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The Hotel General Manager

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1 The Hotel General Manager

2 Responsibilities G.M.s Investor relations Community relations
G.M.s’ tasks Brand affiliation management Property management Executive Committee development General Manager (G.M.) is the title traditionally used to identify the individual at a hotel property who is responsible for final decision making regarding property-specific operating policies and procedures; also he or she is leader of the hotel’s management team. responsibilities involved in any G.M. position will vary based on factors including ownership structure, location and type of property. Interests among guests, employees, owners and GMs may conflict with each other. Ask students whose interest they would consider to be the most important, under which condition? G.M.s The single most important human variable affecting a hotel’s short-term profitability “Wear many hats” (perform multiple tasks)

3 Responsibilities: Investor Relations
G.M.s’ ability to effectively inform investors & owners about current performance & future needs of their hotel/s Property’s long-term success To successfully manage owner / investor relations: G.M.s’ talents Financial analysis ability Proficiency in written communication Effective public speaking / presentation skills

4 Responsibilities: Brand Affiliation Management
Continually monitor operational standards set by the brand to ensure property performance Communicate effectively with franchise brand officials about marketing & sales programs Improve profitable operation of hotel by using activities & programs offered by the brand Managing brand at the property level To successfully manage owner / investor relations: G.M.s’ talents Well developed interpersonal skills Persuasive ability Listening skills Effective writing ability

5 Responsibilities: Brand Affiliation Management (continued…)
Quality Inspection (or Assurance) scores Result of annual (or more frequent) inspections by franchise company Used as measure of effectiveness of G.M., of hotel’s management team, and of owner’s financial commitment to the property. Ensuring franchiser-mandated standards are met by franchisee Becoming an important example of how the G.M. interacts with franchisers and/or management companies Brand inspection scores are used in property ratings, marketing efforts and even by owners, to partially determine G.M. and other hotel managers’ compensation/bonuses.

6 Responsibilities: Community Relations
Opportunities to assist the local community Attract new businesses Expand tourism opportunities Provide input regarding local business community needs Have charity events and fundraisers at the hotel To successfully perform community relations G.M.s’ talents Outgoing personality Well-developed social skills Effective public speaking & presentation skills

7 Responsibilities: Executive Committee Facilitation
Functional area Responsible for Human Resource Manager Hotel staffing needs Controller Accounting for hotel assets and liabilities Front Office Manager Guest services and sales Executive Housekeeper Property cleanliness Food & Beverage Director Food & beverage production & service Security Director Guest, employee & property safety/security Sales & Marketing Director Revenue production & promotions Chief Engineer Upkeep of hotel’s physical facility Executive Operating Committee (EOC) comprise the hotel’s management team members (generally department heads) responsible for departmental leadership and over-all property administrations. An important skill needed by G.M.s is the ability to provide “direction” to his or her departmental managers. The slide shows what the G.M. is responsible for in each functional area. To provide effective direction and consultation with departmental managers, the G.M. does not have to be an expert in the specific day-to-day operation of each hotel department, but must be familiar with (or make efforts to stay abreast of) current trends, issues and technology in each department.

8 Responsibilities: Executive Committee Facilitation (continued…)
General Manager Human Resource Manager Security Director Controller Front Office Manager Executive Housekeeper Food & Beverage Director Sales & Marketing Director Chief Engineer Notice that the G.M. represents the highest management level on the property, and that he / she directs the work of middle-level managers. Typical mid-sized, full-service hotel department organizational chart

9 Responsibilities: Executive Committee Facilitation (continued…)
That he/she must be an expert in specific day-to-day operations of each hotel’s department Wrong expectations regarding the G.M. Right expectations regarding the G.M. That he/she works with EOC to improve skills & efficiencies of the departments these individuals manage That he/she assists their professional development To successfully manage the EOC facilitation As a segment of the G.M.’s tasks, the text discusses the importance of successful executive committee facilitation. The text notes that “ most successful managers can point to one or more individuals in their lives who took the time to “show them the ropes”. G.M.s’ talents Good listening skills Ability to evaluate / implement managerial training & development program Assisting in professional improvement & growth of EOC team

10 Responsibilities: Property Management
G.M. should be able to direct overall property management. Process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and evaluating human, financial and physical resources, to achieve organizational goals. To successfully handle property management: G.M.s’ jobs Organizational & coaching skills Analytical & financial analysis skills Ability to anticipate guest needs Competitive sprit & high attention to detail

11 Responsibilities: Property Management (continued…)
Functional area Purpose Planning To establish goals and objectives Organizing To maximize deployment of resources Staffing / directing To provide leadership Controlling / evaluating To measure and evaluate results Management process Planning Controlling & evaluating Organizing Staffing & Directing

12 Responsibilities: Property Management (continued…)
Planning What is the goal of providing in-room, high-speed Internet access to guests? Organizing How will the hotel allocate necessary dollars to achieve this goal? Staffing / Directing What needs to get done to keep staff “on task” with project completion timelines? Controlling / Evaluating How will the hotel measure sales volume or reputation value gained versus cost of providing in-room Internet service?

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