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Increasing the Interactivity of your Site This presentation contains information which is privileged and confidential.

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1 Increasing the Interactivity of your Site This presentation contains information which is privileged and confidential.

2 Tools to help increase the interactivity of your site and foster collaboration Blogging Podcasting RSS, itunes Video Photo Galleries E-Alerts Forms & Surveys Calendar (filtering, event registration, e-alerts)

3 Scroll-down this link for Live Examples!Scroll-down this link for Live Examples! Did you know in a recent Nationwide Recognition that 14 of the top-20 School Websites are Schoolwires Websites? Superintendent Blog: =2000&BCOB=0&C=57322&1882Nav=|&NodeID=90 Superintendent Video/Podcast to promote the Budget – it passed! DRN=2000&BCOB=0&c=60480 Here is an AWESOME! example of how one of our clients is using the Schoolwires Podcast capability. In this first grade class, each student develops several podcasts each week. Wow! Children’s PodcastChildren’s Podcast Promoting sign-ups of E-Alert subscriptions for parents: Thanking taxpayers & showing renovation work in progress (previously had music) 1Nav=|&NodeID=1630 Teacher webpage template example: Here are a few of the many, current Award winning Schoolwires sites, recognized Superintendents & more!Award winning Schoolwires sites, recognized Superintendents & more! 3

4 Sites that foster collaboration through Blogging Mark Twain School Using Blogs to encourage discussion about a variety of school topics Glassboro High School Interactive Blog

5 Engagement through Podcasting Podcasting in the classroom Superintendent podcasts! South Kitsap School City of Hobart Principal Podcasts Orinda Schools

6 Increasing Interactivity with Video White Plains Public Schools Sample video library embedded from Ensemble San Diego Public Schools Spotlight video on the homepage Scarsdale Public Schools Streaming Video Edinburg Consolidated Independent Schools Daily Announcements Canisteo Greenwood Student videos

7 Streamline efforts with online forms/surveys Various uses: Family Information form Transcript request form Website Survey Customer Service Survey Classroom examples Quizzes Fun (Madlibs)Madlibs

8 Quick viewing of results

9 Up to date information through the Calendar Teacher Calendar: Bramlett Elementary School Calendar: Mark Twain School District Calendar: Los Alamos Public Schools

10 Ways to inspire teachers Recognize good work by identifying top teacher websites of the month. Examples: Etowah County Public Schools Denton ISD South Kitsap WNYRIC

11 Other Staff and Student Recognitions Employee of the week Recognize the Employee of the week on the homepage of the district site. Student of the month Post student of the month information in a prominent and public place! Teacher of the year Publicize Teacher of the year information on your website.

12 Great Teacher Sections High School History High School Math Middle School Science Elementary School Teacher

13 Getting Homework Online Northern Highlands Regional High School Lesson Plans and Homework posted online PPT presentations and other handouts Canaseraga Homework Assignment Page Homework Drop-boxes Using Synergy

14 1 Hillside Elementary School- Kindergarten story podcasts Scarsdale Middle SchoolScarsdale Middle School: Art teacher gets students work online! Glassboro School DistrictGlassboro School District: Computer teacher celebrates student work. Harrington ParkHarrington Park: English teacher celebrates student poems and prose Celebrating Student Work

15 Student-Centered Websites Franklin Middle School Student-Centered area on the website All content is created by students! Canisteo-Greenwood Student Book Reviews

16 The many uses of MiniBase Staff Directory Custom View List View School Directory School locator

17 Intranet Sites South KitsapSouth Kitsap: Resources for Employees- some information is not viewable to the public Denton ISD Other web-based collaboration and storage options (Synergy): ExampleExample

18 Options for Reporting Google Analytics Site Reports Hit Counters


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