mobile options to move with our customers myCadillac – Deepen customer relationships after the sale Stay connected to your dealer Put owner information in the palm of your hand Establish a platform to deliver innovative functions

5 The Apps Mobile Workbench – Speed, speed, speed – Right data, video & images at the right place & right time – Extending the dealership enterprise beyond the brick & mortar

6 Architecture Observations Images – Started on device – Evaluated graphics packages to upscale – Moving towards a cloud delivery Lack of connectivity affects user experience Data – What is the right level of data for users? – Store locally or read from the cloud? – Caching strategy for offline use Integration – Backend integration to multiple systems – Mainframe, SOAP, RESTful Security – Significant challenges to meet GM Information Security Requirements – Required innovative solutions for installation packages

7 The iPhone is easier Greater level of effort to create polished user experience on Android – Map kit – Status bar – Paging indicators – Layout handling differs e.g. absolute versus relative

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