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GN Operations Italy EN ISO 9001 (2000) IQ-0601-08.

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1 GN Operations Italy EN ISO 9001 (2000) IQ-0601-08

2 About us gnoperations is the brand within gnresearch that manages data collection activity for market research and statistical surveys. As soon as gnresearch entered Teleperformance Group in 1996 (as Grandi Numeri Srl, as it was called at that time), a massive infrastructure for data collection was created and has in time increased its volumes, scope and competence.Teleperformance Group gn operations Italy2 50 CATI WS 199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010 130 CATI WS210 CATI WS265 CATI WS325 CATI WS Roma via di Priscilla,101 170 CAPI120 CAPI 80 CAPI60 CAPI Milano Corso Garibaldi,86 Bari Via D. Marin,3 Tirana Rr. A. Frasheri ISO 9001 certification

3 Qualitative Research: 3 fully-equipped facilities in all 3 Italian Offices (audio-video recording, remote viewing, translation services, etc.) Data processing and statistical analysis Computer Assisted Web Interview: A redounded hi-availability web server ensures a top-of-the-line hosting of any web survey Our offer 3 Computer Aided Telephone Interview: 265 CATI workstations In-Shore (Rome and Bari) and 60 Off-Shore (Tirana) providing interviews in Italy and in more than 30 foreign countries through native-speaker interviewers in nearly every language. Computer Aided Personal Interview: 250 notebooks/netbooks, 20 Palmtops and a network of more than 1000 interviewers in Italy coordinated by 20 regional supervisors and by a team of 7 in-house experts. gn operations Italy Mystery surveys: a network of 150 professionals, proficient in Mystery surveys, ensure coverage of the whole Italian territory.

4 Our promise gn operations Italy4 “We believe that trust drives Client loyalty and company growth. As a data collection provider, we actively focus on protecting our Client investment by ensuring the highest possible quality of data for their Market Research needs.”

5 CATI fieldwork CATI fieldwork is our “center of excellence”, as acknowledged by our clients and competitors. In our CATI Centers in Rome, Bari and Tirana we conduct interviews on any target reachable by phone, in Italy and in more than 30 other Countries in the world. In 2010 we have realized: more than 500 fieldwork sessions about 450.000 B2C interviews about 150.000 B2B interviews more than 300.000 hours of live data collection about 30.000 hours dedicated to quantitative and qualitative checks. gn operations Italy Arabic Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Finnish Our CATI fieldwork has carried out interviews with significant sample size in almost any European country. On top of this, we are skilled and equipped for reaching any continent and any time-zone. Currently, from our CATI Center in Rome we cover the following languages: French German Hungarian Japanese Norwegian Portuguese Romanian Russian Slovak Spanish (Cat.) Spanish (Cast.) Swedish

6 Ex-post controlsIn progress controlsPlanning stage ProcedureDescriptionStandard Concurrent observation s Live listening of the interviews and double-screen check of the data collected ensure the on-going verification of collected data and drive real-time training and other quality-oriented actions. 10% of interviews checked for each interviewer Average quality score obj: 8/10 Performance indicators Monitoring of CATI System statistics to check if the performance of the data collection is aligned with the estimated qualitative and quantitative standards and objectives. Escalation procedure in place to address any performance problem at the correct level Data qualityDaily analysis per interviewer of the percentage of on a subset of key questions in order to identify and to correct possible variations from the expected/estimated data. Second interviewRecall done shortly after the interview on a sample of interviews in order to double check the data entered. 5% of interviews checked per each interviewer Interview invalidated when problems are found Call log analysisUse of the AAPOR (American Association for Public Opinion Research) standards to classify call statistics and measure the sample distortion. CATI fieldwork: control points gn operations Italy Ex-ante controls Review of current quality procedures to ensure their applicability to the activity requested Optimization of the production tools (CATI software) to minimize errors Monitoring of interviews and on-going data analysis to detect and prevent any mistake Data file consistency and correctness check

7 F2F Fieldwork 7 Milan Bari Rome Cover through a network of regional supervisors (20) and interviewers (1000) Centralized management (2 coordinators in Bari, 4 in Rome and 2 in Milan) F2F fieldwork offices of gnoperations Italy TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT Conference rooms and training rooms in all 3 location, each one equipped with a multi-standard video conferencing system. A fleet of 250 notebooks/netbooks 20 Palmtops for the fieldwork for time critical data collection requiring istant data submitting. A single multi-methodology Software solution (Askia, for references: integrating phone, personal and web interviews Toll-free number available to people on the field to get assistance and escalation procedure to solve technical, information and specific problems connected to the fieldworks gn operations Italy

8 F2F Fieldwork 8 Our experience ensures a high quality of the data collected through: in-home interviews central location interviews in- street interviews mystery surveys B2B and B2C surveys coordinated management of large samples in Italy, including small towns and remote areas GN Operations quality standards on F2F fieldwork are: gn operations Italy * gn operations considers an interview validated only if it contains a telephone number allowing to reach the interviewee for a later check. If the telephone number is wrong, the recall is expanded to determine whether the error is random or systematic and consequently if it is an index of misbehavior by the interviewer. STANDARDSGN OPERATIONS Over-samplingAt least 5% % of controlled interviewers100% % of interviews checked per each interviewer20%*

9 gnresearch Group / Contacts 9 gnoperations Italy is in Rome, Milan and Bari. It also operates off-shore in the office of Tirana in Albania. Main contact: Apart from Italy and Albania, gnresearch is also in Paris, Dusseldorf, and Tunis. Lino Coscione Operations Director Tel. +39 06 86 517 212 gn operations Italy

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