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VOLUNTEERS MEETING May 11, 2013 Scarborough – May 12, 2013 Dixie > GGSCF.

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1 VOLUNTEERS MEETING May 11, 2013 Scarborough – May 12, 2013 Dixie > GGSCF

2 Overview Background Program Volunteer Tasks and Assignments Questions > GGSCF

3 Background > GGSCF

4 Background Fauja Singh ran his last race in Toronto October 2012 His wish with his age was that others would be inspired and would take up running or any activity to keep themselves busy and healthy He appreciated all those who turned out but few actually got active and ran or walked Those that came, he did share his experience, that running has kept him alive, it has allowed him to see the world, gave him a chance to meet wonderful people all over the world, gave him a focus when he was in despair, kept his body healthy and Waheguru blessed him with some world records > GGSCF

5 GGSCF Involvement Were introduced to Fauja Singh by STWM Race Director in 2003 We have supported him on every visit he has made since We are honoured to host him and we share him with everyone as he belongs to the world not just the GGSCF To leave a legacy we have started this new initiative “Inspirational Steps” A lot of thought has gone behind this event so ask questions there is a lot of history > GGSCF

6 Objectives of Inspirational Steps Challenge individuals to run/walk “further or faster that they have ever gone before”, the goal is to beat yourself Promote exercise & healthy living Build character/discipline/courage in participants Have fun and provide competition for those that want to compete Promote volunteering, develop organizational and leadership skills within the community Unite the community in spirit and strength Celebrate, honour and remember those who have and continue to inspire us to take steps in all aspects of our lives - Not just Fauja Singh, but our Gurus, our Sahibzadas, our martyrs, our mother, our father, our brothers/sisters, our children, friends Sikh Community – we are Guru Gobind Singh’s Children some of us need help to remember this, before God we are all equal > GGSCF

7 Program > GGSCF

8 Details of Event Sunday May 19 th Victoria Day - long weekend Monday to recover for those doing personal bests Event Management Plan – rules & structure of event Web site – has full details Participants - $15/person, under 13 years olds have to be accompanied by a participating adult, have to be over 18 years age to run 21Km + distance. Can donate to the GGSCF to help support children we sponsor (tax receipts available) but not the primary focus, this is to get people active in the community and have a event they can all participate in while having fun Volunteers – minimum age 16 years * some exceptions Fauja Singh has retired but will be here to start the event and give awards > GGSCF

9 Route Start DixieMalton 5km Rexdale 12km Ramgharia 21km Scarborough 42km Participants Volunteers 65 xx 10 xx 25 xx 50 5 xx 525 Time9:00am9:30am 10:00am Run/Walk on sidewalk following rules of the road as if a pedestrian, so stopping at intersections/lights etc. NO STOPPING TRAFFIC 10:00am 11:00am 11:00am 12:30noon 1:00pm 3:00pm+ > GGSCF No Plastic Water Bottles 8:00amRegistration

10 Community Unity Organizations supporting/participating: Sikhs in the City Ontario Khalsa Darbar - Dixie Sri Guru Singh Sabha - Malton Sikh Spiritual Centre - Rexdale North York Gurdwara Ramgharia Sikh Society Gursikh Sabha Canada - Scarborough Guru Nanak Mission Centre Sikh Heritage Centre This we hope is the start for more to join, time will tell > GGSCF

11 Registration Deadline: Monday May 6 th, 2013 ABSOLUTELY NO REGISTRATION ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT Easiest way - Register On-line both for Participants and Volunteers – we save trees and litter Problems with Communications > GGSCF

12 Program Dixie Gurdwara 7:30am – Keep volunteers set up 8:00am – Registration 8:30am – O’ Canada 8:35am – Ardas 8:40am – Fauja Singh Words of Wisdom 8:45am – Dixie Gurdwara Speech 8:50am - GGSCF Speech 8:55am – Warm up 9:00am – START > GGSCF

13 Program Finishing Gurdwaras X:XX – Ready for finishers/ Shabad/ Timer Announce/ applaud finishers Speech GGSCF Speech local Gurdwara representative Fauja Singh – give out awards/pictures Move to next Gurdwara Shuttle bus service Water stop Clean up > GGSCF

14 Volunteer Assignments > GGSCF

15 Volunteer Tasks Road Marshalls Water stops Gurdwara Site Coordinators Timers Registration Escort Fauja Singh Photos and Video Transportation Event Coordinator – Emergencies/Cancellation Media > GGSCF

16 Expectations Detail instructions (Tuesday) – read them email/web site Turn up on time – we are a “go” for all weather conditions Bring a water bottle (not a plastic one), sun screen, umbrella First thing get kit at Dixie - will have a bag to keep your things Put on T-shirt (GGSCF preferred – if no size then “IS” T-shirt) Emergency numbers in race kit Read instructions Follow coordinators instructions > GGSCF

17 Why we are there- our Purpose Help with the event Safety of the participants and yourself Encourage the participants – young and old Show Guru-ji’s spirit in you Be fair and firm Keep focus “Give of yourself rather than be a taker” > GGSCF

18 Road Marshalls Most volunteers needed for this – help participants across road or keep them on the route where we change direction Must wear “traffic vest” CANNOT stop traffic PARTICANTS must be on SIDEWALK Work in “twos” unless we need to single people out Cross yourself carefully and keep yourself visible Support participants – shout, scream, clap etc. > GGSCF

19 Water Stops Three teams Vehicle – table, cups, garbage bags, water, Gatorade Locations – Dixie – Malton = one midway – Malton – Malton – Rexdale = one midway – Rexdale = – Rexdale – North York = midway – North York – After North York = every 3 km – Keele – Half marathon – After Keele – Few runners every 3km (no table) + Electrolytes > GGSCF

20 Gurdwara Site Coordinators Manage program at the site Mange logistics/layout Manage stage Manage registration/awards Coordinate with Gurdwara representatives > GGSCF

21 Timers Keep start time Have 3 stop watches Electronic display – at end finish location Record – bib number and time at each finish location > GGSCF

22 Registration List of all participants Record of who took part – participants and volunteers Collect $15 fee Collect donations Give out race kits – bag, T-shirt, bib/pins, NO REGISTRATION ON DAY – NO VOLUNTEERS ON DAY > GGSCF

23 Escort Fauja Singh Transport Fauja Singh Keep him to schedule – speech is focused and timely Make sure he gets something to eat and drink Manage pictures off stage Manage pictures on stage Focus on “participants” during event Positive projection of him Translation enhancement and focus > GGSCF

24 Photos and Video Starting (2) Along the way (4) Finish (3) Awards (1 priority) Goal – all participants picture with Fauja Singh –award Goal – all volunteers to get a picture > GGSCF

25 Transportation – Pre-start 7:00am – Bus leaves Scarborough for Dixie 7:30am – Bus leaves Rexdale – Malton for Dixie 8:00am – Registration Split duty of buses – Shuttle Bus – Volunteer Bus > GGSCF

26 Transportation - Shuttle Start DixieMalton 5km Rexdale 12km Ramgharia 21km Scarborough 42km Time9:00am9:30am 10:00am 10:00am 11:00am 11:00am 12:30noon 1:00pm 3:00pm > GGSCF Shuttle to Dixie for those parked there at start Scarborough people to move forward

27 Event Coordinator In charge of start of race Can cancel the event Deal with any emergencies/accidents Know location of first last participant Any unforeseen issues Has two nurses/first aiders > GGSCF

28 Media Talk to them explain what we are doing and why Keep POSITIVE – say good things Talk about who inspired you Media tends to seek negative news so be careful Think of something to say – 30 seconds > GGSCF

29 Task Coordinators Maninder/Harjot = Road Marshalls Renu, Avneet, Sandy = Water stops Sunny (Dixie), Jasmin (Malton), Prableen (Rexdale), Amandeep (Ramgarhia), Kundan (Scarborough) = Gurdwara Site Coordinators Sarpreet = Timers Amanjit = Registration Hardev = Escort Fauja Singh Jagdeep/Jasjit = Photos and Video Nimratvir/Mandeep = Transportation Shuttle Ranbir = Event Coordinator Sunny/Le = Media > GGSCF

30 Post Event Thank you Feedback on website very important – helps us in the future Monthly meetings Other events – Canada Day Parade, Race Against Racism, Senior’s Trip, Fun Day, Annual Run, STWM Run, CN Tower Stair Climb, Buses at Nagar Kirtan, Food Drives, Building Bridges, Guru Nanak Education Assistance Program etc. Support over 300 children in developing countries If you like helping please come out and join us in the future too. > GGSCF

31 Questions? > GGSCF

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