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GB Fundraising Agenda By: Geoffrey Mercene September 2012 Officer Meeting.

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1 GB Fundraising Agenda By: Geoffrey Mercene September 2012 Officer Meeting

2 Fundraising Personal Home Campus MacaulayExternal

3 Personal Personal Connections Own Skill and Talents Personalized Goals Home Campus Home Campus Clubs Donation Bins Global Brigade Collaboration Outside Campus Events Macaulay Collaborative Events GB EventsShirtsAlumni External GrantsPartnershipsConnections

4 Personal Fundraising Friends and family Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, e-mailing, personal sites) Biggest source of funding for Brooklyn College GMB chapter Personal Connections Religious institutions Public figures Local companies and businesses Make Use of Own Talent and Skill Tutoring, lessons, tournaments Make suggested donations! Personalized Goals Set aside a certain amount of money to save per week $5 per week: $5 x ~40 weeks = $200 $1 per week: $1 x ~40 weeks = $40 Saving up loose change

5 Home Campus Fundraising Limitation: Home campus club policies Collaborating with Home Campus Clubs Honors clubs Relevant clubs (e.g. medical clubs, service clubs) Suggestion methods: Admission price, drives, sales, joint events Donation Bins (Supply Drives) Places: Honors Lounges, Libraries, Departments For inexpensive supplies (dental supplies, Ziploc bags, paper towels) and art and crafts supplies (for charlas and child care) Helps reallocate funding Need flyers! Global Brigade Collaboration Status Brooklyn College GB chapter - difficult Hunter College GB chapter – possible, but awaiting rechartering Outside Campus Events

6 Macaulay Fundraising Gastronomy Club*** Gingerbread man competition Aiming for two events during spring semester Smoothie event Movie Club – Jordan Monthly (?) movie/film screenings Admission/”ticket” charge: $5 suggested donations? Macaulay Triplets*** 3 concerts as of now (November, December, Spring) Admission price: $10 suggested donation? Musicians Collective Other Macaulay clubs to collaborate with? Reaching out to alumni/alumni affinity groups? Global Brigade Shirts

7 Macaulay Fundraising Suggestions Karaoke Night Talent Show Marathon/Race Pledges Jugua ($5 charge?) Intro to Yoga Can be done as a personal and home campus fundraiser also Bowling Night Raffles Friendly competition events between GB chapters GB Items Calendars Wristbands Shirts Food/bake sales Panamanian bread (ojalda) Candy canes Homemade goods GMB Party Night/International Night Comment: We need fundraising events/activities to engage everyone, especially in our brigade.

8 External Fundraising Grants Where? May be difficult to get from large companies; seek small businesses? Partnerships NY Methodist Hospital Status: Idea is being sent to chief-in-charge; awaiting response Benefits: Hosting fundraising drives, advertising for physicians, medical supply donations (!!!), awesome collaboration of ALL GB chapters In need ideas on how we can benefit them Other hospitals? Private clinics? Health centers? Connections Public figures (e.g. local politicians) Alumni (Macaulay and home campus honors) Local businesses and companies (not only for grants, but even for items for events [e.g. for raffles]).

9 Final Comments Concern – INVOLVEMENT! (specifically from newcomers) Possible solutions: Incorporating group volunteer activities Events/activities to engage everyone Incentives? Home Campus Fundraising Assign campus representatives from officer board? Set up fundraising events together in campus Monthly meetings in home campus Keep track of money (for Aleks) and attendance/involvement (for Geoff) Money Distribution Track attendance for events/activities and money fundraised Final distribution based on involvement Media for events (both in home campus and in Macaulay)

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