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Welcome to the Girls in Action Leadership Information Presentation

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1 Welcome to the Girls in Action Leadership Information Presentation

2 Girls in Action (GA) has a 90 year legacy of ministering to girls and assisting them to minister to their world through missions education.

3 Join GA in the journey of developing the next generation of Christian leaders who will influence their homes, communities, and world.

4 GA Testimony “I’m not sure I could overestimate the impact of Girls in Action (GA) on my life. I had a wonderful, patient, godly leader who lived what she taught. Not only did I develop a lifelong love and appreciation for missions, I received my call to vocational ministry while sponsoring a group of GAs at summer camp.” -Beth Moore, Living Proof Ministries

5 The Spiritual Benefits to GAs
Demonstrates to girls how God is at work in the world through stories from the mission field. Encourages girls to learn and apply the Bible to their lives. Develops a biblical worldview with a global perspective.

6 AuBree Burk, fifth grade GA, Texas
GA Testimony “GA is great because you aren’t just reading the Bible, you’re doing fun activities I understand.” AuBree Burk, fifth grade GA, Texas

7 Girls Grow Missionally! GA…
Encourages girls to learn and apply the Bible to their lives. Exposes girls to the power of prayer as they are taught how to pray for the needs around them, missionaries, people groups, and missions in general. Provides opportunities for girls to be personally involved in missions.

8 Through the GA Motto, Scripture Verses, Song, and Pledge girls learn to live a missional lifestyle.

9 GA Motto Go Forward! Exodus 14:15

10 GA Scripture Verse “Give thanks to the Lord. Worship him. Tell the nations what he has done. Announce how honored he is” (Isaiah 12:4 NIrV).

11 GA Lifestyle Verse “The Lord has shown you what is good.
He has told you what he requires of you. You must treat people fairly. You must love others faithfully. And you must be very careful to live the way your God wants you to” (Micah 6:8 NIrV).

12 GA Pledge As a GA, I will do my best to live a missions lifestyle that honors God by learning about missions, praying for missions, giving to missions, doing missions, and participating in the work of the church.

13 Strategic Principles The Girls in Action strategic principles are the same as the strategic principles for WMU: pray for and give to missions do missions learn about missions develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle participate in the work of the church and the denomination

14 The Weekly GA Session Girls have fun interacting with one another through games, crafts, and activities. Girls are introduced to missionaries and Christians in other countries. Girls pray for missionary kids. Girls experience other cultures of the world.

15 Throughout the Year Girls discover that God has a plan and that they have a unique and special part in His Plan. They discover that God loves the world, and He loves them too!

16 Leadership Resources for GA Include

17 Aware Each quarterly issue contains weekly session plans, activities, missions projects, leaders aids, and more. This easy-to-use resource has sessions for younger and older girls with an outline for blended age groups. It includes age appropriate mission stories and activities that engage children in missions understanding and involvement. Quarterly - 4 Issues for $17.99

18 Girls Missions Magazines
Discovery for grades 1-3 and GA World for grades 4-6, features include missionary stories, interactive games, and fun activities that complete the curriculum in Aware. Discovery and GA World are monthly magazines - 12 Issues for $14.99

19 Aware Resource Kit The kit makes preparation for GA easy with games, posters, and activities, beautifully designed for leaders to cut and use. Also includes reproducible teaching aids and more to enhance the GA experience. Quarterly - 4 Issues for $36.99

20 Aware Picture Set Captivate the girls attention with vivid pictures of lands, people groups, and missionaries. Quarterly - 4 Issues for $36.99

21 Additional GA Resources

22 WorldVentures… The individualized achievement plan for GA. WorldVentures is the spiritual growth plan for GA. GA organizations are encouraged to participate the fourth week of each month. Girls complete activities in their age graded workbooks which helps them to mature each year in their understanding of missions.

23 GA Promotion Kit A Promotional kit to get the girls excited about GA!
This kit includes gorgeous posters of the GA Pledge, Scriptures, Song, and Motto. Plus, ideas to get more girls involved in GA.

24 GA Identity Items… An assortment of items for girls to show their love for GA! Items include: GA Stickers, GA Tote Bag, GA Bracelet, GA Button, GA Insignia Charm/Pendant, GA Insignia Pin, GA Pencils, and over 40 badges!

25 Treasure Quest This year long theme will send GAs on an adventure, searching for clues about “God’s True Treasure.” The theme is interwoven into the curriculum.

26 2006-2007 Treasure Quest Resources
Treasure Quest Promotional Guide Promotional posters, clip art, bulletin board ideas, party suggestions, and more. Treasure Quest Guide The student’s guide with additional activities for children to learn about the area of study. Treasure Quest Badge An incentive for participation.

27 To order your resources to start a GA group, visit www. wmustore
To order your resources to start a GA group, visit or call

28 For information about events, trainings, and camping opportunities in your area, contact your state WMU office.

29 Visit and review the “leaderinfo” page for more information about GA. If you have further questions,

30 Missions Education through WMU is Telling God’s Story
“We will tell them about what the Lord has done that is worthy of praise. We will talk about his power and the wonderful things he has done” (Psalms 78:4 NIrV).

31 To learn more about WMU, visit
WMU challenges Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God. To learn more about WMU, visit Thank you for your time!

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