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Trusted GC John R. Flanders, Attorney 2600 S. Lewis Way, Suite 103 Lakewood, CO 80227 303.647.1222

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1 Trusted GC John R. Flanders, Attorney 2600 S. Lewis Way, Suite 103 Lakewood, CO ©2009

2 Trusted GC provides: Proven and reliable General Counsel services to businesses on a contract basis. Your virtual General Counsel. Trusted GC provide services to reduce overall legal costs by: Providing lower cost legal services in-house. Articulating a concise legal issue for outside counsel thus limiting the amount of time spent on research and writing. Proactively identifying and resolving potential liability issues.

3 In-house counsel for 21 years. Track record of reducing overall legal fees for each client. Focused on business solutions to legal needs and on driving costs out of the business. I am not “outside counsel” or associated with a law firm. My allegiance is to the business to find and manage the right attorney at the best price to do outside legal work.

4 2009-Present Trusted GC integrating with businesses to provide management of legal needs Leadership Team member, Heska Corp. Input in all strategic decisions of the company, i.e. sales, marketing, international, research & development, human resources Leadership Team member, Orange Glo International. Input in all strategic decisions of the company, i.e. sales, marketing, contract manufacturing, international, human resources, IT Operations Leadership Team member, Coors Brewing Company. Responsible for all brewing, packaging, quality, purchasing, and transportation of product. Also, employment and labor issues.

5 Heska Corp., Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. Nasdaq. Orange Glo International, Inc., Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. Privately held. Coors Brewing Company, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel. NYSE. Halaby & McCrea, Trial attorney. Jeffco Co DA’s Office Deputy DA.

6 Bio-techCustom greeting cardsFirearms trainingFood and beverageHuman and animal healthIT securityManufacturing/IndustrialNutritional supplements

7 Integrate with management to understand your business and your legal issues, to Protect your assets and reduce overall legal costs, by Providing low cost legal services, and by Identifying, addressing, and managing legal issues.

8 Trusted GC offers the following services to increase the value of your business by: Auditing the legal issues facing the company Obtaining, reviewing, and organizing contracts Identifying and protecting Intellectual Property Identifying and managing regulatory compliance requirements Reviewing policies and procedures to determine their need

9 Trusted GC offers the following services that will increase the value of your business by: Managing legal issues, simplifying the complex and narrowing the issue for outside counsel (less time, less cost) Overseeing litigation, arbitration and other business conflicts to quickly resolve such disputes Preparing the business for sale (near or long term) by reducing contingent liabilities, strengthening its IP, and organizing and enforcing its contracts Assisting with Corporate Governance: Managing a calendar of annual matters for the BOD and committees to address.

10  As President of Coors Brewing Company, I worked with John for almost ten years. He was a fine asset to our company, an enthusiastic contributor to our community, and a good friend. I value John’s leadership, strategic guidance, and integrity. John brings passion and objectivity to critical legal issues facing the business. He has the ability to simplify the complex and provide business solutions to legal issues. John is a non-territorial team player who is focused on the success of the business. He takes charge of an issue, brings a calmness and clarity to a crisis, and drives for results. I believe that he would be an excellent contributor as a member of any company/team." Leo Kiely CEO MillerCoors  “John and I have worked closely in a demanding and complex business environment. John worked diligently at the oversight of highly varied, and separate, legal matters. While John is always focused on the most complete legal advice he is always mindful of cost. He is a person of extraordinary character with a warm and engaging personality, suiting him well as he adapts to different individuals and teams, and their unique needs. I have the utmost of trust and respect for John." Bob Grieve Chairman & CEO Heska Corporation  “John has been a trusted business partner for over 7 years – far exceeding the expectations of the General Counsel function. His knowledge of our business environment and internal company and external market conditions and challenges was invaluable in helping to turnaround our company’s profits 243%. John thoroughly understands the GC role and how it fits into an executive team not only to protect company assets but how to maximize profits and run an exceptional business for shareholders and employees. His collaboration and relationship building skills, critical for the Legal function, are second to none." John R. Grover Managing Partner Launch Pad LLC Please see Testimonials at

11 Small to medium sized businesses Most do not have a current General Counsel or Chief Legal Officer Public or private companies

12 Hourly, project or flat fee. If hourly, $275/hour*. Project may involve managing a litigation matter or all of the company’s litigation; pricing determined on a case by case basis. Flat fee - would need to discuss history of legal expense to use as a basis for the flat fee. * Rate subject to change

13 John R. Flanders, Attorney 2600 S. Lewis Way, Suite 103 Lakewood, CO W: C:

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