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You probably know more than

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1 You probably know more than
ER Verb Conjugation! You probably know more than you think you do! =) Translate: Manger Je mange Nous mangeons Tu manges Vous mangez Il mange Ils mangent

2 ER Verbs The most common form of French verbs.
The infinitives end in the letters ER. We’ve already used so many of them: jouer, aimer, toucher, ecouter, manger, danser, chanter, fermer, crier, marcher, regarder, commander, etc! When we conjugate these verbs, there are rules that we follow, and they are the same every time. (But be careful! Some verbs ending in ER are “irregular verbs” and do not follow the same rules. ex: aller)

3 We’ve already seen and used these conjugated:
Il joue au foot = ? J’aime danser = ? Nous chantons = ? Elles ecoutent de la musique = ? Remember, when they are in the infinitive, they mean “to _______”. We have been using that the most often (Je veux jouer, Tu vas manger, Elle aime regarder la tele, etc).

4 Actually, each one has three meanings:
But, as we have seen (mostly in our stories & specific vocabulary phrases), when they are conjugated to the PRESENT TENSE, they look like this: danser = to dance Je danse = I dance Nous dansons = We dance Tu danse = You dance Vous dansez = You (all) dance Il danse = He dances Ils dansent = They dance The person is directly doing the action, not “wants to” or “likes to” or “is going to”, as we have used most of these so far. Actually, each one has three meanings: I dance. I do dance. I am dancing.

5 THE RULES Drop the “er” from the end of the word. (jouer becomes jou, which is called the stem of the word). Then add the following for each subject pronoun: Je e Nous ons Tu es Vous ez Il/Elle/On -e Ils/Elles ent

6 Combine the base with the new ending:
JOUER Je joue Nous jouons Tu joues Vous jouez Il/Elle/On joue Ils/Elles jouent … Ask me about the boot!

7 Try your own! Conjugate:
aimer toucher danser Make sure spelling is correct! Translate them as well!  We will check them in a few minutes!

8 AIMER J’aime Nous aimons Tu aimes Vous aimez Il/Elle/On aime Ils/Elles aiment TOUCHER Je touche Nous touchons Tu touches Vous touchez Il/Elle/On touche Ils/Elles touchent DANSER Je danse Nous dansons Tu danses Vous dansez Il/Elle/On danse Ils/Elles dansent

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