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A practical framework for working in innovative collaborative environments Ray Ward, Programme Director Transformational Change Newcastle City Council.

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1 A practical framework for working in innovative collaborative environments Ray Ward, Programme Director Transformational Change Newcastle City Council

2 Some quotes from global forum presentations Cooperation and collaboration needed between participants To improve R&D effectiveness the whole media chain needs to be more collaborative Europe has significant talent and know- how to deal with the R&D challenge, to succeed these resources must be pulled together

3 Some quotes from global forum presentations Collaboration of an increased number of actors from different sectors becomes a condition of success Heal difference by recognising difference Difficult to understand policy unless you all know what the words mean Semantics mount up inside business and cause significant exposure

4 Key challenges for innovation and R&D How do you get the people involved to understand the transformations in each others worlds??? How do you ensure that you establish your collaboration so that it enables what you are trying to achieve rather than disables it???

5 UK Government E-Gov Programme Developed a range of projects to enable e-access to public services Created a sharper focus on the need for collaboration Established a project to help collaboration occur …welcome to

6 What An application A bit of software (‘universal widget’) A set of standards A ‘solution’ An information sharing protocol A single service approach Sector specific A waste of time! isn’t?

7 What An approach which, seeks to establish a way forward for the ‘joining-up’ problem which, –is Multi-Service, Multi-Agency and Multi- Authority –is grounded in the challenges of meeting the requirements of practice, management and ICT – has learning and collaborative partnership at it’s heart …a framework for multi agency environments is

8 What are the products?

9 Products Guidance and Collaboration Readiness Assessment Tool Roadmaps Demonstrator To provide a toolset for others

10 ScopingStatement& Bus’ Case Development Legal Powers andResponsibilities Governance InformationSharing IdentityManagement Infrastructure Messaging Events & Transactions Federation Sustainability The 9 pieces of the Framework

11 The Fame jigsaw Each piece has supporting text that can be used on its own or cross referenced to the other pieces There is an outer shell – the ‘How-to- guide’ providing guidance for managing change projects The Readiness Assessment Toolkit looks at preparedness under each heading of each piece of the jigsaw

12 How-to-guide The development cycle: –Conceive and justify – collaborative initiation –Mobilise – gain commitment –Design and build – the new partnership system –Implement – operate –Refine – review and improve

13 Scoping statement and business case development Scoping statement –What are the drivers for change –How are actors involved –What outcomes are to be achieved –What processes and IT will be needed –How will the partnership be organised Business case development –What are the costs/sources of funding –What are the approval processes

14 Legal powers and responsibilities Understanding legislation – where do powers come from? Scanning legislation, guidance, CoPs The multi-agency partnership The legal framework of services Policy Guidance and advice for the provision of services The legalities of information sharing

15 Information Sharing Policy rhetoric Information sharing in a multi agency environment Perceptions and attitudes Information sharing protocols Information manager Training needs

16 Governance Creating and maintaining partnerships –Membership, communication, scrutiny Models of partnership working Multi-agency organisation processes: –Performance, inclusion and probity Theory of Change method for evaluation Information governance

17 Identity management Why is identity important? –In a single agency –Across different agencies Identity and relationships Registers and registrars Publication and consent Data processors and data controllers

18 Infrastructure Moving away from an applications view Shared technical resources Private and public sector contexts Communicating across and up and down Hubs, spokes and axles Messaging and publication Web services Joined up procurement

19 Messages, events and transactions An event A message A transaction “The map is not the territory” Who decides an event is an event? Portals: mapping shared resources Switches: mapping shared processes

20 Federation Integration and federation The index and relationship management Portals and switches Federation services: –Universal publication –Universal recourse –Federal identity The relationship with central services

21 Sustainability From project to mainstream A role for public value Sustainability as an outcome Internal organisational sustainability External organisational sustainability Technical sustainability Resource sustainability Realising the benefits of multi agency partnerships

22 The Fame Demonstrator The changes and developments which we are wrestling with are big and complex. We need tools to help us understand what is possible, how it could work and what it implies. We need to make sense of things from many different points of view. The Demonstrator tool allows us to move from early simulations and animations of proposed approaches to the monitoring and evaluation of real systems as they are developed and deployed.

23 What can it do? Animate models of infrastructure, applications and service processes. Present views on multiple screens at different levels of detail. Relate client, practitioner, management and technology perspectives. Monitor real activities in systems and show what is going on. Sometimes we do need to lift up the bonnet and look at what is going on inside - even if it is scary!

24 The Demonstrator Making sense of it all by fitting the views together Process and work-flow Systems and Networks Consent Applications and Services

25 Find out more at

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