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Solarize Great Barrington/Egremont Making Solar Affordable Through Program.

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1 Solarize Great Barrington/Egremont Making Solar Affordable Through Program

2 Agenda 2 ☀ About RGS Energy ☀ About solar energy ☀ Incentive tiers ☀ Solarize Great Barrington/Egremont solar options ☀ How to Get Started ☀ Questions & Answers

3 About RGS Energy 3 Decades of Experience More than 35 years and over 14,500 systems installed across the country. Locally since 1981 (formerly SolarWorks/Alteris Renewables/Real Goods Solar) Premier Customer Base Our happy customers include homeowners and leading corporations, utilities, and educational institutions Deep Engineering Skills Award-winning technical team for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects Peace of Mind As a publicly-traded company with a history longer than most PV manufacturer warranties, you have the added security that we will be here long-term

4 Experience. Expertise. Results 4 Serving homes, businesses and schools in MA Full-service - Sales -Administration -Design -Procurement -Installation -Financing -Monitoring

5 Key Solar Benefits 5  Electricity rates – SOARING   Energy independence  Environmental benefits  $0 down options provide instant savings  Federal and State Incentives  Solarize Great Barrington/Egremont special pricing

6 Solar Radiation 6

7 Is Solar right for your home ? 7 An ideal solar customer has….  $50+ monthly electric bills  300+ square feet of roof or ground space  A southerly exposure  4-6 hours of un-shaded daily sunlight

8 Solar System Components 8 1.Solar panels 2.Inverter 3.Monitoring system 4. Utility meter & panel 5. Your current utility serves as backup 6. You own and control your electricity Installed by an experienced RGS Energy team

9 Equipment 9 The solar modules we use come from top manufacturers and have 25-year warranties. Our inverters carry 10-year mfg. warranties (25 years for Enphase).

10 Tiered Reward Incentive 10 Tiers1 kW - 25kW 25 kW- 50kW 50 kW - 100 kW 100 kW - 200 kW Over 200 kW Cost per Watt $3.69$3.64$3.59$3.54$3.44 Incentive/ Watt N/A$0.05$0.10$0.15$0.25 Example 5.0kW (5000 watts) N/A$250$500$750$1250

11 Lease/PPA Tiered Incentive 11 Tiers1 kW - 25kW 25 kW- 50kW 50 kW - 100 kW 100 kW - 200 kW Over 200 kW Lease/PPA Incentive N/A$100$150$250

12 Solarize Great Barrington/Egremont Options 12 Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) vs. Purchase

13 S OLARIZE G REAT B ARRINGTON /E GREMONT O PTIONS 13 Purchase Financing available SREC ownership Rebates and incentives You own the system Typically a better long-term ROI

14 S OLARIZE G REAT B ARRINGTON /E GREMONT O PTIONS 14 PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) Little or no $ down Fixed electricity rate for 20 years (less than your current utility rate) Full system maintenance Insured Instant or short payback time

15 I NCENTIVES 15  Base Rebate: $0.40 per watt (DC) for up to a 5 kW system  Moderate Home or Income Adder Rebate (less than $300K home value, less than 120% of median income: individual or family): Additional.40/watt  Maximum $4,000  15% State Tax Credit (up to $1000)  30% Federal Tax Credit  SREC’s (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates)

16 SREC S 16 What is an SREC?  SREC stands for Solar Renewable Energy Certificate. 1,000 kWh = 1 SREC  SRECs behave like stock certificates and are traded on a market administered by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER). Who buys them?  In MA, electric utilities need SRECs to meet solar production mandates placed upon them through the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. What is an SREC worth?

17 T HE C OST OF A S OLAR S YSTEM 17 System cost$18,450 Estimated rebate ($0.40/watt)-$2,000 Final system cost$16,450 Federal tax credits (30%) - $4,935 MA tax credit (15% up to $1,000) -$1,000 Net cost $10,515 Example based on a 5.0 kW (5,000 Watt DC) system at $3.69/Watt

18 A N I NVESTMENT THAT P AYS D IVIDENDS 18 Electricity savings (6,000 kWh * $0.17 / kWh) $1020 Income from SRECs (6 SRECs * $200 / SREC) $1200 Total annual savings (electricity savings + SREC income) $2,220 *Example based on average annual production of 6,000 kWh Payback5 years Total net 10-year return (assumes 10 years of SRECs at an avg. of $200 / SREC) $10,500

19 PPA E XAMPLE 19 Down paymentkWh rateEscalator $0 down11-15 ₵0% $3,000 down5-8 ₵0% PrepaidTotal kWh produced over 20 years at a reduced rate N/A

20 W E M ANAGE THE P APERWORK, Y OU G ET THE B ENEFITS 20  Township permits – zoning & electrical  Utility interconnection – meter swap  State inspection  MA rebates  SREC registration  Shading analysis

21 O UR C USTOMERS S AY IT B EST 21 “Excellent service, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous staff. Hard to find this level of service these days!” -Julie from Lexington, MA “I’m really thrilled to see how much electricity my panels generate and to know that I’m doing my bit to contribute to the health of the planet.” -Lee from Amherst, MA “5 years and 25,000 kWh later, our system is working as well today as it was when it was installed. We couldn’t be more happy with our decision to go solar.” -Bob from Bolton, MA Surveyed customers who secured multiple competitive proposals cited four reasons for selecting RGS Energy: Most responsive company Employee expertise Most experienced company Best PV product offering

22 Give the Gift of Solar 22 Even if your home isn’t a fit for solar, you can:  Earn $500 or more  Lower the cost of solar for others  Help spread clean energy in Great Barrington/Egremont Refer friends, family, or neighbors. When someone goes solar with us, we’ll pay you $500! There’s no limit to the amount of referral money you can make. Go to to get started!

23 Get Started 23  Call 888.56.SOLAR (76527)  Be sure to mention Solarize Mass when you call to get special pricing  Or visit:    To learn more about the program, visit:

24 W HAT ’ S N EXT ? 24 Contact Visit or /egremont or call 888.56.SOLAR (76527) Consult Phone evaluation Site Visit Local solar energy specialist Proposa l Choose the Solarize Great Barrington/Egremont option that’s right for you Go Solar! Start living green and saving!

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